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there’s update available to version 1.0.4

* fixed issue with Revolution Slider select box on Page Template
* fixed issue with sidebar sides for posts
* Portfolio templates can have content now form page editor

My Ajax Portfolio page is empty. I’ve got a stock install that I just upgraded to 1.04. The Ajax Portfolio wasn’t working before and I was hoping this would fix the problem it’s still not displaying anything. Any ideas?


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Some pre-sales questions:
  • - Does it include a child theme?
  • - No action box(es) included?


ad1) No, but it child theme friendly

ad2) All elements available are shown in demo


Is there a way to make the “Featured Boxes” clickable? To link to a page inside my website?

Thank you! Best.

Hi if you’re using shortcode it is possible:
[iconbox column="one-third" title="" link="" icon=""] [/iconbox]
but it’s currently not available for Page Builder (I’ll add it for next update). For now in Page Builder you can only add link as HTML in box content

Hi, I met an issue with revolution slider on the homepage when I tried to import the demo.

the error is the following : Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias not found

However I imported the slider file in extra and saved as weel I also edit the homepage and selected “home” in the slider option in the bottom of the page.

Any idea? Thanks in advance, H


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Hi Thanks for your next help Actually in my product website only can show 2 Related Products. How can i go put more products in there? I want to show 4 products? or How can i disable that!

can you show us a example with more related products please

Please we need your answer. It is very important

That might help http://docs.woothemes.com/document/change-number-of-related-products-output/ add that code to functions.php (and change ‘posts_per_page’ to 4 instead of 6)

Hi! How is it possible to display a menu with a list of categories and subcategories to the store page? Standard woocomerce widget can only display all categories with no separation to the parent / non-parent. I have a lot of categories and subcategories and the entire list does not fit on the page.

Question 2. When you add a menu, for example in the sidebar, attached serachform. Can I remove searchform in the sidebar?

You’d need to add them manually, but maybe there are some plugins for that. Theme doesn’t have any functionality for it. Regarding 2nd question, we’ll fix it for next update.

Hi ! A really nice work… I’ve just one question. I choose the “Alternative header”, but when I’m in the shop it’s the “Standard header” which is loaded. What can I do to use the alternative header also in the shop ?

Thanks in advance.

That’s a bug, sorry for it! To fix it, edit file astrum/woocommerce/archive and replace
$htype = ot_get_option('pp_header_menu');

Do the same in single-product.php

Whenever I click on the top menu or do a page refresh, the menu slides a little from left to right. You can see this happen if you click around the menu really quickly. This happens in Chrome and IE but not in Firefox. Please help.


Unfortunately that’s something that can’t be fixed and it’s not a bug, it just how it is, it needs to load and adjust

Not working at all in IE 8

No reply?? Please help

I’ll try to fix it, but it’s not something that causes theme to “not work at all”

Is it possible to disable the shop feature?

If you won’t install WooCommerce plugin you won’t see any sign of shop functionality ;)

Hi. I want to buy your theme, but I need to completely translate it (front and backend) to Italian language. Is the theme full localized? Is it full compatible with WPML plugin?


Hi, yes it is compatible with WPML, but not all options from back-end are translatable

A question earlier on this page mentions someone having an issue with the pricing tables not linking properly. I’m having the same issue using 1.0.4. Can’t get the links working and they only show href=#”. Can you let me know if there’s a newer update, or if there’s a quick fix? Thanks!

Any update on this?

Hi, just a pre-purchase question…we are new to theme forest and don’t know much about it. We love this template, just 1 question – we won’t need as many tabs across the top as the display template has, is it possible to deactivate the ones we won’t need?


This is WordPress theme and the demo is just example of how you can setup page, it’s not that you have to use all these pages and elements. I guess it will be also your first time with WordPress? I strongly advise to first learn basic usage of WordPress before diving into themes like these, as it might be hard for a beginner.

“If you won’t install WooCommerce plugin you won’t see any sign of shop functionality ;)”

...if you don’t install WooCommerce Plugin, can you still use the pricing tables?

Yes you can, they are separate features

Hello there and thanks for this wonderful theme!

I have a couple of issues / questions.

1. In the page builder, when using Image Boxes and I go back to edit something, all information (except for the picture) is “lost” and I have to manually re-enter everything. This becomes quite a daunting task when there’s 20 picture boxes to be edited. Is this a known bug? Is it getting addressed or is there a workaround?

2.Is it possible to have colored sections in posts/pages? I’m referring to the content background. i.e. is it possible to have a grey text box?

Thank you in advance for your time!


ad1. Sorry for this, there’s a bug but easy to fix, please open file astrum/inc/blocks/pp-image-block.php and find line
 <?php echo aq_field_input('caption', $block_id, $title) ?>
replace the $title with $caption

ad2. That would require adding some customization


Hello again and thanks for the quick reply!

I wanted to ask something else. In the shortcodes section of the sample site, “regular tables” are listed as an option but I can’t seem to find them. Can you point me to the right direction please?

Hey Guys, i bought the template for a customer but everytime i want to import the demo content i get an error “failed to import”. And it´s not about the pictures. None of the demo pages for example home, portfolio, etc … are created. Please help

Ok, after 7 times importing, its finally there.


I’m interested in your CookingPrss theme. Do you still provide support on your CookingPress WP heme?


Is it possible to add a specific excerpt to a post? Other themes have an ‘excerpt’ field on each individual post page. I don’t see how to do that on Astrum. Nothing in documentation either. My client has asked for very specific excerpts for each post that need to be done by hand. These exceprts would need to also accept simple HTML tags like

... you can do this in other themes.

Of course you can add excerpt in Astrum, it’s not theme function, it’s WordPress function. Be sure you have checked “Excerpts” box in Screen Options in post editor http://en.support.wordpress.com/screen-options/

Thanks for pointing that out. Worked great.

Hello. I’m very happy with my purchase of Astrum.

Though i have a issue, when i try adding a sidebar to the woocommerce shop page, or the category page. It does not work?

Also the shop page, does not get affected when i change the header to alternative header. Which is also annoying me.

It’s like it doesn’t react when im adding a sidebar. But it works fine on normal pages and such.

I hope you can help me fix this issue. Thank you.


The woocommerce shop uses ‘Shop’ sidebar, and for category page it’s not possible to select custom sidebar, it always uses ‘Default Sidebar’

as for the header issue, there’s currently update for Astrum waiting to be approved by TF, and it fixes that issue (and some others)