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I would pay extra for mobile version of this template


Thanks but the template already is responsive. It may not look so perfect on mobile but works perfectly, and on small screens the usability is a bit more important than aesthetics( my opinion ). :)

Hi, is there a wordpress or joomla version yet?



Sorry, not yet.

Hello, I like this theme very much. I will like to purchase for my business. I want to know do you offer support to show how to make the bookings work? Also, I would like to know if there is any possibility to offer assistance or add a image/video gallery page?

Thank you in advance. Michael

Hi, No, sorry, I do not provide booking support as this is only html.

Does that mean that the booking will not work if i should purchase this theme for my website? Also, how about the gallery?

You are right , booking will not work , nor the gallery. You will need a programmer to make this work, This is just a HTML template.

There is a version for Drupal cms?

I am sorry , but no.

okk. you have a icons pack for hotel services? (facilities)

Hello, After you install the system image is not published on the homepage. How can I solve this?


I replied you on email.

Hello, I like to purchase this theme but I like to make some changes on Home page. Can you do that ? Its not huge change but just small changes. Please let me know if we can discuss that further.


What exact change do you want , please email me from my Profile page, and I will see what I can do :)

Wow… nice theme, Congrats… Any plans for a WP version?

Ofcourse, coming soon. But might take 2 months :)

Wow… nice theme, Congrats… Any plans for a WP version?

Sorry, not sure why my message was posted twice… :(

Good work, thanks! However, there is only a red navbar when viewport is small screen (mobile). It must be hardcoded? It would be nice if you could change that. Furthermore the CSS is a terrible mess ;) Instead of using just ordinal selectors it would be nice to have rules that are named on their purpose and that are grouped somehow by using comment style description so it would be easier to customize. I bet the amount of rules could be reduced by proper cascading? Anyway, this one is looking nice! :)


I am glad you liked the template. Actually the css coding style is subjective, this is not a mess while this is very useful if you further develop the template with any cms as you can find an element and all its child together and if you change the font size in parent , it reflects in all its child. In other words the css was coded to provide ease to develop it further.

it is very easy to customise too , its just might need your focused few minutes to catch the sequence. :)

For responsiveness too same thing applies, I used core css to make it fit the available viewport, you can use jquery scripts as you like, its just a raw framework for further development, as no body would have html site for a travel website :)

I hope I could help. and I assure you that alot of thinking were put while making this to make it easy to implement, you will know it down the road for sure.

Hello, do you know anyone who can make that theme dynamic, or integrate it with expedia affiliate or similar.


I am sorry but no , I do not have any such reference.

Hey man first of all this a great theme, I have following questions before I buy your awesome theme:

1 – Can I change the navbar and use my own custom navbar which is fully responsive?

2 – Can I use Google site search or Swift Type within the search box?

3 – Can I customize the hotel list and hotel details pages and in hotel details pages can I use custom java scripts for reviews?

4 – And finally can I customize the look and feel of the main search box with my own custom JS and CSS to make it work.

Thanks Man,

Ankit Yadav

Enter a class to those results li , lets call it dsearchresults, now use this css code :
ul li.dsearchresults { padding-left:0; background:none; }

Thanks again.

I have added this in css code:

#ul li.search-results { padding-left:0; background:none; }

In html code I have added this:

<ul class="search-results"><script type='text/javascript' src='http://www.hotelscombined.com/SearchBox/209917'></script>


But still no change, could please tell me what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Ankit Yadav

I saw you emailed to me too , lets communicate there.


Nice Work :-)

I have a small query though , Is this theme will work with any of the E-commerce builders like Operncart , Magento or someone like it.

Or Do i have to have a developer to build application around it to make it functioning. (If yes , then do you have any references?)

Thanks :-)


No, its only HTML template. and yes you will need developer. Sorry I have no reference as of now.

Is the wordpress version coming soon? Still waiting for this fab theme, really want wordpress/ joomla or drupal… Im not fussy ;)

Its wordpress will be out soon , but I cant give any ETA , sorry for that.

Hi! template looks good. im going to buy it if author will chenge flight options… what i mean is : when u choosing flight it saying chek in and chek out… and it have to say our and return … is it possible kust collect data and post it to support team to process it ?


Sorry , I do not provide any kind of customization at this time.

when we can see wordpress template !!!

It is almost ready but I need to make it compatible with atleast 1 real estate plugin. Sorry I cant give ETA for this.


Are you likely to have a wordpress version of the them anytime soon?.


Yes, I am working on it , but I am sorry cant give you timeframe, but not before 2 months for sure. I got distracted with other project. Sorry !

HI, your project do you have admin panel ?


Its only a HTML template, it has no functionality also no admin panel. Thanks.


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