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Great work Brandon!
Good luck ;-)

Thanks Saputrad :)


Look very nice! GLWS :)

Thanks Kopa :)

Great work man! Glad to see it life!

Thanks mixey!

Will you do that with all your other themes?

Nope – there’s a chance ill do it with one or two others later in the year as I have some themes that are too old to just “update” without completely starting over, but honestly this will most likely be a really rare situation as I’d prefer to work on new stuff. This theme was ripe for an overhaul because it’s the only theme that I’ve deleted on here and it was nearly 5 years old :) Even then, I was still careful about what it means to revisit an older design with brand new code.

Yup, new stuff is better especially when it’s done by someone with your set of skills.

Yeah man – I still had a gut-twisting decision to make on this one though. Re-releasing anything just feels “odd” to me… and I didn’t want to set a precedent that it’s cool to just kill themes off and re-release them with a few updates. That said, I set an enormously high bar for the theme’s quality before I’d even consider it as a new product – everything was recoded to the most strict standards. The design was torn down and re-constructed with just a few visual cues to the old theme (which was nice, but didn’t nearly offer the flexibility that a new modern WP theme requires), and I cleared everything with the review team to make sure it was legit. I offered to release the theme under a new name to be safe (since it was essentially a new product with references to an old design), but in the end this felt like it’d be easier for older users to understand what I was doing if I released it under the old name… Needless to say, I’m happy with the result and I’m excited to finally get the old design back up in the store with code that’s going to stand the test of time (whereas the old theme of the same name was… well, let’s just say things were different when we coded it for WP 2.7 and that it really didn’t belong on here after WP3.1 released).

Thanks for the comments Dany!


The theme is nice. It would have been nicer to have it as an update for those who already bought it before!

Thank you!

Heya Costin! Thanks for the note – the issue with releasing this as an update is twofold:

1) The original theme was written nearly 6 years ago when WP theme-ing was still in it’s infancy and releasing this as an update would essentially break the sites for all previous users because it’s been entirely re-coded and redesigned from the ground up… there isn’t a simple option on the old theme that would work on the new one. Design-wise, the decorated top edge and centered logo/nav paradigm is still there, but the rest is all new, which presents lots of problems for users trying to push from the old version to the new one.

2) The original theme was deleted from ThemeForest almost 2 years ago because it was no longer stable on anything more current than WP 2.8. In short, it simply wasn’t up to par with the quality of themes on the marketplace here, so we killed it off. It was our first WP theme and was coded to an entirely different set of requirements than themes are submitted to nowadays.

We started getting requests to re-release it as soon as we’d killed it off, but I didn’t feel that it was worth doing until recently as a lot of new tools and coding standards have made it so that releasing this as a new product makes a real value proposition to buyers rather than a cheap re-hash of the old design. In short, this was a very carefully made decision on our part ;)

I bought Atlantica theme yesterday but it doesn’t work. I installed it on WP and theme was on the list with other themes – as I expected. But when I click on Activate – everything goes white. I couldn’t go back on Dashboard, so I needed to delete whole file. I was searching for similar issues, but I didn’t recieve “Broken link, stylesheet is missing” note. Just – blank, white… I am willing to send you printscreen, but there is no option for photo-comments.

Thank you

Update – I just re-submitted the files to ThemeForest to be totally safe – they should be approved within the next couple hours – in the meantime, try installing the theme from the main download folder, not the standalone installable file that ThemeForest tries to give ya :)

Thanks for your help reporting the funky file Sanja!

I done it finally. :) But, can not find where to adjust on Blog Hybrid Grid Version as a default?

thank you for your time, I really never done that before by myself…

I’m happy to help out! I might be misunderstanding your question, but you can’t really set the “blog hybrid grid” as a default… you can pick these options out each time you create that page using the Skeleton Grid Options panel in the sidebar, but there isn’t a way to make that the default each time you create a new grid page.

I have the same issue as user “sanjaperic”.

After installing the theme successfully and activating, the page displays a white blank page.

It is not due to your two suggested troubleshooting topics, I installed the correct .zip file. The .zip file located in folder: Atlantic Wp —>Theme Zip—->

I also tried the zip file from themeforest’s download option “Installable Wordpress File Only”.

Maybe there is a problem if I have the issue as well? Thanks.

Update – I just re-submitted the files to ThemeForest to be totally safe – they should be approved within the next couple hours – in the meantime, try installing the theme from the main download folder, not the standalone installable file that ThemeForest tries to give ya :)

Thanks for your help reporting the funky file Tim!

Thanks MDNW for the quick response. I am pretty sure I know what the problem is. If you don’t install all the recommended plugins right away, the screen will be white. The recommended plugins need to be installed for the theme to display.

Sorry for the confusion on the downloadable files. I guess maybe just make it clearer that it is mandatory to install the recommended themes for the theme to function. (Assuming, that is the issue, I am pretty sure it is, as after I installed them it started to work).

I look forward to working with the theme!

Ahhh! Ok that makes a bit more sense. There’s already a prompt to install the plugins, but I think what I’ll do is separate them into a “pre-install” folder so there’s no confusion at all about the fact that they need to be installed.

Thanks for your feedback Tim! Brandon

Are there ad widgets available for this theme?

Yep! The full suite of WP and Jetpack widgets work out of the box, along with over 44 drag and drop modules :)


I was looking at the demo on an iPad in portrait mode, with the top frame bar removed, and the theme is too wide on the right and runs off the screen. Turning to landscape mode reveals the correct layout with a margin on both sides, but switching back to portrait and the problem comes back.

Is is unique to the demo installation or does it happen on purchased installs too, anyone know?

Hope this helps – lovely theme!

Hi there! That should be a pretty easy tweak – what version iPad are ya on though?

Thanks! B

Awesome theme man! Love the slab serif font, soft colors and texture.

Awesome! Good luck with it! If you have minute I would really appreciate some feedback from a PRO like you. Thanks!

I’m officially stumped on that one – what reasons did they give you for rejection? The design looks great, so the only thing that I can assume is that it might have some coding updates that need to be made. Beautiful work though!

Thanks for the response Brandon. Apparently they have too many minimalistic designs and this falls into that category. However I thought that the elegant style and details would win it over. This is what the reviewer said: “We have reached a point where we have enough of these minimalistic designs. If your design doesn’t bring anything new to the table, unfortunately it can’t be accepted. If you want to submit any more files that falls into the similar-items category they not only have to be up to our standards, but really outperform any existing ones.” Tough call. In your experience what do you suggest I do?

Hey there. In the quick start guide it says in the table of contents “clong the theme demo”. But in the following text i cant find this point.

Thats exactly what I want to do: Cloning the theme demo and make the theme look like in the demo, without big hassle…. use the same typo and settings. How can I do that?

Thanks for your fast reply :)

“cloning the theme demo” ... not clong ;)

figured it out…. but whats the google font ure using in the demo?

We’re actually using a free Typekit font, Jubilat, not a Google Font for that, but that’s just our own personal preference :)

actually…. it would be really cool if you could simply provide a list of design-items that you used in the demo, and that have to be st-up manually. I would love to use the same font, the same slider, the same headline thingy over the slider… and so on. It is really a hassle to find out all those details separately. Do you think that would be possible? I am sure many buyers just see your awesome demo-design and just want to set it up exactly like that and then make changes from there…. otherwise it can end up looking like crap, since I am not a designer. Or is there a list like that and i just didnt find it? Thank you so much


You can actually use the Dummy Content file for a lot of this – for the rest: We’re using the Jubilat font from Typekit (you can use Georgia as an alternative, but Typekit does have a free account), The slider is the basic Teaser Posts Grid with the Carousel function.

Holler if ya have any other questions :) B

Thanks, where do I find the basic Teaser Posts Grid? is it one of the integrated sliders? i am a bit lost to find it, since my version is in german. or is it an external slider, a plugin or from jetpack?

No worries – add it from the Visual Composer – you basically want to add a new row, then add an element… once the elements panel opens up, select the Teaser Grid and pick the Carousel option when you’re filling out the parameters :)

Is it possible to use a full width picture together with each post excerpt on the front page – instead of a featured thumbnail as shown in the demo? I do at the moment:


Good question! Right now I have the full width blog ( – but I don’t have one with a full size image… I don’t see why I can’t add that in as a new page template though, so consider the request officially logged and under development :)


I recently purchased this and am having a very hard time getting it to look anything like your demo. I get the visual composer part, but just the general blog look is hard to get right.

I want it to look like this;

But for the life of me, I cannot. I also went to look for the help documentation stated to be included, but cannot find it anywhere, including where it said to look. Can you tell me what options I need to change to get it to look like the above, or what section in the dashboard I should be looking at.

I’m ok with the actual content / visual composer, I just need to get the rest right. This theme from what I can see is definitely not a point and click setup.

It’s a great theme Brandon, truly. Once I got it working, the plugins seem like a bit of an issue, but once it’s working, it looks fantastic. Could you just tell me one thing? In your example, you have this content up the top of the page’

“A lightning fast, SEO friendly blog that’s fun & easy to use! Includes over 20 professional layout options & supports galleries, video, audio embeds, & more!”

Could you tell me where that content is placed as right now, after following the instructions in the start up, I just have a blank space.


Hi Verys!

You’d just want to create a page, add some content, then assign it as the homepage from Settings > Reading :)


Thanks, this is a great theme! I think some people are having problems installing the theme with how the plugins need to be setup. Once I had everything up and running however and used your example theme code in optiontree, it’s running brilliantly. One of the best themes, if not the best theme I’ve ever used.

Hey, I have recently purchased this theme, it looks great but It just wont let me install it. I am positive I have use the correct zip file. Please help.



I have extracted the zip file but It is still not working

Hi tooly!

Try re-downloading the theme and re-uploading it, I just submitted a new batch of files to ThemeForest as it sounds like a few of you had received corrupted ZIP files from TF – I don’t think it was the copy that’s hosted on TF, but resetting the file shouldn’t hurt :) Also – make sure you install the required plugins like OptionTree – those are required for the theme to work :)



Great theme, I just cant get it to work. I sucessfully install it but when I’m gonna activate the theme i can’t. The whole WP server turns white and i need to uninstall the whole wordpressapplication to make it work. I have tried to install the Atlantica WP\Theme Zip\Atlantica but same there. I have tried manually install the plug-ins and activate them before installing the file with same result. I have also tried downloading the WP-ready to install file here from themeforrest. A really frustrating issue.

Thank you for your fast respond, I didn’t see any information about that any extra plug-ins was needed. What else should i install exept from OpionTree?

Hi Kajsahedman! It’s recommended that you install OptionTree, Ajaxy Live Search, Visual Composer, and Jackbox – all come included with the theme.

In my download of the theme OptionTree was not included. I downloaded it as a separate file and installed it before installing the theme and then everything worked. Thanks for a great theme

Cheers its all good now, thanks

:) Great! Thanks for the update Tooly!

Hey, I am trying to install what the demo looks like and then add my own content, I cant find the folder with “Theme-Options.txt” to import into wordpress.

I’m new to wordpress so Im having trouble with a few things. I add pages to the web-site but they don’t seem to come up in the nav bar.



No worries :) Thanks for the update! And yes, anytime you use a new theme that has a lot of features that go beyond what’s normally packed in WordPress standard themes, it can take a while to wrap your head around it. That’s pretty normal stuff for a premium theme :)

Hey, do you know where I would go to paste the code in for google analytics? cheers

Hi Tooly!

There are a number of free GA plugins that’ll give you an easy place to copy/paste their embed code :)

Doesn’t work right out of the box. Activated the theme, and i get an call function error for open tree. Fixed the issue, by commenting out the line and installing the Recommended plugin plus the Opentree plugin. Finally got it to work.

Expecting to use the theme right out of the box with the design the author have demo, I was disappointed that in order to get it to look like the demo,i will need to lay it out myself using the Visual composer. I don’t think you can call this a theme, if right out of the box, it does not look like the demo.

Hi Zach! The required plugins are, in fact, required for the theme to work as they run the options panel for the theme as well as the page option panels :) And yes, as mentioned in the documentation, you need to install the demo content for the theme to look like the demo. Sorry for the confusion!