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Pre sale question:

Is it possible to actualise the listing when we move on the map ? ( We see on the listing only visible element on the map.)

I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you better describe what you mean?


Like this theme: When you drag on the map the listing reload an display only the items who are visible.

Is it possible ?

I’m afraid the theme doesn’t have such feature.



How to change the code to combine several Listings for one address on the map on the same page. such as “Multi Listing”?


All support is handled on the platform here, that makes it easier to manage support requests and it also includes a knowledge base with answers to common questions.

Please kindly submit your support request on the support platform here , and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some quick links

Thank you.

Pre-sales question. Is it possible to import an excel (or CSV) file with multiple listing that are already in place?


Apologies for late reply, I was on holiday.

Yes you can do it – here’s the docs


Hello, I am looking for a directory plugin that allows for me to have multiple monthly membership levels. A free level where a posting can be made not have images. A low end paid level where the listing can include images. And a high end subscription that can include both images and video. I would also like them to be able to pay an additional fee to be featured. Can this plugin achieve this?

Hi there

Apologies for late reply, I was on holiday.

1) Images restriction can be enabled/disabled per membership through the theme options panel.

2) You can set a one or more memberships to be capable of setting listings as featured. This however means, that all listings submitted through that membership will be set as featured.


Hi, Pre sale Questions if I may please;

Your theme really looks awesome. But, I have a few questions.

1.Are there any other plugins I need to get it working like the demo? If yes, what are they and how much are they?

2.If YOU were going to make a theme that showcased all of the disabled friendly businesses world wide would this theme work? So, the theme is all businesses world wide that are wheelchair accessible or friendly to other disabilities just to be clear.

If yes, do you have any tips on things you’d do?

3. Can I have membership levels such as free basic, silver and gold, BUT, be able to give away free gold memberships to important businesses that I choose to give a membership to?

If yes, how would I do that, coupon?, A free code? A separate page to send them to?

4. How come when I’m on your demo home page I can’t resize the map so that I can search that state or country easier? I can slide the map but not resize it with my mouse, why?

Thank you!

Will there be a Wordpress 4.5.3 compatible version soon? The Location map in the current version is broken (getting “Request_denied” when searching for adresses, coordinates ore manually putting the pointer on an address).


is it possible to add polyline or klm/kmz on map ?


This would require code customizations.


Hi, I posted a couple pre-sale questions 10 days ago. Is everything Ok?

If I buy this theme will it be supported?

Thank you, Patrick


I was on holiday, all questions are being answered right now.


hi the theme looks amazing.

few presale questions.

a) can I add categories on home page without the map along side a search function?

b) I don’t know how to insert the google map api key, does the google map api key already setup or I have to do it my self?

c) if the google map needs api key then would you do it without any charge?

d) can I add more stuff on the home page and a side bar instead of the map?

e) do I have to buy any additional plugins to make work like the demo?

Kind Regards


a) yes this is possible through shortcodes.

b) Instructions are available here soon i’ll release an update that will have options into the theme options panel instead of having to edit the files.

d) You can set the homepage to whatever page, you’re not required to use the layouts displayed on the demo.

e) No additional plugins are required other than the ones already included within the theme.


Hey there,

Up until yesterday there was a message on top of this page saying I was on holiday!

Now back from the holiday, will start clearing the support queue right away.


Hi, Pre Sales Question:

I’m using eDirectory Script in one of my sites. All the listings url ends with .html

I want to buy and change to your theme. It’s possible with your theme add .html to url of the listings?



Yes this is possible with any theme since it’s a WP setting. All you need to do is just edit the permalinks settings of the site.


Got a question related to google API. I see you have updated the theme 3 months ago, but in June/July there has been a major google api change. Is this somehow already included?

I’ll be adding a settings into the theme shortly, meanwhile the API key that is required can be added by following these instructions


So in fact the challenge with this developer is – there is no forum or something. You will get few Docs and you will be able to open a ticket. There is no forum for every buyer – thats a big fail in my opinion. FAQ and the Tutorials are for the absolute beginners. With a forum, everybody would be able to see other requests and answers. In my case I have opened already few tickets and waiting for more than 10 hours to get an answer. Its my first purchase on envato and I cant tell if this is a regular waiting time. I have read about the working hours and I am at CET Time.

As a whole this theme gives you a good base you can work on. Its the best directory theme I could find for my special 1x industry need.

Hello. Can I add lines and polygons instead of markers?

Hi there,

Apologies for late reply, didn’t receive the notification about the comment here.

Polygons cannot be added through the theme’s interface, they could only be added by manually modifying the code of the theme.


Dear Support! What’s the mean “translation ready” ? I need this theme in hungarian langauge (also) ... Available?

Hi there,

It means you can translate the theme in any language. In this case, the hungarian language isn’t available but you can translate the theme yourself.