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Congratulations, well designed, good luck with sale.

Thanks and happy new year.

Good Job, GLWS ;)

Thanks :) and happy new year !

Looks great , congrats , Tabvn.

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Thank you and happy new year !

Very nice! Good luck with sale and happy new year!

thanks :) and Happy new year!

Thanks Friend :) Happy New year !


Slider does not work on samsung galaxy and thevmain menu (header) block is going down when scrolling the page, which obviously, is an issue that needs to be corrected. Also, how can we bring back a standard responsive menu rather than having a scrolling navigation when this is activated ?


Dear Customer,

could you open a ticket at and give me screenshot of the issue.

thanks for all the helps, Best regards,



I don’t need to send a screen capture or to open a ticket. Last time I opened a ticket for another theme issue, it stayed unanswered for weeks. Try to get a SAMASUNG GALAXY tablet around you and view your demo theme, then you will see that the actual menu block is going down as you scroll.

Thanks for your help anyway.

Thank you.

Wow clean work! Wish you more sales :)

Thanks :)

looks awesome. just a question:

does your layerslider module support all features of the layerslider?

which version of the layerslider is used by the theme? could you update and include all the features please?

Great Work Tabvn!

Downloaded theme yesterday and looks and works very well.

One issue that needs work is, when on IOS device, the front page slideshow conflicts with the side pop-out menu.

The side menu is a brilliant design just needs that final bug fix. (also some of the hover color changes are buggy in the menu as well).

I also did not see any links to tutorial videos within documentation as stated on this site.

Lastly, i would really like some tutorial or documentation on how you are getting responsive to happen. I want to make some additions to my personal site and want them to be responsive.

Thank you for your work and thank your for your response

(i have a ticket up on your site as well =-)

— Tim Jones Destination Sound

Dear customer,

I’m not at home so I’m wring to you from mobile.

Please unzip the package you downloaded. Then open /Documenation/index.html

You can see videos tutorial each step. I hope It helps,

I will get back to you later

Best regards


Thank you for the reply.

I figured out how to use the responsive.css file to make responsive happen. Pic would still like to know why it is working if you have time to explain.

Thank you for your time

Tim Jones Destination Sound

Thanks for info. I’m glad to know you resolved the problem . I will get back to you on 20th jan if you have more questions

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In Safari, viewed on a desktop (I’m viewing on a Mac), I noticed that the main menu disappears. This happens as you roll over one of the drop down menus – the menu drops down and then the entire main menu disappears.

it’s happening in all the pages that I’ve tested. Is there a way to correct this.

Thanks in advance.

Just wanted to post this, looking into it I was able to find a cause (and workaround) on this here:

I’m interested in this theme, but I also would want a very simple shopping module—would integration of a module like Ubercart be possible with some CSS modification/additions?

Any shopping module really…

Dear Customer,

yes sure you could install ubercart , or commerce module for a shopping cart site.

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Hi and congrats :)

Is possible to delete the carousel of the team section?And show three rows without carousel.

Many thanks!

Hello i’ve also send you a ticket on support site, i write it also here in case you miss it!

I noticed that the theme has two possible settings for the diplay mode: Full Width and Boxed. I wonder if it is possibile to mix the two styles, by having the header/menù and slideshow showing in full-width, from side to side of the screen, AND the content zone in a boxed style.

So i will be able to put some pattern around the content zone as background and, at the same time, a super-cool full-width menù and slider on top. Is there an easy work around to achieve that objective? If there is not a way, maybe this can be an idea for a future theme.. Thanks, have a good day and keep up the good work!

Thanks for not answering at all and even check out my request, great care of your customer indeed Ps. and yes i posted twice also on your “support” forum..

Dear Customer,

via backend you could change easy theme width , full and boxed by one click. also you can custom css code via backend.

  • mix full width + boxed is not available.

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I renew my request, on the Samasung Galaxy tablet, the main menu goes down as you scroll and is then visible in the middle of the page. I tried to trick around with CSS, however with no luck.

Could you please provide your customers with the right support ? Last time I required assistance I did not get any answer after 3 months.

Thank you

Dear customer,
  • the theme just released 1 month ago, how you can get this theme issue 3 months ago.

Could you please comment on your ticket at with screenshot of issue and your site URL , I will get back into your problem

Best regards ,


Probably because I meant three weeks. Don’t you test the theme on mobile devices ? I’ll send a screenshot. Thanks

Dear Customer,

we tested the theme carefully before released. However we need all the helps from the customers.

We will appreciate your helps,

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Hey tabvn…

I wonder to know some things about this nice theme…

1. You’ll support updates after I bought the theme through this website? 2. All items listed in the features (including the drag and drop slider) are included in the packages? 3. The boxed or wide theme and availables colors are fixed by the administrator or any user can change the looks and feel of the theme? (small gear at the right) 4. Should I keep a visible Copyright of the theme in the website?

Thanks a lot for your useful information.

Dear Customer,

  • The theme is very easy to install (alot videos will helps you)
  • we have support system available post your question or issue. we will get back into your problem
  • Boxed and wide available in theme options you can control it via backend with click only.
  • Unlimited the colors options via backend , you can select a color hex code via theme options. Demo only few colors predefine. However the theme is unlimited colors.

Thanks for interesting at our themes.

Best regards,


Thanks tabvn… A further question… The theme include some modules to manages all different sliders you have implemented in the demo version? I’m pretty sure you have some machine name compulsories to be used in content types for sliders. Thanks.

Dear Customer,

the Slider is made from Layerslider module in tabvn package. you could create unlimited sliders.

Best regards,


very good design, however it doesn’t take advantage of Drupal the way it should. For example: instead of having content types for staff members, testimonials, and clients and then calling that content with views, those things are just coded in html on the pages that use them. So if you plan on setting this up for a client, know that with this theme you’re going to have to do some work creating those things.

The only content types set up on the demo install are: article, basic page, blog, portfolio, and simplenews newsletter.

Dear Customer,

thanks for your idea. We appreciate that.

Best regards,


I’m having issues with your Layer Slider module.

issue #1 when deleting the slider, it doesnt seem to delete it from the databse. I have to manually delete it. (not too much of a pain)

issue #2 I tried to export a slider from a test site and import to another test site and it copies the slider but nothing is being displayed in either the “prieview” window or on the page.

Any ideas how to fix this? will i have to rebuild the slider from scratch? Hope not =-)

Thank you for your time!

Tim Jones Destination Sound

(oh by the way for all people thinking of purchasing this theme… DO IT! the slider module alone is incredible [minus these issues])

Dear Tim,

I just responsed your email, that you have sent me via profile. Please check your inbox. any question please reply me via email. or

Best regards,


It seems that there is an issue with the site’s breadcrumb… Whether you’re one or two pages deep, it still displays as “You are here: Home” rather than the current page. Is there a setting for this that we’re missing. This is an active issue on the support system as well.

If there is no way to fix this, do you have a solution to just disable the breadcrumbs completely? I’d rather have no breadcrumb than a broken one.

After some tweaking, I was able to make the breadcrumbs functional using the Custom Breadcrumbs module. Perhaps this should be included in the theme? Or at least include this in the documentation of the theme as the breadcrumb doesn’t work without the module.

A problem with using Custom Breadcrumbs is that it disables the admin’s drop down button to configure a block… so if you want the breadcrumbs to work, you have to install this module. If you want to edit a block, you must first disable that module, make your edit, then reenable Custom Breadcrumbs. It is imperfect, but it works.


I am thinking to buy this theme for a drupal 7 existing site.

Is it possible to check the documentation before to buy it?

Is it possible to download a full demo before the buy it?

Where can I check the block region structure?


hello @alesin,

  • The documentation only included in download package
  • no you can not download demo version before purchase.
  • Block regions same as drupal theme default , with only some custom regions such as : Slider, home_recent_work, clients_logo , sidebar first, second …

Best regards,


Is it possible to do a subtheme?


Hello @alesin ,

yes, you could create sub theme. Have a look at this tutorial how to create subtheme

Best regards,