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Well okay I see your reasons for this re-do and yes as a original buyer I saw it was pulled 2 years or so ago.. All I would offer is why not have Envato give previous buyers a *small discount? Not you the author nor do I think you the author should discount it or have a discount from Envato to old buyers effect your fee.

I would say Envato offer a *small discount.. Envato seems to be in a nice position and gee it would be a real nice way to say hey glad your here purchasing themes..but thats okay.. no complaints.

Authors fuel the engine Envato is just the engine..With out the authors they would be a V-8 and no fuel. So ergo Envato keeps authors old buyers happy by *small discounts or *perks for retired or re-do themes and than old buyers go forth and speak of love for Envato. Envato than grows..even bigger.. I must say you do a great job and so you must realize I agree with you the author 100% and feel you are under paid anyway.. Now that I know what kind of work go’s into a premium theme.. :)


Beautiful theme by the way. Just wondering, how do I change the grey divider bars? I want to change it to either an image or something like any of these:

Thank you!

Hi Kathchen!

That’s be done directly through CSS – right now we don’t have a theme option that allows you to toggle between different styles or anything like that :)


This is an entirely new Atlantica and not an upgrade from the old Atlantica? Because I purchased the old Atlantica.

Hi Fath! Correct, this is an entirely new product, recoded from the ground up and it doesn’t include a single line of code from the original. The design pulls some ideas from the old one, but you’ll notice that it too is very different as well aside from the header design. In short, this is a completely new product, not an update from the old product from almost 6 years ago.

In your demo content, the featured image for a post shows up on the blog page but not on the post itself. How do i set the featured image to show up on the actual post as well?

Hi Lynchman – That’s usually reserved for you adding the image directly inline to the content itself… I’ll consider making this an option in the next update though!

I am very sorry, but I don’t know where to find this information. I’ve bought this theme, but I don’t know how to adjust the slider on the main page, like in the demo-version. Can you help me?

Hi Katyra!

That’s using the “Teaser Grid” module in the Visual Composer version of the Page Editor :) Just pick the Carousel option when you add the module and you should be good to go!


We bought your theme but we have a small issue after installing it. If I go into the theme options section, a large part of the menus do not appear.
Header Options, Social Options, Footer options and neither do the green links (quick start guide, using the theme etc).
I have Wordpress 3.6 in EN installed.
Can you help pls? Those menus are kind of necessary…

Thank you,

Hi Victor! Can you file at ticket for me at with a login – thanks!

Already sent. Hope you can help.

Sure thing – I’m going through the tickets now – I’ll get to yours ASAP :)


I’ve got a problem: The carousel module isn’t working as it should. Instead of hiding the extra posts past the page, it simply makes a new row with them and the arrows don’t work.

Hi Spiralul! I was out over the holiday weekend, but I’ll be catching up today to take a peek. I’ll do my best to help out – hopefully it’s not the actual WP bug that’s unfixable and it’s something that I can tweak for ya :)

Guys. I’m still waiting on a fix. Been over a week and a half since the last replay. Thanks.

Heya Spitalul! I’m still trying to sort out the issue and I’m waiting for a response from the WP core team on whether or not they have a fix for this. My apologies for the delay!

Just purchased the theme. It looks great on the demo, but attempting to get my theme to look similar to the demo is seemingly impossible. Imported the Demo theme to help me out a bit but it seems to made it more confusing.

AND where is the font that you have on the demo? They don’t seem to be available in the font index. Please, any help would be a greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I can’t find a ‘Skeleton Page Options’ also the typography seems to require a paid subscription to TypeKit. Do you have a more detailed ‘How to’ guide as I’m really struggling to get this up and running.

The problem seems that I don’t have a ‘Page Layout Builder’ is it not included in the upload of the theme?

Hi Jordan!

There’s an extensive set of documentation on the Appearances > Theme Options panel that goes over most everything… it sounds like perhaps you might have a corrupt install or something… can you file a ticket for me at with a login that I can peek at?

I’m just considering to buy your theme as I really fell in love with it. Beautiful! Just a few questions regarding your theme:

Is it possible to change the appearance of the corners of the images? I’d like to have them clearly edgy with no rounded corners (I guess I’m able to change this via CSS?)

For my needs I don’t want the blue sub headline on every page. Is there any option to simple deactivate oder activate it when needed?

Is there also a option to have the upper edge of the white background box simply as a rectangle? No styling of this edge?

And last question: I’ve checked your theme on some websites to get an impression on how it looks on smartphones and tablets. I’m just wondering whether it’s a bug that the text always appears in centered style on smartphones. It looks quite nice on tablets but on smartphones the text seems to be strange (I just want to doublecheck this, because sometimes these responsive test websites don’t work the way they should!)

Thank you so very much for answering my questions!! I’m looking forward to purchase this theme! :)

Hi Schnuggylein!

Sorry for the delayed response over the weekend!

re: Corners of images – Sure! I can help with a quick CSS tweak to remove the rounding. It’s a single line of CSS that’s controlling that design feature.

re: sub-headlines. Those are entirely optional – you can opt to not use them if you’d like.

re: The text is designed to appear center on smartphones… but as with question #1, that’s pretty easy to tweak if you’d like and that’d fall under the scope of our basic support forum where we can help out :)

WPBakery Visual Composer needs to be updated, but when I click to update it tells me I have to purchase the plugin… however this came with the theme… am I missing something here?

Hi Kristina! I’ll update that in the next theme version (early next week) – in most cases we update those add-on plugins as often as the plugin developer releases them. The version in the theme is 100% stable and tested of course, but the new version may bring new features, content modules, etc. that we always want to extend to our users :)

Is there a customized Recent Posts/Popular Posts widget for this or does this use the default WP version?

It uses the default WP widgets as well as the free JetPack widgets in some cases :)

I really enjoy working with your theme: Just one quick question so far:

I’d like to have the following structure on my site. Home – Portfolio – Contact. When clicking on portfolio I want to have some basic categories displayed in a portfolio grid (like: Food, Nature, Sports). When then clicking on food I want to have all my blog posts about food.

Right now I have my category portfolio and as soon as I click on it there are all blog posts related to Food, Nature and Sports. You know what i mean? I want to have one more portfolio overview page with my sub-categories.

A structure like this: Portfolio (overview page with these 3 categories) -> Sports, Nature, Food Portfolio -> Sports (overview page showing all my blog posts related to sports) -> Soccer, Basketball, Swimming

This is so frustrating… there is no help here or on their support ticket website (last post from them was 10 days ago and there are exactly 29 opened and/or unanswered tickets)!

To top it off, this theme isn’t being updated on a consistent basis – one of the plugins is still using an old version (Visual Composer… check the post above – the dev promised 12 days ago of an update) and a lot of the options are missing because of WP 3.6.1 (if you check the item description, this theme has only been tested up to WP 3.5). So if you wanted to do something and looked it up on the manual, you won’t be able to do it because the newer version of WP makes some parts of this theme not work.

I think this has been abandoned already by the devs due to lack of sales. :(

Hi Gerk!

I’ve been out on medical leave the past 2 weeks – I’m back in the office today though and we’ll be catching up on all tickets, releasing updates, etc. Thanks for your patience!

How do I get the little arrow on drop-down menus to show up? On your demo page, top-level menus with sub-menus have a little arrow indicating there are sub-menus as seen in this pic (see the red circled arrow) –

Mine doesn’t have that arrow even though there are sub-menus –

How do I get that little arrow to show up?

Hi Gerk – Got a live link that I can check out?

Any update?

Recently purchased your theme, however I seem to experience several problems which I am hoping you can help me with since the ticket system is incredibly slow;

1) Menu Issues – I changed the Menu, to display only Blog and Contact Us, but it appears like this –

2) Topography – Whenever I add or remove a widgets or modify the Header Options, the topography of the header “Personal Evolution” and the rest starts to change, why is that?

Ignore this, I figured it out. It’s funny, I figure things out only when I ask. Haha, great template!

Note that the admin Theme Options breaks if curl isn’t installed.

I got the following fatal error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /var/www/MYSITEURL/wp-content/themes/atlantica/option-tree-google-fonts/ot-google-fonts.php on line 44

In order to fix it on Ubuntu 12.04 I did:

  1. sudo apt-get install php5-curl
  2. sudo service php5-fpm restart
  3. sudo service nginx restart

Hi, I just got this theme and installed it however, it doesn’t look even close to the preview! I dont want to build an entire site from scratch…thats why I got this theme… I just want to ad my content and thats it. how do I get the site to look like the preview without spending days rebuilding?

Hope this is possible.

Hello, I have posted my question (#100356) in your support forum with my purchase code and was answered once in a timely manner, but the fix suggested didn’t work and I have not heard a response to my reply for 1 week. So I will re ask here.

How do I get rid of Dropcaps completely? It does not work right with certain types of content and it is better just to remove.

Thank you.

Hi, I love this theme and have it as a frontrunner to purchase for my blog. However, the “paper look” with the holes at the top of the piece of paper for the body of the blog is not my favorite. Is this feature changeable in the customization? Your look is exactly what I am hoping for but that would be a deal breaker for me. Thank you!


I’d like to remove the space between the logo and the nav bar so they both “look” like they share the same background color. Is that padding coming from the menu or from the logo. I appreciate any insight.