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in listing page, if i insert mobile number in “mobile phone number field” at frontend it is not clickable i want it as Telephone field which is clickable at frontend

Reply ASAP


All support is handled on the platform here, that makes it easier to manage support requests and it also includes a knowledge base with answers to common questions.

Please kindly submit your support request on the support platform here , and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some quick links

Thank you.


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Hello, I have a couple pre-purhcase question.

1)Is there any way to give the review scores different components? For example, if I have a restaurant, can I let people review different aspects of the same listing (ie, food, service, facilities, price), and have an average score of all those? If not, do you know of a plugin (either premium or free) that this theme works with that would provide that functionality?

2) Is there any support for events?

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Hello, I am looking at creating a directory site and I am considering your theme but I would like to know the answers to a few questions please?

The site is only for one category of business and it is one where clients will never visit the business premises. All the businesses are based in the UK.

1) The site is only for one type of business so there will only be one category, however I do not want people to have to select this category every time the search. I just want them to have to use location search without having to select the only category. Is this possible?

2) The location search should be able to be done by Town, City, County or Postcode where the person searching can enter any of these to return search results.

3) When a business creates a listing then again they dont have to select a category as above as there is only one category on the site.

4) When they are adding their business they will obviously include their address details for location of area of work but should also have the option of selecting a radius in miles from their postcode that they would consider working in and this should reflect in the search results. For example someone based in Town A may also wish to be able to work in Towns B and C so this needs to reflect in the searches.

5) Claim a business feature needs to be able to be used along with the ability to pay for the listing during the process of claiming.

6) Recurring billing (monthly, annually) must be supported.

7) Please list what additional plug ins are needed to operate your theme like the above. It appears to me that many themes are not true in reflecting the actual cost of running a site properly as there can be several hundred dollars of plug ins required.



Pre-Sale Questions: 1.) Can Geo Location be “ON” by default? 2.) Is there a better Search toggle or trigger? Even a menu trigger? 3.) Is there a shortcode or way to add Search form/popup to Results Page in case there were “No Results” or they didn’t like the results that showed up? Right now if they search for something ( keyword) quickly and there are no results they have to navigate back to the home page…open the search form again…and start all over. Or at least that is how the Demo works. I know I’m hung up on the search….but can easily see users not “Seeing” that little icon on the map. Do love the form that does open, both sidebar and popup. Just want it to be easy to find. Thanks Frank

Anyone home????


I am having issues installing this WordPress theme. There seems to be an error related to the Google map API. Specifically, I get an error “Missing key map error” ; I so desperately needed this fixed, that despite I had installed 90% of the theme myself, I paid for your install theme team to finish the remaining steps for me, but they themselves also reported a major bug that they cannot move past.

Every day my website is sitting is another day I lose A LOT of money. Is there any way I can have my ticket accelerated to the author? My current ticket ID is #4755.

The Envato team currently handling the installation is “tiennguyenvan.”

Help to resolve this issue will be thoroughly appreciated!

Seems last time arthur responded about this theme was 2 months ago. And I can tell you as someone who has purchased it, suppport is non-existent. Do not buy this theme folks

Do I need any additionnal paid plugins to get the same website than your demo ?
Thanks for the answer

No further plugins are required.

Are the fields and areas customization. I want to be able to change the site to a sports player site that I and others can put in players and coaches can search for a specific player. I want to change fields for example change listings to players, and then on the players page (which is now restaurants for example) have the fields, Contact Details, Opening Times, Send To A Friend, Get Directions, listing details to be related to fields associated with the sport (e.g. baseball, football, basketball, etc).

Hi there, fields can be customized thanks to the integration of the ACF plugin. Fields within the single listing page need to be manually modified via code.

is it also possible to use this theme listings from my side only? i want my members to pay for a membership and see my listings. Can i block the listings from users and only give them acces to my listings if they pay for a priceplan?


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Can the featured listings go to the top of a category?


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Also, are you still answering support questions through the themesdepot website? I have asked a couple of questions and have not had any response yet.


I really like your theme but I still have some presales questions:

1. Does everyone receive an invoice or can everyone download his invoice from login area? 2. If there is an invoice system, is it possible to send automatically their invoice? 3. If their is an invoice that is generated as pdf: is it possible to add more fields to the invoice? 4. If their is an invoice: is the VAT / Tax shown seperatly on the invoice?

Thank you.

Regards Ralf

How soon before compatibility with Wordpress 4,8?

Hi there,

Apologies with late reply, I’ve been on holiday then I was transferring all tickets to a new support system so it took me some time.

The theme does not require any update to work with WP 4.8. It’s already compatible.


My company looking for a business listing directory theme (not classified). Where user can submit their business. Under that business user can add service/offer/product/branch/staff. Kindly let me know, do you’ve following option:

  1. Is there any option to create custom pricing package based on different features access? For example: amount of images, video, service, etc.
  2. Is there option for trial for 30 days?
  3. Is there option to pay extra for features listing? For example: 30 days features listing $10.
  4. Is there any option to verify user?
  5. Is there any option for achievement like: WPAchievements – WordPress Achievements Plugin
  6. Do your theme support 2checkout?
  7. Membership can upgrade/downgrade/cancel anytime?
  8. Is there option to add service/offer/product under a business?
  9. Is there option to hide contact info with XXXXX mark for guest user?
  10. Is there option to ask quotation which should be required login?
  11. Is there massaging system where user and client can contact each other in dashboard?
  12. How to handover account access after claim business?
  13. Is there option to report for spam listing?
  14. Admin can add bulk business listing from dashboard?
  15. Is there two type frontend user: provider and client?
  16. Is there option like: Client are free to register and can’t add business and provider need to choose package?

It should be great help, if you kindly reply above question. If it fit for us, we’ll buy your theme immediately.

Thanks for your help.

Hi! I’m interested on this theme and i’ve some pre-sale questions:

How many items can you show on the search result page at the same time?

The map, does it shows the business items from google maps? In the demo they do not appear but perhaps you have to do something to make it this way. I ask this because i’ve seen other themes that look like that but i want it to look like this theme look on the demo. Is it possible?

Is this theme friendly to argentinian addresses? I know that if you start tiping on the search field the direction you want it appears, but i mean on the map, when you click on an item, it shows an address. I want that, for example the address of my house is “Tucuman 1679, Lanus Este, Buenos Aires, Argentina”. Can you make it appear like that on the map? Or at least like “Tucuman 1679, Lanus Este”?

Does the theme works with WP Job Manager?

Is there a way to restric the item results showed on the map with geolocation radius?

And finally, is the theme translated to spanish?

Thats all, thank you!

Hi everyone,

I have been on holiday. I’ll start clearing the support queue, so please expect a reply shortly via email.


Hi, are you still committed to update and support this theme? When will you bring an update so that Wordpress 4.8 will be supported? I also left a message in your special support section but haven’t heard from you. Please get back to me!!

Hi there,

All tickets have been answered, I had been on holiday and then was transferring all tickets to a new support system so it took me a while.

The theme does not require any update to work with WP 4.8. It’s already compatible. No further updates are planned for the theme other than compatibility updates if any issue arises with future WP versions.


Ok thanks, that will help me and others too I suppose :-)

Hi there, we want to get the category function, we tried this but did not work: <?php get_category_link( $category_id ); ?> can you please tell us the function you used in the theme.

Many thanks

don’t we deserve a response from you!! we only need one thing from you: how to display listing’s category for a post? we need the function from you please. thanks


1) Support is not provided through comments. Please do not expect a fast answer through ThemeForest comments.

2) Support for custom modifications is not supported. If you know what you’re doing, your code should work fine, If it doesn’t it’s not the theme’s fault.

Open a support ticket and if it’s a 2 minutes change I’ll be able to explain you why it might now work and what you need to do.


you still supporting this or have you abandoned?

Support is still being provided through the support platform.

6 days and we still waiting for your support!!!

12 days ago we wrote to you and gave you a support ticket number too, yet no response from you!! very disappointing behaviour!!

Your ticket has been answered despite not having a support license nor a support request but a customization.

after 15 days waiting for you, you just sent us a link to!! you could have easily written the function days ago, its no more than few words. your support service isn’t worth a dollar to renew, what an awful author to have to deal with. No wonder you have not sold many of your themes.