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An excellent job. GLWS :)

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Wow great job, GLWS :)

This is exactly what I was looking for in a theme!!

Couple questions, can this be converted to be full width? Also can the navigation be centered and transparent?

As for the navigation, I love the way it is but just all caps, and the buttons being centered. Meaning the buttons are centered in the bar and also the submenus. Can that happen?

Also are there any support for this theme?

yes there is support for this theme, you can post question here or email directly, for customization please email us your detailed requirements.

Good luck with sales!

Hi, for some reason when i add the feature image to the portfolio item it make sthe image really large on the home page, instead of the smaller thumbnails that it should. I have also ensure that the uploaded file size for the featured image is the correct size as per your demo version.

Dev link :

whats your email address

plz go here http://themeforest.net/user/webcornice and send message from Email Webcornice section

as we checked and replied by email, your issue was in image size you have uploaded very small images for portfolio, minimum size for recent work item should be 250 by 250 pix

Great thanks!

AWESOME, im looking forward to work with theis theme, i just wonder if the main color of the theme can be changed in the wp pannel or it need to be coded, its the only thing i want to know to decide.


Thanks, and yes you can change color of every element from wordpress admin panel, if you shoot an email we will provide screenshot of Styling tab in our wp admin panel.

thanks Im probably buying it tomorrow for start working thanks a lot

Welcome, check if you need more customization options which will help other users as well, then we can add them on your request, please email in this case.

Thanks for a great theme. I have four questions:

1. How do I change the TOP MENU/BUTTON FONT HOVER color from #676122? It is not listed in the options.

2. How do I change the BUTTON HOVER color? It is not the same option as Hover color.

3. How do I delete the BLUE LINE between the logo and the slogan?

4. How do I change the FONT SIZE and the COLOR of the SLOGAN?

Thank you so much.

Thanks for purchase, please send us email from here http://themeforest.net/user/webcornice with you details of changes/customization, we will take care of them and send you updated files.

Great! I will do it when my list is updated. Thanks a lot!

i have the same problemes like umbrellacreative!!!

Please look at the Recent work block. I upload images with size 652 by 652. http://b-est.md/natalia/

please email us wordpress login info we will take care of this.

issue has resolved. please let us know if you need further help.

presales question: 1. I need to implement an iframe in a page. Is this possible? 2. I need to generate a list like this :http://www.luckersadvocaten.nl/home/faillissementen Is it possible to display the BLOG items without a picture?

kind regards, Mark

1: iframe can be handled by html. we will help to add that. 2: You can post blog item without picture and style like http://www.luckersadvocaten.nl/home/faillissementen this will need customization, we will add this style in blog on your request.

Nice work again :) good luck

Can the yellow elements on the site be changed to a different color easily? in the them options?

thanks for purchase, Tagline field accept text, we will customize that for you for h1,h2,h3… please email us your wordpress user name and password.

Thank you so much for your help. I am very impressed with your support. I have purchased many themes from various sources and have never experienced the level of support and service that you have provided. I would buy other themes from you without confidence.

thanks for your kind words

Hi, great theme so far. Just wanted to ask – what if I dont want the section son the homepage to appear and only want the services and the footer along with the slider?


Hi, thanks for purchase, please email us login info we will take care of this for you, and also will guid you steps for further reference.

Theme has updated please download latest version, you will find Enable/Disable option of home page section from where you can manage theme.

I really like the theme so far! One problem I am having is removing the Recent Work and Clientele sections from the homepage.

For Recent Work, I’ve removed all of the Portfolio posts that populate it. And when I change the number of Recent Work items from 4 to 0, the settings revert back to 4 when I save.

And for Clientele, when I click the settings from On to Off, my custom Our Team disappears and the footer jumps up into the content.


Here’s the page: http://sitedev.dreamlocal.com/crumrine

Thanks for purchase, please email wordpress login info we will take care of this.

Sent, thanks! And can you also please explain what you do to fix it? Thanks!

welcome, yes as we are enabled email conversation, i will explain steps how to do these changes.

May I just say thank you! Not only is this theme a pleasure to work with it looks fantastic. An added bonus is your quick and knowledgeable support, thank you again Shahid! Keep up the fantastic work! You have a loyal customer in me.

thanks for your kind words … ! and i am happy you are enjoying our wordpress theme and 1 to 1 email support.

Hello, again—Things are coming along nicely, but I’m having trouble finding a short code for a Button in the documentation. Do you have one?


Thanks, here is shortcode for button with full options

[button  url="http://localhost:3087/?page_id=2593" title="Generated Shortcode" target="_self"]Click Here [/button]

Dear webcornice,

Thanks again for a great theme. I was wondering where to insert customer logos in the clientale section? Do I need to install a plugin and insert a shortcode?


mkgl, thanks for using asure theme, there is section in admin panel for clientale where you have to put logos, please go to Appearance / Asure Settings / Home Page / Home Page Clientale Box and put logos like this.
[span2]<img src="http://webagate.com/cornice/themes/asure/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/300.jpg" />[/span2]

if you still having issue please email us link with login info we will take care of this.

Great! Thank you! Is there any chance to get the logos to show like slides, so that there is only one row of logos that show for five seconds, and then another row of logos will show – and so on?

Hello, thanks for ur good works. I want to ask question, what is the Slides menu(above portofolios) use for? Can you give me an example?

Thank you

Hi, thanks. theme has equipped with 2 sliders LayerSlider and FlexSlider, LayerSlider have there own plugin setting page and for Flex Slider you will have to use that menu Slides (custom post type) section. You can switch sliders from Asure Settings / Sliders / tab. if you email us login info of wordpress we will setup you example.

How can you make a custom background be fixed instead of scrolling?

Hi, yes please open a file asure / lib / functions / wc-custom-css.php and go to line number 22, where you can see body { background:url… in this line add “fixed” keyword before “repeat”. if you its hard for you email us wp login info we will do this for you.