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Nice!!! I can definitely use this one since I’ve already setup the Atlantica Wordpress template for a bunch of clients! Thanks Brandon :)

Wow! A template coded in tables on Themeforest! Only you could get it accepted Brandon!

Great work on this template, too bad I’ve got no mails to send out :P

@Daan,This is a newsletter and it is supposed to be coded in tables as email standards are not exactly there yet.

babyboy808 is right. Email standards are different and Outlook is the pickiest of them all (forget background images in your design).

Emails are hot and I can see many more themes coming in the near future. Nicely done epicera, as is customary of you.

@babyboy808, it was a joke…

You guys are funny – It’s true, using tables is a little odd if you’ve been a CSS idealist for a while as I have been. That said, there is a time and a place for tables, and email templates is one of them :)

Thanks for all of the supportive comments so far everyone!

Will this work at my mail chimp account?

Yep! I tested it using LitmusApp, MailChimp, and CampaignMonitor :)

Are those great backgrounds included?


Yep – absolutely! I also include a PSD so you can make your own images if you want. :)

I just purchased this template and I must have received a download with a bug as I cannot see anything in the design view when i open it in dreamweaver. I can only see it in code view. Also, as soon as I opened it, I saw an Invalid Markup Error Any chance you could email it to me? Thanks

Sure… although you can always just try the download again :) Send me an email requesting the file, and I’ll see what I can do to send it over.

Works really well. Hotmail and gmail do not support backgrounds.

@Cubik3 – Actually, Gmail does… you just need to know how to insert them :)

Never got the css files ? – please send over – thanks

Hi Two,

Uh – all the files should be in the download… the CSS is embedded in the HTML because it’s an email template :)


I love this template, but I’m having some problems editing the html. The CSS code is in there, but it doesn’t show up in the design view in Dreamweaver CS4 . Has anyone else had this issue? I’d love some assistance. Thanks!

Hi Smkeffaber,

That’s correct – in Dreamweaver, because the code is inline (as it usually is in email templates), the design view sometimes won’t render properly. This is an issue with Dreamweaver though, not the template, as the html will show up just fine in browsers and emails :)


I am using the sky background image. How do I continue the solid blue color to the bottom of the email?

Hi Brandon. Great template.

However, it doesn’t seem to render correctly in google mail. Any suggestions?



Any suggestions for those of us using Dreamweaver having the problem with the template not rendering in the design view?

How do I use the template with Microsoft Outlook-(Mac?)

Need some help. I am using Acymailing through Joomla. I’ve imported the zip folder, but when I view the template, the background is black and the stripes does not show. When I remove the tables, the stripes show in editor, but not when I view the HTML . What am I doing wrong?