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How can we increase the header height?

Hi Please check the Appearance – Theme Options – Header, you have there option to set height


is it possible to use Google fonts? If yes, did you add all google fonts? If no, how can I add other google fonts?


Hi yes, it is possible, but I probably don’t have there all Google Fonts. But they are in one array where you can manually add new font names to use.

Thanks. Do you also plan to integrate a rotator (not just slider). For Testimonial, Partner etc. purposes? Or is it already possible to integrate a rotator in the page?

Hi, i couldn’t seem to register on the support forums, its acting strange?? i need some help, i have purchased this theme, everything is great except the menu, on my home page it views ok (underneath logo) but on the shop page, it is trying to squeeze the menu to the right of the logo. (not enough room so menu is in 2 rows, very untidy.

There’s limited space for menu items, so if they don’t fit in one row, you need to organize them in submenus to have them as dropdowns


how can I switch between boxed and wide layout?


How can I disable “comments” on standard template?

Two stupid questions. I fonud it.

Ok, thanks ;)

Hi, wondering how I can add shortcodes or use page builder to add content below the 3-column portfolio page. Currently, it looks like when the 3-column portfolio template is selected for my page, the content from the WYSIWYG editor is left off that page. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, portfolio templates does not show content, it would require simple (but complicated to describe) change to fix it, so please open a ticket on my support forum purethemes.ticksy.com with login details and I’ll try to change it for you

Hi author of purethemes, thank you for your previous supports. I am having a question about the theme. I was installed All In One SEO plugin into the theme. Also, I key in the meta titla and meta description. However, I cannot view them on google search engine. What I mean is I key “ABCD” in the meta description but showing “WXYZ” on google search engine. Is this theme compatible to all in one seo?

Again, thank you very much.

To be sure please edit file header.php and remove line 17:
<meta name="description" content="<?php bloginfo('description'); ?>" />

Thank you very much. Between, how could I update your latest theme version? Thank again.


I’m thinking of converting my WP plugin’s preview site to this theme.

Great one by the way, I especially like the way you solved the responsive menu problem, it’s quite usable and better than other solutions I’ve seen.

My question is, can a left sidebar come after the content at mobile size? I do add the left sidebar because there is important navigation things at the top, but since it’s my only sidebar I wouldn’t want to show all the extra widgets before the content on mobile.

Also a little bit more examples on your preview site wouldn’t hurt. The fine differences in the gray shades are not very prominent on older TFT monitors (just saying), albeit my IPS panel displays them quite well.

Sure, just drag and drop new menu elements as a third level in Appearance – Menus. It has actually infinitive number of levels, but won’t make much sens to have more then 3 or 4. Cheers

Hi again, I think I’m going with this one. The sidebar problem will need to be addressed I think. Anyhow the theme lacks a call to action / promise box that business sites could put there with a ‘purchase now’ button or similar. Sure this can be crafted easily, once I do that I’ll show you what I mean perhaps you could add it as a shortcode.

Love this theme. Would like to use the Contact layout, can you share where it can be found.

Hi, you’d need to import XML file included in theme package to have the default page templates. You will find Contact page there in Page Builder. You also need to install plugin Contact Form 7 before:)


This theme is great i am setting it up for my portfolio. But i would love to know how you remove the page title on the homepage. www.kamrandesign.com above the portfolio block stands the title home i want it to be the same as in your template preview.

I did the second but now i have a gap between my slideshow and portfolio block. I also tried the first and it also leaves a gap. www.kamrandesign.com

I just see shadow under the slider (you should turn it off in Slider settings) and right below the slider is Portfolio block title

Thanx man for the good service and fast reply


There is an issue regarding to the list. The below picture is show normal.

Check List
image hosting websites

However, once I add list-1 into class, it become like below picture.

Check List 2
screen shot pc

Please check.

Thank you.

Hi, Love this theme! A few pre-purchase questions:

1). Will it support WP 3.6.1+?

2). Does it support child themes?

3). Is demo content available to install?

4). How many plugins are required to run the theme the same as the demo? ..and how many widgets?

5). Am I able to centre the logo? (with horizontal menu under the logo)



ad 1 & 2 & 3. Yes, of course

ad4. Aqua Page Builder, MailChimp Widget, Purethemes.net Shortcodes, Revolution Slider (included), WP-PageNavi & WooCommerce if you want to have shop. There are also 5 custom widgets

ad5. You have this alternative header to choose http://astrum.purethemes.wpengine.com/alternative-header/ but centering logo would require some customization


Hi,I just noticed that there is no option of changing language on homepage..I understand that the theme is WMPL compatible but how can we add this option on homepage for users to change manually? thanks

WPML comes with widgets to change language version, so you could put them to sidebar or footer. I’ll try to add language switcher somewhere in the header (but there’s not much space there) for next update.

Hi! Is it possible to change the back office language on French ?

Thanks !

Just install French version of WordPress http://fr.wordpress.org/ but not all backend options of Astrum are translatable.

Is it possible to do it myself ? If it’s possible, does the updates will erase my changes ?

Yes, the update will erase all changes unless they are made in child theme

Quick question on your breadcrumbs, where can I edit the PHP? Currently, I’ve changed the name of “Portfolio” to “Programs” in the Theme options. However, when viewing the single Portfolio template, it’s reading the taxonomy instead of the changed name from the Theme options in the breadcrumbs. Meaning I see Home > Portfolio > Page Title, instead of Home > Programs > Page Title. Thanks!

Hi You don’t have “Purchased” badge on your comment, please use account from which you’ve bought the theme (or buy it if you haven’t) to receive support.

Sorry, theme was purchased by my client.

Hi, do I have to manually install anything else if I need all the functionality of the demo site? If so, then are there any installation instructions? thanks

Hi iam planning to buy this but i will use chinese characters instead of english one. Is it possible if i use this site in chinese characters?

I never tried but I don’t see any problem with it

Hi I already purchase it and why is it when i used the import.xml all files are failed. Can you help me how to use that import.xml

Hi, probably you only see ‘failed’ info regarding the import of images, you don’t need to worry about it, as it’s correct. Images are not imported as they are copyrighted and are not included with theme.

Hi! How to make a left sidebar on the woocommerce (archive product) page?

Hi this is currently not possible but it will be fixed for next release.

What a nice theme :D
I have two questions: – Where i can insert google analytic code? also is there a place where i can insert meta tags or key words(for SEO issues)?
If not, could you please add them in next release for facilitating them updates?


for analytics use http://wordpress.org/plugins/google-analytics-for-wordpress/ and for SEO this http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/ There’s no need for reinventing the wheel if there are so many good plugins for that ;)

I’m having trouble with the Pricing Tables code.

I cannot get the button link to render anything other than href=”#” even if I change the URL in the page.

If I make the buttonlink empty the button disappears, anything else just shows the link as ”#”.

This is being done by hand not in the page builder.

Hi, please update Astrum to latest version 1.0.4, it fixes that issue.