Discussion on Atheus - Modern Creative Agency WordPress Theme

Discussion on Atheus - Modern Creative Agency WordPress Theme

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hola buena tarde, quiero saber como poner una cuarta sección de slider con botones y todo lo que traen los otros tres en la plantilla atheus Gracias.

por favor ingles por email to katmerayt@yahoo.com

Hello katmerayt@yahoo.com what happens is that if I want to put a fourth slider in the atheus template which only limits me to having 3 main slider or banner at the top of the home

Please send email your wp admin infos and url

what kind of update came?

Hello, Very great clean theme. Is it possible to get your beautiful preloader, and team slider as a plugin for sale?

We can implant your template. Please send email to katmerayt@yahoo.com for details

Thank you, sent an email

Works with Elementor Pro page builder?

No based on wp bakery

Do you have plans to integrate with Elementor? WP Bakery is very outdated and obsolete.

For near future unfortunately no

At the moment, I don’t have an idea to build a site, but I’m interested in it after seeing this theme. It’s awesome. According to my experience, It’s a little bit hard to use the navigation menu on mobile browsers. When someone uses it for the first time on their mobile phone, they won’t get an idea of how to use it.

You can use standard horizontal menu ?

I just checked out the demo. Are there multiple menu choices in the theme options? If it is yes, then it would be easier for mobile users because I felt uncomfortable with the horizontal menu in the demo. But the design is fantastic. And If I want to have an agency theme, I definitely come to you! Good luck with your sales.

the menu on mobile doesn’t move and the whole site experience on mobile is so slow

You can disable preloader or use standart horizontal menu

does it support RTL ?

Hello! What is the music on the homepage? I love it

After purchase u can reach audio file

Hi Im not sure if you got my email, first of all thanks so much for such a lovely theme its BEAUTIFUL.

I have some questions with regards Atheus (please click on prntscreen links below to see the screenshots illustrations)


1. Is it possible to have all the images videos the whole exact demo content imported when I buy the theme as that will make it very easy for me to edit and change things because I already like the structure of the site so I want to keep that?

2.Can the home page slider change by itself after 5 seconds if the visitor doesn’t click next? http://prnt.sc/tvab0k

3.I have two questions on the video that plays with the music : 3a. Is it possible to have the music stop playing across the whole site if the user once to do so because right now on every page you have to switch off the music every time but what if one user wants to have music always playing and another user doesn’t want music at all is that possible?

3b. Is it possible for the video that appears in the header to be changed and it can be changed with inserting a Youtube link/Vimeo link? For example if user A clicks on Blog I may want him to see Video X, but when he clicks on cases I want him to see an image in the header instead of the video? But when he clicks Hello I want him to see Video Z

4.What format are the videos?

5.On the loading page that shows the countdown transition is it possible to change the background colour, the logo from showing the Atheus logo and words still loading and it can show instead My logo and say something like Get Ready? http://prnt.sc/tvabxt

6.Can the white ball hover mouse icon be changed to a different shape and colour instead of a white ball?

7.Are there any other animation effects for the words when they appear as you scroll down or is it just the one effect?

8.The logos under Partners and Clients can the colour be changed or does it only work with black and white and are there any other animations for that section? http://prnt.sc/tvacea 9.Can the colour under the menus and menu fonts and sizes be changed? http://prnt.sc/tvacx5 10.Can the colour of the lines beside the heading be changed: http://prnt.sc/tvadac 11. Is it possible to have an effect/animation on the portfolio (showcase) when the mouse hovers over it? Like a similar effect when you hover the mouse over the brand’s section? http://prnt.sc/tvae7v

Install all plugins after activate go appareance / one click demo import and click import button

Thanks very much it worked , last question for some reason the selected works section isn’t showing properly on the mobile phone it looks squashed

please can u send email to katmerayt@yahoo.com

Hi demo, I can’t import it with both methods. There is a problem.


please can u send email to support@themezinho.net

The demo data won’t import, not sure what else to do… just keeps spinning forever while importing.

Can you send email your wp admin infos and url ? I can install theme for you quickly