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Hi Olegnax,

I’ve noticed an issue with the latest Chrome Canary (Development/Bleeding Edge branch), causing the frontend megamenu to not dropdown.

As Chrome Canary changes will be eventually merged into Chrome Stable branch, I believe this is worthwhile looking into and fixing before the changes are merged into Chrome Stable.

You can download Chrome Canary here:


The version that I can reproduce this issue on is:


Steps to reproduce: 1) go to athlete.olegnax.com 2) try to mouseover any of the menu items 3) menuitems do not drop down (white area), only the coloured box highlighting the top level menu item is shown

Hello odoocommunitywidgets,

As far as we know the Canary Chrome is the most unstable browser and features & technologies used in this browser won’t be 100% merged to Chrome Stable.

We are aimed to make sure our theme works in the most used stable browser versions.

Anyway thank you for letting us know about this issue

Kind Regards

Hi Olegnax,

No problem.

Hello good afternoon,

I’ve been updating Magento and the products are no longer loading on the homepage, you know what that might be?

Thanks, I already posted in the forum my doubt.

Make sure that the next blocks are allowed in a System > Permissions > Block section: cms/block catalog/product_list athlete/bannerslider athlete/product_list_featured athlete/product_list_sale athlete/product_list_new athlete/product_list_mostviewed athlete/product_list_bestsellers newsletter/subscribe athlete/social_twitter athlete/widget_social

Thank you very much, all the errors of blocks that did not load were solved with this tip!

You are welcome :)

if its not updated to magento 2, wont this come obsolete quickly?? ultimo has updated theirs to magento 2 instantly, why cant yours? i love your theme and id buy it but the fact that its not magento 2.. i cant.. so why cant it be?

Hello krazykaze,

Currently we don’t have plans to make the theme compatible with Magento 2+ because it’s too different and actually requires of building a new theme that will support this version.


Can i get this theme in magento latest version? Magento-CE-2.1.2. thank you

Hello kiandesignco,

The latest Magento version the theme supports is It’s not compatible with Magento 2+ and won’t be in the nearest future.

Kind Regards

Hi, i have 2 questions; first i get on the One Step Checkout page a strange sign for the Euro sign, i get €Â, instead of €. How can this be solved? And on the same One Step Checkout page, i have Dutch and English words on the same page. I’ve changed the words in the csv files but i can’t see any changes, could you pls help me out with these issues? Thanks

Hello likewise,

1. Please, register on our help forum and apply the solution provided in this thread: https://help.olegnax.com/discussion/5651/one-page-checkout#Item_18

2. Have you flushed cache after applying new changes? Post your issue on our help forum with more details, so our staff will be able to assist


Thanks, both are solved now!

Hello I purchased your theme…it’s great! However, it is not allowing me to register my purchase code. I have tried countless times but it is not allowing me to register my Rev Slider extension…Please help!!

Hello Aidenasher,

Please, register and check this thread on our help forum: https://help.olegnax.com/discussion/6081/how-to-activate-slider-revolution#Item_3

Kind Regards

Are you guys going to update to be compatible with 2.0 and continue supporting?

Hello staysafe,

Currently we don’t have plans to make the theme compatible with Magento 2+ because it’s too different and actually requires of building a new theme that will support this version.


Great, thank you for answering! Do you have any or recommend any 2.0 developers? I love this theme, but will need something like this to spec for the new platform. Any suggestions, or other developers you know working in 2.0 that you recommend? Thanks!

You can try to find someone on Envato forum: https://forums.envato.com/c/project-making

how fix this error on Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Olegnax_Colorswatches_Helper_Mediafallback::attachProductChildrenAttributeMapping() in /data/wwwroot/website/app/code/core/Mage/ConfigurableSwatches/Model/Observer.php:100 Stack trace: #0

Hi gizmochina,

As you can see from theme description we support Magento version up to

We will release un update with soon. Meanwhile you can ask for solution on our help forum.


RemoLira Purchased

Hello Olegnax,

There will be a magento version 2 for the Athlete theme – responsive fluid? And when will this new version be ready?

Att. Remo Lira

Hi Remo Lira,

Currently, we do not plan to make Magento 2 version for this theme


UXMedia Purchased

Hi, how I can customize the icon when add the site to favorites in Safari iOS. Currently add an Athlete icon.



Hi Christian,

You can find these icons in skin\frontend\athlete\default

- apple-touch-icon.png

- apple-touch-icon-72×72.png

- apple-touch-icon-114×114.png