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First purchase :)

Stopped browsing themes after seeing this one. Looking forward to getting into the weeds with it!

Nice! Good luck

Great work! Any chance for Google+ comments integration?

Hey yovko,

Thanks for your comment and purchase,

I have just pushed an update to ThemeForest with Google+ Comment Support, so that should be available shortly. There are some pitfalls to using this comment system however, I’ve explained these in the documentation.

If you have any other queries, the best way to contact me is email,

Great! Thank you very much!

Great theme! Good luck with sales!

It seems like there is no Google Analytics code after the latest update?...

Analytics seem to be working fine on the demo, have you re-entered your settings into the configuration file after updating?

If you send me a link to your blog via email I’ll look into it for you. (

Sure. I did… You have an email…

Nice theme!Best of luck :)

I love this layout proposal!
A visual composition with strong personality clean and well organized.
My compliments EckoThemes and keep it up ;)

Is it possible to add Moot discussions as an option?

I’ve not used this comment system before so I’ll have to do some research before I add it to the theme options. I’ll keep you updated in this comment thread.

Of course, if you wanted to add it yourself, I don’t see why you would run into any issues.

I love the simplicity of this theme and the large cover images. However, I’ve noticed a few usability issues.

One is that the menu seems to disappear on mobile or tablet. It makes it so the back button is the only way to get to home page or any other pages.

The other UX feature that would be great is a small arrow at the bottom of cover images so users know to scroll down, or click to take them down. This is implemented well on Medium. You can see an example here

Hey Jason,

Thanks for your comments.

The menu is switched to the footer of the page when the view-port is small. The logo/icon at the top of the page can still take you to the index, this is present on any view-port size.

I’ve considered adding an arrow, and still may add the option to enable it in the configuration. I’ve never really seen it as a UX issue though, the scrollbar is the indicator that there is more content below. Its on my list of things to look into for the next update.

My search for the best Ghost theme ended here.

Not only has Astro itself been a pleasure to work with, but support has been prompt, extremely receptive to feedback, kind, and encouraging. Exceptional service all around.

Ultimately, any limitations in what you can do with this theme are basically just limitations present in Ghost itself. As Ghost evolves, I’m confident that Astro will too, and I’ll be happily along for the ride.


Is it possible to get an un-minified version of the JS and CSS files?

I want to make some tweaks to the design and it would be easier if I had the regular version.

Hey Won,

Sure, I’ve sent you an email. The CSS files are however SASS based (SCSS) files, so these will need to be compiled to CSS before you use them within the theme.

Just bought your theme, love it. I’m running my blog on the ghost hosting platform. how can I change the Social Network Profiles on this setup? Thanks for help!

Hey Daniel,

Unfortunately Ghost doesn’t yet support theme options in the Admin dashboard, so it’s not possible to change the social settings via that. The roadmap for Ghost ( ) states that increased theme functionality will be coming in version 5, so hopefully that will add support for this.

Changing the social links currently means you have to open the relevant theme file and edit the links within. Its actually really simple, and the documentation provided with the theme will walk you through it.

If you have any issues you can email

I was just about to purchase your theme, and tried the demo page on some of my devices and noticed a problem on my iPad with Retina running iOS 6.X. When viewing stories that have a large header image, the title disappears. I don’t know if this is by design, but just wanted to point that out, and tell you that this is the only thing that is making me wait before I buy your theme.

Hey frwickst,

Could you be awesome and send me a screenshot to and I’ll get it fixed.

Thanks for reporting the bug.


Awesome and stylish theme. Thanks! May I also please have the SASS files for customization?

Also the JS file please. Thanks again.

No problem, send me a message to and I’ll email the files over.

Plans on including the ability to filter by tags… or even more importantly, the ability for a reader to quickly go to the next/previous post (or even quickly back to the blog roll) at the end of an article?

Non of these features are supported by the Ghost platform yet. You can check out the Ghost roadmap for more information and when/if they are planned.

When major features are implemented, Astro will be updated to include support.

Is it possible to add Google Plus and Pinterest to the theme?

No plans to add them to the share section until Ghost releases theme options so users can disable/enable them easily. Otherwise if the user didn’t want them showing they would have to edit code.

An alternative untill then could be adding the ShareThis widget to the bottom of your posts.

Interesting, thanks. I’m actually pretty excited about Ghost and really hope it keeps gaining popularity. I’ve looked through all the themes available and this one has been my favorite. It might have won the Evato theming contest had it been made back then. Thanks for the fast responses; I’m buying it. :)

Awesome, thanks for the comments! If you have any questions the best way to contact me is email (

Good design, can be used on another platform than Ghost? I want to use in your own cms.

It also has a version designed dark?

Hey Zephiro,

Thanks for your comments.

You could recode the theme into another CMS, but out of the box it is only compatible with the Ghost platform.

Currently only a light version of the theme is available.

Thanks EckoThemes. Congratulate you on the good work, the design is very clean I love.

Will the theme be updated for the recent Ghost update and support of tags?

I received the update email but I think I had to subscribe more than once. Thanks for the speedy response! Looking forward to the new version.

Done. The update has been pushed to ThemeForest for review and should be available shortly. You can check out a preview on the live demo.

Thanks for informing me about the update!

Awesome, thank you very much!

i really appreciate your work (i’m still costumizing my self your theme… can u send me the unminified JS and the SASS files)

so here (on the blog i’m costumizing) i write an “hack” for the costum Opengraph meta if you wanna implement ;)

Hey Walter,

Sure, send me an email to and I’ll send the SASS and unminified JS files over.