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Hello, how can I use a child theme with the Asure theme? Thanks.

Hi, please email us your detail we will Guide you.

Hello. I am having trouble with the layout of individual posts. The sidebar displays under my post instead of on the right:


Hi, it is looking fine with me can you please email me Screenshot i will look over.

It is working now. Turns out there was a conflict with a plug in.

Hi, its good problem has solved, if you still need help please email us.

Great theme! Does it have price charts?

thanks, yes it is Price Charts, please go to this http://webagate.com/cornice/themes/asure/wp/?page_id=62 page

Excellent theme. Excellent (and super fast) support. What more could you ask for? Thank you guys!

Thanks for your kind words… and happy you are enjoying.

Is there drop down functionality for the menu with this theme?

Yes as i have already replied of your email please go to Appearance / Menu / and drag the sum menu item under the parent it will show place holder with right intended so place there and save if you still facing issues please email us.

Hello, support your theme wordpress 4.0.1 ?

Yes… but if you face any issue please email us we will help out instantly.

Thanks for your answer has everything works and me there is no error noticed. I have not yet worked productively however. ;-)

ok good please email me if you need further help

Hi, I lifted the logo, menu and canvas in custom_responsive.css. Everything ok for the desktop pc m on ipd I have problems. I attach a screenshot. Thanks


IPad: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ta7ojbb7a7kxihm/IMG_3725.PNG?dl=0

please email us username and password

I posted as required. I had no reply. Have you received email? thanks

Hi, yes got your email replied

OK I solved it already alone. I put in custom css!.topheader-wrapper {margin-top: 40px;!important;}.logobar-wrapper {margin-bottom: 5px;!important;}Thank you also.

Wo great but if you still nee our help please let us know

Hello! 1. ¿How can i change the text displayed when the mouse pointer is over an social_icon? 2. ¿What could i do to open the page in a new tab when the user clicks on a social_icon? I had tried with target="_blank" but it didnt work.

hi im getting this error when i try to up demo file ” The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/2016/02.”

hi it was some my host permission issue in wp. its fix now. will send you logging detail via mail you can check is there any issue

Hi, I want to change Services Icon Boxes Icons in the home page theme. How can I change it. How can I see the List of Icons (Eg: “icons_123”, “icons_125”) apart from that If there are any way to added custom icons to Services Icon Boxes in the theme. How can I do That

Hi, yes you can use image=”http://abc.com/image.jpg” instead of icon=”” in shortcode. if it not helpfull send us email with login info we will do for you.

Hi, I want to change Services Icon Boxes Icons in the home page theme. How can I change it. How can I see the List of Icons (Eg: “icons_123”, “icons_125”) apart from that If there are any way to added custom icons to Services Icon Boxes in the theme. How can I do That

Hi, if you use image=”” instead of icon in shortcode it will allow you to use your custom icons image, here is code [icon_box style="2" title="Responsive" image="http://abc.com/image.jpg" link="http://localhost:3087/?page_id=3362"] Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem, quia voluptas sit, aspernatur. [/icon_box] please email me if you still having problem.

Hi, Is there are any possibility to moving clientale list images in homepage. Because we do have more than 12 major clientale list to added to this list. So it’s nice to see in home page if clientale list can be moved one by one logos in the one row.

currently we are using Clientale Box src=”http://www.stregissacks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/TeaTang.jpg” />[/span2] src=”http://www.stregissacks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Akbar-Brothers-Ltd.jpg” />[/span2] src=”http://www.stregissacks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/mabrocteas-2.png” />[/span2] src=”http://www.stregissacks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Unilever.svg_.png” />[/span2] src=”http://www.stregissacks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/ranfer.png” />[/span2] src=”http://www.stregissacks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/ctp-logo.png” />[/

Any update regarding my matter

yes already did and emailed to you 7 days before

Hi, We customized 4 images with the description in Services Icon Boxes. We want to shaking image when mouse pointer keep over there. How we can able to do that. Currently using source code given bellow. rowfluid [icon_box style=”2” image=”http://www.stregissacks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Strength-01.png”] Our T Sack Bag is very strong and durable, thanks to the sophisticated latest technology machinery and the character of Polypropylene material used to produce the woven fabric. The shape is robust and versatile; it is resistance to rough handling, dropping, pressing or rain so the number of lost bag can be minimize. /icon_box

span3 T Sack design give the bag a brick shape after filled so it can be stack and stack and formed a perfectly shape pallets. With the brick square shape, it will save the cost on storage, transportation, handling when comparing to other type of packaging. The T Sack Bag is suitable for all manual and fully automatic production and handling methods. /icon_box

span3 Polypropylene which used for T Sack Bag is categories under Non-toxic material. With the newest technology this bag received no glue and it only use patented hot welding process so there is no toxic glue used during production. /icon_box

span3 Due to the character of polypropylene, the bag is not affected by any form of moisture, unlike paper. However, this does not mean Block Bottom Valve Bag is always watertight. The bag must be produce with Micro Star Perforations to give the necessary air permeability. Micro Star Perforations is the new feature which only can be found in the latest edition of the Conversion Machine. /icon_box


my e mail address was sandun.buwa@gmail.com

any update regarding my matter

already emailed you, your requests are customisation i emailed you details.

Hi, bought your theme which is great thank you. Cant import the Layerslider WP demo information. Its a txt file but once selected and hit import it says importing then nothing appears in the list. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your kind words, please email us your wordpress login info we will setup slider for you

www.bizexpertonline.com/portal spcopeland Issydad4?

Hi, please do not share ur login info here, you need to email me at shahid4u@gmai.com i will get in touch with you right a way.

Hi, how can I locate the slider under the navigation bar with the same width as the navigation bar and a custom height?

Hi, any update regarding my matter?

hi, i tried you given ip based url but not opening with me please check again and email me working url.

Hi, could you try again please? thanks in advance

Hi, how can i remove fancy headers on blog entries and portfolios?

in blog single page this is displaying post title so you cant remove that, there is one hack for that you can use this css .single-post .page_title { display:none; }

Hi thanks for your response. I will try it.