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Great great work on this theme. Great support as well :)

thanks, we are happy you are enjoying…

Dear Webcornice,

Is it possible to change home page template so that my call out box will appear directly underneath the layerslider?

My layerslider height is now 548 px, but the calloutbox appears more than 200 px down the page. I would like to remove as much white space as possible. Please visit www.eigersites.com to see what I mean.

Can you help?

Thank you very much!

One more thing! Can I change the position of the menu? Up or down for example?

Got it :)

thats good :) you need further help then let us know.

How do I reduce the height of the sliders?

The Purchase code for the slider is invalid.

welcome, plz email me we will reply you back the code.

Where’s your email

http://themeforest.net/user/webcornice pleae go here and email from Email WebCornice box which is on the right column.

Changing .banner { height: 732px; } reduces the banner height but not the height of slide images causing the text to go beneath the image. Is it only a matter of cropping the images? to fit a height of say 600px in my case?

you have to change your slide height from slider settings in layerslider plugin. for more technical and detail please do email.

Theme developer not only made a great theme, but provided excellent support. He responded quickly, and fixed an issue I had just as quick. I highly recommend using this theme / developer.

Thank you for your kind words, we have happy that you enjoyed our services.

I’m having issues with paragraphs. The tags disappear when you use the wysiwyg editor unless you wrap the text in <p></p> tags, especially for pages with shortcodes.

Could you do something about it?

Hi, please email url with login info we will check this issue.


I bought your template to reuse some of its features on a website I am building (recent posts and recent works). I managed to copy the CSS, integrate the relevant shortcodes into the template I’m working on and ensured that Flexslider files (CSS and JS) are available as well. However the only thing that displays correctly is the fancy header background :-(

Could you please help me out?

Hi, thanks for using some of asure features in another theme :) its entrusting and unique use of theme, please send url of your website by email we will look this.

Dear Webcornice!

Thanks again for your great theme. I am at the stage of translating it into Norwegian. In which file can I change the language, for example on buttons like “Next Project” and “Prev Project”?

And actually all other appearances of autotext in English?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, welcome :) please list down places which you want to change and email us we will give you files and locations where you can change.

I used shortcode for recent news on widget but the title is not showing properly… :/ http://tms.com.np/new/?p=837

Hi, You already emailed this issue and we have replied please check your email.

Dear Webcornice,

I am having issues with the responsive site with, especially in Internet Explorer and Chrome. Firefox seems to be working fine.

Is there a way to make sure that the width adjusts to the screen size of the smallest pc’s?

Thanks for your help!

Please email your issue with details(screenshots) we will take care of it.

Sorry! Spelling error – Site width – will send you screenshots. Thank you!

Hi everybody, How can I add the pagination system in archives page?

Now the number of post displayed in the archives are managed by Wordpress General Settings, is there a way to enable the archive pages managed by theme option? Thank you.

Hi, it is related to customization to option for pagination of Archive page. please email us with details(links & logins) we will take a look and reply you back.

Hi, I’ve noticed that I can use only one Recent Post Widget in Homepage, is there a way to have two Recent Post Widget that shows post from two different categories? Thank you.

Hi,please send us wordpress login and password we will check possibilities to use 2 Recent Posts in single page.

Hi i need the license key for layerslider im having problems with my slider buttons there not showing up (just code is showing) i was thinking that maybe i need to update it also tried reinstalling but then the buttons just dissapeared :?

Hi,please email us your wordpress login info we will look over this issue, in your case it seems some thing else having problem with slider.

Hello. I found the column short code in the documentation. Could you be a little more detailed in these instructions?



I assume the above means I am adding 6 columns?

Either way no matter what number I enter after span, the content runs off the side of the page.


Hi, let me give you hint, rowfluid or row means 12 columns in it, 1-12, so if you want to use 6 culumns then 12/6=2 it means span 2, span 2, span 2, span 2, span 2, span 2. If this is not clear then please email me i will give you detailed info.

Ok thanks. I don’t think anyone will just guess that. Maybe it should be in the documentation. Typically 12 means 12 not 12 divided by 2.

actually this theme is based on Bootstrap grid system and bootstrap have using there grid system in that way.

In the previews you provide you show examples of a contact page but do not include a WP template for it within the wordpress files. Is this a mistake? I thought for sure you’d have a template for this page.

Hi, this is not in our theme structure to make template. there is content demo data for Contact Us page, you can easily use that.

Dear Webcornice,

Thanks again for your great theme.

It seems the responsiveness is not working correctly on screen res smaller than 1920×1200.

Can you help?

Thank you :)

Welcome :) please email us URL with wp login info we will check.

OK. Thank you! :)

Hi, I am having a hard time showing thumbnails and navigation arrow on lightbox for portfolio. can you please help ?

Hi, please email wordpress login infor with details we will take care.

Hi there

Nice theme – something strange is happening – the first tier of the navigation bar is not working. For example my navigation bar reads:


When I click on either About Us or Membership it won’t go to the page but when I click on any of the pages in the sub menu under ABOUT US those pages work.

Any idea??? I’ve never had this issue before.

Hi,thanks, actually if you have sublinks then main tab will not link to page if you dont have sublinks then main tab will link to page. if you need customization to achive this please email us with login info.

Thanks – have sent that.

Hi, love the theme, but ran into a problem. It seems that the search field interferes with the Asure Primary Menu if you have too many menu items. If there is not enough space left it seems the last menu items become inactive. Checkout feltrapido.com … the menu works if the browser window is extended, if you make it narrower the last menu item becomes inactive. Any idea how to fix that?

Hi, this issue has fixed need to update the theme if you want us to update please email us wordpress login info.

Awesome customer service! Super helpful and issue was fixed within hours. Thanks!

thanks for kind words and we happy you are satisfied.

Is the custom CSS in the Asure Settings cached any where? I accidentally deleted my custom CSS code, and there was a LOT of it. Please tell me there is someplace where I can get it back…

Thank you!

Hi, please email us your wordpress login info we will check.