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Very cool!

Molto bello sito – Forse e’ uno da comprare!

Ho dimenticato di chiedereti – come funziona con IE8 – non affatto oppure un poco?

mmm dovrebbe funzionare bene :P

Good job ,Nice theme :)

Nice theme- but Blog page looks broken on my retina display.

fixed! Thanks for the feedback :)

http://skywarriorthemes.com/atticus/the-team/ The name and position of the person is in white text. I only checked it on Google Chrome and Firefox.

True, fixed :)

Good clean design and single page theme like look makes it unique and clearer.

Nice clean design, however I would appreciate you enabling a theme colour changer in the demo. It would help me visualise whether this theme would be just right.


We will implement it today

does this theme support woocommerce?

Awesome work!good luck with sales…...

Elegant layout , congrats!
Looks fantastic.

Kind Regards,

Awesome work! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

I purchased the Atticus theme and trying to upload it to Wordpress, but the upload just hangs and then times out. I’ve downloaded the files again and then retried – numerous times (last night and again this morning), even after the update was sent but still am unable to upload it to Wordpress. Anybody have any advice for me please on making the download happen? Thanks so much!

Yes thats couse the theme already exist. You need to delete the old one first :)

Thanks Skywarrior. What will happen to the templates that I’ve created using the ‘old’ version? Will those remain? Or would I need to do them all over again?

Yes, if you delete the local files the database will not be touched. Keep a copy of the old theme just in case but it shouldn’t be a problem :)

Preview is not working. Thought to let you know!

The preview is not working.

Sorry the hosting problem have been fixed!


I like your theme in the demo – and I have operated several dozen themes. However, your theme is not working for me.

The page builder has no save option? And that’s already very tricky to use – is there no way of integrating the page builder onto the page you’re editing?



Hey Nick,

mmm are you sure there is no save option? there should be a button called “save template” on the top right or bottom right of the page. The page builder is quite easy to use. Simply drag the blocks that you want into the page. When you are done setting everything up copy the code of the template: Example: [template id=”944”] into a page and thats it!

If you are having problems please shoot us an email or make a post in the support forum:



Yeah, I had to scroll all the way to the right hand side of the page (it wasn’t visible). Will you be integrating the “page builder” with “page editing” at all? To as it’s quite annoying to switch between.


I am having trouble with the theme upload on Wordpress. Once I tried uploading it, a page comes up saying “Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.” and goes back to the upload page.

Does ANYONE know what to do in this situation?

Skywarrior aint replying to my emails..

Please email me at myhchan@yahoo.com if you could please!

Hey there!

We have got no emails from you about this subject. Have you tried to made a post in the support forums?:


Yep, Thanks for all your help! well done and cheers for your support! highly recommended guys!

Awesome theme – have had it since 1.0. I still can’t get my contact page to show the map though. Any ideas?


I have the lat and long in there as well as an address. Strange.

mmm Have you made a post in the support forum? We will need your login details so we can check it further

The Automatic Plugin Install doesn’t work. Can you fix this or send the plugins to me manually??

hummm, it should work. Did you make a post in the support forum?

Yeah that was me. If you could help me that would be great.

Hi There,

Do you have an email I can contact you on? Or, contact me via mail@naxrad.com

Sincerely, Nicholas

Please use the contact form in our profile page