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i with the supporting documents installed this theme, but the problem that i am facing is that it is giving me an internal server error 500. my site is not working. can you please support.

Hello zeeshanjarral,

500 is a server side error that usually appears due to the wrong permissions set or low memory limit on your server. We can suggest you to contact your hosting admins and ask them to check server logs to get more info about the error.

For further assistance please, register and post your issues on our help forum: https://help.olegnax.com/categories/athlete-responsive-magento-theme


this question was not for you.

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We create a new controller, obtaining data from a custom table, and we want to display these results in the list of products in the template. We would like to know in which block, page or widget you load these results. Please, we need some guidance.

Hello andresurdaneta,

Please, register and post your request on our help forum: https://help.olegnax.com/categories/athlete-responsive-magento-theme

Best Regards

I got problem, that top menu doesn’t show on chrome and chrome user doesn’t see submenu, i checked it on different computers (win, ubuntu and ios) and it doesn’t show if the browser is chrome. On your website problem is the same https://athlete.olegnax.com/ do you have any solution for it? I have downloaded newest version of Athlete theme.

Hello michalosak,

We can assume you are using the device with a touch screen. In this case hover is substituted with click event and the menu should expand on click.

This issue has been discussed on our help forum here: https://help.olegnax.com/discussion/comment/17734#Comment_17734

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Fantastic theme. Will you ever be supporting this theme for Shopify?


Glad you like our theme but unfortunately we don’t have in plans to make it for Shopify.

Best Regards


Dotcom16 Purchased

Hello, this is a nice theme. After the installation of the Quick start packet, I can not log into the backend. What can fix the problem? Thanks in advance for your reply.,

Hello Dotcom16,

Please, register and post your issue on our help forum, so our staff will be able to assist: https://help.olegnax.com/categories/athlete-responsive-magento-theme

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What would it take for you to create an updated/new theme like this but for Magento 2. Even if it was a separate theme at cost? The level of detail you have is exquisite compared to what else is available, i’m surprised it’s only 89 compared to what else is available but I guess I am only seeing the face value.

Anyways, a HUGE fan of this theme, really wish and hope you bring this in the future. Maybe an update from yourselves just hinting you may be working on something would be enough for me to delay a project to get this theme instead of settling for another like ultimo or fortis in the short term. Hope to get a response soon, thank you.

Hello chamberstudios,

Thank you for the kind words and we really appreciate your review regarding the theme but unfortunately support of Magento 2+ won’t be added in the nearest future.

Kind Regards

can u send me updated version for magento 2? I bought this not too long ago an now its useless :(

Hello webdesignsp,

The latest Magento version our theme supports is 1.9.3.x. This info persist in a “Software Version” block on the right of the item page. Unfortunately support for Magento 2+ won’t be added in the nearest future.

Best Regards

I like this theme, but, will it work for Magento 2.0?


iamkarim Purchased

I wan the entire header ( nav bar & top bar) to be sticky…could you please help !