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I would like to use the Grids from the Inbox or Dynamic Grids example although I don’t want to show the dropdown for Show [ ] entries. I would like to simply set that in my code. Also, Is there a way to specify what columns can be searchable with the search box and what is not? Is there also a way to hide that search box if needed?

Thanks j

Hey thanks for purchase and please can you send me email from my profile and I’ll explain you everything with detailed instructions… Thanks!

I noticed that when you have your mouse on the page that the right horizontal scroller shows up but the problem is that it hides everything on the right side that’s the width of that scroller. For example in your demo version the Top Right Corner Lock, The name Bernard Delic and the themes change selections get covered

So if you want to click on something or read it you can’t because the scroll bar appears every time you move your mouse over the page. Any ideas on either shifting that content over a few pixels or anything?

Thinking about getting it, but is it possible to change the red to blue?

Of course it’s possible to change color scheme… You have color scheme preview on right side when you open some page… So for example if you want to use blue, just change stylesheet from red.css to blue.css and it’s done… :)

I have an iFrame on one of the pages but for some reason the horizontal scroll bar not showing and I think it’s something to do with the css. Do you know what I can do to show horizontal scroll bars in an iframe. The vertical ones are showing and I have scrolling=”yes”. I also tries auto as a value and neither worked. Any help would be great.

thanks j


Your demo site for both of your two admin templates does not work, domain seems to be down…

Can you fix it?


It’s fixed already, domain expired but didn’t noticed it eariler. It’s renewed already but it could take up to 24h for “reactivating”...

ok, I’ll wait! thanks ;)

Domain is up and live preview working fine now… :-)

hi there, whats your rate for a custom job using this template ?

Please proceed me email from my profile and we will discuss about it.

Hi, Nice theme. But where is date selector widget in form panel :(

Didn’t placed it in forms.html page, but you can place it anywhere. For preview (how datepicker looks) you have one located below main navigation at dashboard page. Ranged date picker is located on the page bootstrap components. Thanks :)

Do you plan to update the Theme in the next time?

I think it will be nice to see a “current” theme, that is up to date!

I have this in mind already for a long time, but in meanwhile I got some new projects (which I’m finishin soon) so I delayed this one. Will try to issue the new update asap… If you experience some problems or have in mind some new things feel free to contact me at my email from my profile page. Thanks!

Hi, Excellent product and easy to setup. Just one question, where or how do I modify the contents of charts?

Nevermind figured it out thanks.

jquery.sparkline it is

Hi. One question. Using title buttons with dropdown pull_right doesn’t work on mobile devices. I can’t find solution. Can you help me? Thanks. BTW: great job.

You need to use class pull-right, not pull_right and it should work. Thanks!

Hi. I was trying it on iPad….But It’s not working…I mean, loding is showed but the index page was never loader. Has someone encountered this issue pls?

Hey sorry for late reply, I was busy. I had reports on this issue previously too. It’s javascript part where “loader is called and hidden”... If you need more info on how to “solve this ones, message me trough my email and I’ll explain you more. Thanks!

priveiw if not work.