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Hi i use astrum theme but does woocomere have any way clients to pay via PostFinance,Maestro,postcart

Hi, there are many plugins for various payments gates in WooCommerce, you need to google about it, here’s one http://www.sellxed.com/shop/en/wordpress-woocommerce-payment-plugin-postfinance.html


it is not possible for me to add any shortcodes in my pages. The shortcode window opens (after click on the star-button) and after a second it shrinks to a really small size. I can choose a code, can customize it (by scrolling through the small window) but after that the code doesn’t appear in my page.

I just made an update of the theme (version 1.1.5) but it doesn’t help.

I am using WP Version 3.9.1, i tried it with many browsers, but there is always the same shrinking-effect and the code doesn’t appear in the page.

Can you help me with that? What is my mistake? Thank you!

Best Michael

Hi Michael, there’s also Purethemes Shortcodes plugin included with Astrum theme, which in latest release also was updated for WP 3.9.1, You need to reinstall it, it’s in astrum/plugins/. Just remove your current one and you should have notice in Dashboard to install new version.

Found it – and it works! Thank you for your quick reply! Best Michael

You’re welcome :)


i managed to embedd videos in ajax-portfolio with the help from some comments here. Thanx for that.

But is there also a way to embedd audiofiles in ajax-portfolio in the style like the videos and gallerys (with picture, copy and button)?

Thanx for help.


I’m not sure, there are some services like soundcloud that should work that way, but if you want to put files directly from your server it would require some custom modification.

Hi, thanx.

i know there a short codes which works on all your “normal” Sites.

For example: [playlist tracklist=”false” artists=”false” images=”false” ids=”1712”] or just [audio] with the URL of my own Upload

But they don’t work in ajax portfolio. So my only chance is to create a youtube-Video to embedd in? Or is there another easy way?


They probably need to load some javascript library, I think it’s mediaelements.js, but as I said, it would require some custom modification

Hi! I’ve some problems with your beautiful theme. Can you check please why the main submenu don’t drop when mouse over? I used WP version. Thanks!

Hi – you have older version of Astrum (1.0.8) while latest one is 1.1.5, so this might casue the problem but I’m not sure. If it is possible, please update theme, if that won’t help, please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Hello, I’ve open a private ticket on http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ . Do you received it?

Hi, i am building a site with this beautiful theme, but i have some problem with Testimonial section. When i go to create a new one, i haven’t the field for put the author! I have

Where am I doing wrong?


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Hi I have problem the pure theme short codes care all not working can’t insert and it jus hang there.

Hi, you need to update Purethemes.net Shortcodes plugin – just delete it and you should see notice with Install link, if not, you’ll find it in astrum/plugins (assuming you have the latest version of Astrum)

Ok, you just need to edit file astrum/custom.js and remove lines 529-571

Success! But the classification becomes invalid … Point down no response…


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with FTP access details to your wordpress, I’ll modify it for you. That will be the easiest solution

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this theme for an event.

Could you tell me if, when using the alternative header which places the navigation below the logo, we will be able to completely utilise the header? We would ideally like to place some logos on the far right in the header, as well as having the main logo on the left.

Also, are we able to make minor changes such as removing the “hovericon” as displayed in the “Recent Work” section? And can these tabs be linked to a standard page rather than a portfolio page as featured in the demo?

Many thanks :)


It would require some customization in source files to add more logos in header. It’s not possible to link ‘recent portfolio items’ to static pages, you’d need to re-create the same HTML layout to make it static and then link to the pages – which is rather easy if you have any basic knowledge of HTML in CSS.

In Portfolio The above classification I do not start until the mouse moves over It has always been expanded

Sorry, I indeed have received your email but it was just with login and password to your FTP, but I receive dozens of emails daily and I couldn’t recall what was that about ;) But I found it now and it’s fixed, sorry it took so long

Never mind Thank you very much:D

You’re welcome ;)

Hi iam using Astrum v 1.1.5 on wordpress version Version 3.9.1 till i use wordpress version 3.8 ver in editor your Shourtcode insterter working but after updating on wordpress 3.9 is not working anymore. i ca,t add TAB or any thing.

Hi, you need to update Purethemes.net Shortcodes plugin – just delete it and you should see notice with Install link, if not, you’ll find it in astrum/plugins

Hi there,

Just bought your team AGAIN today, i already use it for my own website, and am now going to use it for a client, because i think it is AWESOME!:)

Just have a few questions:
  • I tried to add a childtheme as i do always with my projects, but it doesn’t seem to work, when i activate the child theme my screen turns blank. Do you have a Child theme available so i can implement that, so it will work?
  • If you check out the website i’m working on www.test.unitymoney.nl. You can see i changed the navigation menu a bit. Now all the colors work fine, but one thing i can’t seem to change. When a submenu item is visited it turns or white or blue, also when i visit for example the services tab to go to a subtab, the “services” tab turns white. I guess it has something to do with the :visited code, but i don’t know what to do so everything stays normal. I don’t want the tabs to change color when people visited them, and i don’t want the “services” tab to change color when i hover on the subitems.
  • Sorry for the long description, hope you guys can help me out like you always do:)

    cheers againn,


Hi Ruby, I’ve replied to your ticket on my support forum. Cheers

Hey guys, I’m having some issues with Revolution slider being larger than screen width on Firefox (Maybe more? Not Safari and Chrome) and I have found that it is an inline

    with width: 100% that is causing it (it goes when I delete the width). On one slider, it seems to go if I select ‘full width’ (on the homepage) but on other sliders on other pages, the rev slider goes very odd and only appears on half the page. Sorry if it’s difficult to explain.

    I posted a question on the ticket system but not sure if it worked (it has a temp login to my site). Super appreciate your help as this theme is absolutely awesome and can’t wait to get it fully working :)

Hi, I’ve just replied to your ticket, Cheers

Hi guys, great theme just wondering if you have an option just to buy the psd files or is it just the wordpress theme?

Hi, thanks, there’s also HTML version http://themeforest.net/item/astrum-responsive-multipurpose-html5-template/5045697 but we don’t have PSD version for sale.

Hi First of all very nice theme. I purchased and configuration is going on.. I have some questions. Could you please answer these.

1. Where is the option to make layout wide. Currently it is boxed. 2. Where is the option to make footer style dark. I am not able to see these option under theme options. 3. I want to make client logos movable from right to left automatically and it should pick images from a page where I have put logos of all my clients. 4. In footer I want to put latest 5 posts of my blog. Any suggested widget which will match the current css. I put some but design is not matching.

Thank you.


  • ad1&2 – You can find it in Appearance -> Customize
  • ad3. Edit custom.js, find
    and replace with
    I’m not sure however what you mean with ‘it should pick images from a page’ but if it’s not build in theme it would require custom modification
  • ad4. What’s wrong with native WordPress widget “Recent Posts”?


I’ve purchased many of your themes, and usually i have no issues… but lately I’m having trouble with seeing the imported demo content.

I’ve just installed Astrum for first time, and I’ve followed your instructions to the letter. I’ve gone into menus and set my primary menu but i’m still seeing nothing….

I can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong? I’m aware that i haven’t got woo commerce installed, so i know why certain files failed but i’m not getting ANY content whatsoever (pages, posts etc)...

Maybe I’m just having a “blonde” moment, but I hope you can help – I need to get this up today :-/


I got it… for some reason, i had to hit refresh & then the pages loaded


I’m building a site with Astrum – great theme btw – and am using the Recent blog post block in the page builder to show the latest post on the front page.

However, it only shows picture, title and date. Any chance of showing a set number of words here (Say the first 15 words of the blog post) with a “read more” after it?

Thank you!

Hi, replace file astrum/inc/blocks/pp-blog-block.php with this one https://gist.github.com/purethemes/6b75d9c862ad8a21ac78 line 166 is where you control number of words, you can move that code to other line if you want to display it in other place.

Thank you. But what happens when there is an update? Will this file need to be replaced and edited again?


Unfortunately yes, you will have to edit it again.

Hi there

Is there any way I can create a full length coloured background for a section on a page (like how you have it for the background in the footer widgets)?


Sorry, another question…what about if I want to make 2 footer columns into one? (span across 8 columns) Is that possible? I want to put a contact form 7 form in there.



ad1. Sorry but this woudl require some more complicated customization, each page and post hold it’s content in .container that has max width of 1200px.

ad2. Sure, just edit footer.php, you’ll see 4 divs that starts with:
<div class="four columns">
– just remove two of them, and change ‘four’ to ‘eight’ in the rest of them.

I’ve tried adding a background image to the title bar & followed your instructions by putting info into custom css in theme options, as well as trying to directly edit style.css under ”#titlebar”. I used your code;

#titlebar { background: url("URL TO YOUR IMAGE") repeat top center; }

Nothing is showing up, even if i try repeating image etc.

Can you please help?

Hi, could you show me URL to your website?


i have posted a support question on the forum 2 days ago and haven’t got any response yet. Now i don’t mind waiting for longer than 2 days, but i just wanted to check if the ticket arrived. :) The ticket number is: #228659.

Could you just let me know if the ticket arrived correctly, and you can answer my question later when you have time!:)


Hi, I’ve replied to your ticket, sorry it took so long :)

How do I change the copyright background color? I want to make it this color. —> #3e2664

I also need to increase the of the navigation because my logo is bigger than the one you used. How do I make that bigger?

Where do I place this code?? menu ul > li > a { padding: 34px 18px 31px 18px; }

Got it! Thank you!

You’re welcome