Atom - A Design Studio PSD Template

Atom - A Design Studio PSD Template

ATOM is a responsive friendly, Creative Agency PSD theme. It is well grouped and properly layered to make the slicing process easy. It is highly customizable, because of the use of layer styles and shape layers. So if you want to change colors and details, you can tweak the layer style of any specific layer and you can easily customize it’s appearance. The theme is designed based on a 960 grid system. Want to change the default background wooden texture? No problem, just edit the background texture layer and you are ready to go! You can grab some background ideas from various websites, or substitute it with a texture or image of your own.

The PSD templates also feature designs for a Request a Quote concept page, that may be useful if you want to quote your clients online.

Also, as a bonus I have included 3 additional color schemes for the homepage. Using these as a guide you can easily convert the rest of the pages to the color scheme that suits you best.

ATOM PSD Files Included:

The psd folder in the zipped file contains 13 .psd files that are the following:

  1. Homepage
  2. Blog Page
  3. Post page
  4. Portfolio – Grid View
  5. Portfolio – List View
  6. Portfolio item
  7. Request a Quote
  8. Quote Accepted
  9. Contact
  10. Styles
  11. Homepage // Yellow color scheme
  12. Homepage // Dark color scheme
  13. Homepage // Green color scheme

NOTE: Images are NOT included in the download files.

Fonts Used:

The fonts used in the design are the well known Helvetica (System Font), Nevis and Droid Serif (Google web font). Those last two fonts are both free and available for download:


  • Icons used in the design are from the awesome icon pack by Brankic1979, free for download at:
  • The design also makes use of the iconsweets2 icon set. It is an amazing freeware iconset that can be downloaded from
  • The images at the preview files are taken from the Creattica ( ) website and are NOT included in the download files.
  • Currently the background textures makes use of patterns from Subtle Patterns . Visit their awesome website to download more and experiment.
  • Thumbs up to Orman Clark for some design elements I have used in the design. Visit his website Premium Pixels to get awesome photoshop freebies.
  • The design is by our pal John Fraskos –