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Very clean and good looking, good luck with the sales!

Thank you!

Nice theme, you have small bug with button shortcode in project detail + View cart link doesn’t clickable.

There was a conflict with my style switcher plugin, thanks for letting me know! It’s fixed now, cheers!

Really liking this theme, awesome work dude!

Thanks :) Cheers

beautiful work.. good luck!

I get an error on the homepage – the slider wont load.

Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias yes not found.

Maybe you mean: ‘district’

nevermind – had to initialize the theme options first

Fatal error: Call to undefined method AQ_Block::transform_span_to_gs() in /home/content/j/a/n/janmichaelguzm/html/district/wp-content/themes/Astrum/inc/blocks/pp-featured-block.php on line 133

Hi, Please install the plugin Aqua Page Builder that comes with the theme, if it wasn’t installed automatically, you’ll find it in Astrum/plugins. It’s modified version and the original one is not compatible with theme, you need to remove it.

another fatal error – Fatal error: Call to undefined method AQ_Block::transform_span_to_gs() in /home/content/j/a/n/janmichaelguzm/html/district/wp-content/themes/Astrum/inc/blocks/pp-portfolio-block.php on line 92

Hi, these is the same problem as before, please replace the standard Aqua Page Builder with the one that comes bundled with theme. If you’re not sure how, please send me a message, I’ll be happy to help

nice clean theme. does it support background images in the page title/header? i would like to add a bit of color to those pages. thanks

That would require some customization via CSS, from WordPress Customizer you can change main color, set background of page as images/patterns or solid colors, change footer style and layout from wide to boxed.

Looks perfect ;)


nice. I am a big fan of your centum theme. This looks to be the same quality.

If I decide not to use the cart then the cart icons in the header will not appear correct?

It’s disabled by default, you can enable it if you’ll install WooCommerce, but there’s no need for installing it if you don’t want to use ecommerce functionality :) Thanks

small error when installing the plugins.

Downloading install package from http://____________/wp-content/themes/Astrum/plugins/aqua-page-builder.zip…

Download failed. Forbidden


If the automatic install failed, please go to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Upload, and select the aqua-page-builder.zip from the Astrum theme folder (you need to first extract it from the astrum-theme.zip). If you’ll have any problems with that, please open a ticket on my support forum, and I’ll be happy to help.

Clean theme! Good luck ;)

Great looking theme! But once I create a new page and I wish to visit my new page after typing in content it gives me this error; Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_shortcode() in /public/sites/www.timkeute.nl/wordpress/wp-content/themes/Astrum/content-page.php on line 36

— I did install all the plugins that came with your theme and I am a little lost of how to fix this. Help would be appreciated!

Hi, are you running WordPress 3.6? Be sure you do, as Astrum is not compatible with previous version, and it’s always good practice to have the latest version of WP available. So please update your WordPress up to version 3.6.x. Thanks!

I’ll make a backup and update my wordpress to 3.6. Thanks for the quick reply!

EDIT: Works perfectly! Thank you kindly!

Double post, excuse me. Please delete this.

Do you have a Share integration for blog posts?

It’s not built-in functionality, but it works great with Jetpack http://jetpack.me/ and it’s sharing module.

first i have to say thanks for this awesome theme.

i’ve noticed that the .po and .mo files seems to be not complete for translating. so i’m missing the “Our Clients” string. is it possible to update the language files?

yes i mean the “Our Clients” from the homepage. which content did you mean? the home page is build with page builder and there is only the clients section w/o any editable title.

I’m sorry, I thought you’ve used shortcodes, but I’ve checked the Page Builder and I see I’ve totally forgot about title of that section and it was hardcoded. To fix it please replace the file in wp-content/themes/astrum/inc/blocks/pp-clients-block.php with this one https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/354598/pp-clients-block.php

I’ll update theme right away. Sorry and thanks!

i thank you very much for your fast support. have a nice day.

Hi, great theme. I have some comments. My website will be focused on services. I need to know if the service icons on the service page can have a “Read More” link that takes them to the complete service description. Thanks.

Hi, there shouldn’t be any problem with adding HTML (and images) in Text Block, just add it like
<img width="280" height="200" src="http://astrum.purethemes.wpengine.com/files/2013/09/portfolio-03-280x200.jpg" alt="portfolio-03" />
and it should be displayed just fine. If you’ll have any problems, please open ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/

Thank you for your fast response, the images work. I have one more question. ¿Does the Page Builder has any negative effects on the SEO of the pages?

It shouldn’t have any impact on SEO, it return almost the same HTML output as you would create content using WordPress editor

Hi, I’ve installed the theme however none of the plugins are getting picked up. I did the automatic instal through the dahsboard and it said they were all installed fine, however loggin back in it now says that I have no plugins installed.

Installing them through the dashboard brings up a failed error saying it can’t create the files. So I have manually installed the plugin folders in the Plugin folder through ftp, all files are there, however they are still not showing up in the dashboard after refreshing the server and site. Any ideas?

erm never mind, I’m being a dumb-ass ! the plugins folder was missing so it wasn’t installing, now it is so please ignore my retardedness :)

Ok, no problem, thanks :)