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Hi Revival,

I just bought your template, bc a friend of my suggested it, and it looked very slick. I’m trying to install the quickversion on Joomla 3, and I cannot upload it for some reason. Once it suppose to be uploaded I cannot see the package. Do you have any suggestions?




Thanks for your purchased.

Could you please give me your c-panel access. Please send me your detail on revivalpixel@gmail.com

Thanks, RevivalPixel

Hello, the fusion menu in the package does not work with iOS7. To solve the issue you need to update Rocknavmenu to the latest version.



Yes, now i will updating.

Thanks, Revival Pixel

Hello! Thanks a good template, everything turned out and very well works!


Thanks for appreciation. Let me know you have any query.

Thanks, Revival Pixel

Hi, just noticed your site seems to be hacked. :-(


Ohhh yes i will try to resolve it asap.

Thanks for notify me.

Thanks, Revival Pixel

I found the support from Ankit first class – he even goes out of the way to fix problems caused by the third party extensions in the template.


Hi. Great template, we got it installed and working well. There are a couple of questions I have. 1) I see you made changes and updates to the template since we installed/purchased it. What should I do to update? It doesn’t seem to be like a plugin or extension where it updates itself or has a manual update option. 2) On our site (www.westvalleywaterpolo.org) the upcoming events (on the lower left of the home page), the calendar icons are not correctly aligned. The month and date seem to be too far down on the icon. Is there a way to fix this?


live preview link is not working

Please check atom.revivalpixel.com. We will back soon with new template and latest update with A-T-O-M.

Very nice! Like it!;

Thanks… :)

hacked demo lol :D

Thanks for inform us. It’s working now.

Hello! I found your variables.less file is missing several menu.less related variables, causing sometime weird behaviour on menu (font size 2px on first page load, then when refresh is ok).

@menuFontSize, @menuFontFamily, @menuLineHeight, @main-global and maybe other are missing.

Hello! Thanks for your comment. Let me check.


It seems that bootstrap is not loaded in theme. Bootstrap.less is present in folder but no bootstrap.css is loaded (same in your online demo).

Thanks. We will check and if there is any issue we will update it ASAP.


faDes Purchased

Hello, do you still support this theme? I wanted to know if you have updates to make it work with the new php 5.6 I updated my server and now mine no longer works. Please let me know if there’s something that can be done. Thanks

Yes we are supporting the theme and update it ASAP.

When can I see the live preview. it was not found.

Thanks for notify us. We will check and make it ASAP.

Please check its live now.