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when i share my website on Facebook, i don’t see any logo / picks near the title, why?

Could you please comment from the account you used to buy the theme? It will help me assist you in a better way. Thank you :-)

i don’t find any more the correct login. I buy the theme by the same mail of this account…

You may find the one that was used to buy theme.

finaly i find my account, it’s this one i thinks… (same like poelvord)

Still no purchased tag against your name. You may find the one that was used to buy theme.

sorry, it’s a mistake, it was for an other theme, i post on it

That fine. you may comment on the right theme and you will get the right answers. :)

..Hello Dear author? I have some doubts about your template 1) The álbum manager is integrated with woocommere.. can I sell one track using my gateway of payment for example? 2) Can I embeed radio streaming in your players .. What Can I do if I want have one or more Radio station ? 3) Can I use a masonry display in your álbum galery or other method to filter álbuns by 4) Whats is yours upload formats? Have you intagration with soundcloud..also? Cheers Ivini

Hi @ivini,

1. You can display Albums by default and add links to buy now fields, there is no integration with woo commerce. You need to do some customization to make it work as you wish.

2. Mp3 links can be added in music links.

3. Only list and grid views are available for Albums.

4. You can upload music files in .mp3 format. No sound cloud integration is not available, you can add sound cloud link with buying options.



I like this theme because it is quite flexible..

Just a couple of Presale Questions please

1. The SALE Label on product detail page is displayed on the right hand side. Can this show on RIght TOP corner of main product image?

2. Can the main menu background and text colors be customized?

3. Is the theme updated to be compatible with the latest woocommerce 2.64 and WP 2.61? Best Regards,

Hi @simonsitto, Thank you for interest in our theme.

1. Yes, It can be possible by code tweak.

2. Colors can easily be changed from theme options and css.

3. By default compatibility has been assured with following version: WooCommerce 2.0.x



Performance of Wordpress and Woocommerce have been dramatically improved with the latest versions.

Woocommerce Latest woocommerce is 2.64 Woocommerce 2.0.x is outdated. .


Current version is 2.61 Your message didn’t say whether theme is compatible or not.

Are you saying you won’t update this theme..

There are plugins that I need to use for my project. I need to use Visual Composer for page design because your theme page editor modules are not enough for my requirements. Are they compatible?


Hi @simonsitto, Currently theme compatibility is not tested and advertised with latest version of woocommerce so i ma not sure, how well it will work. Yes, We will deliver theme update soon that would be compatible with latest version of woocommerec as well with no definite ETA yet. Visual composer is not tested with theme, so can’t assure you about that.


I have a Client interested in this theme.. Would like to when you will update to the latest WP version.. else i will have to ask them find another theme…

Hi @Tukiisan, I have marked your ticket on priority, support agent will import complete demo data for you along with slider. Please follow your ticket you will be shortly replied over there.


It’s ok Anna, My Client has give up waiting… and we have decided to proceed with other theme… At this point we still don’t see the slider and the floating music bar at the bottom… Consider my purchase of your theme as charity.. Hopefully you update your themes more often.. Good Luck

That’s sad. Let me know when you will be back on same theme.

I really like your theme but before I’ll purchase it I have some questions to ask. 1. If there is a trial period when we can cancel our deal and return our money? I was very worried reading comments about your theme, especially the comments on the last page. 2. Are all features that you currently have on this theme are working ones without bugs or there are some bugs which were not fixed from the last time you’ve updated your theme? 3. If we have any problem what will be the period of time we get an answer and help from you?

Hi, after updating to the latest version of wordpress (4.7.2) the sliders have stopped working, is this a known bug? should I upgrade the theme? I’ve disabled all plugins and that hasnt fixed the issue so its not a plugin conflict, when you create a slider, add images and then update the page refreshes but the images have disappeared, developer tools are showing this error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘createDocumentFragment’ of null

thanks in advance

Hi @bootsy , First of all you are requested to please message from the account that was used to purchase the theme. After that use recommended version of WordPress and Latest version of theme on theme forest.

If still problem remains, let me know.


I have a pre sales question. Is it possible to have have advertisements with this theme?

Hi @ oneenter , You may add HTML, CSS or JS Code like Google Analytics tracking code in Footer settings.


update the theme !! has many bugs !! please buy this theme and pure errors! ¬¬


anna-smith Author Team

You are not using recommended version of Wordpress. The compatibility of latest WordPress version has not been released. You need to roll back to previous compatible version to make it work.

I can not devido to the bugs of the version that you recommend, you should update the theme to avoid these problems, or better not sell an old theme incompatible with the updates, do not you think?


anna-smith Author Team

Everything advertised is working with recommended versions on item detail page . You will be notified if there could be any update regarding this via email.