Discussion on Attitude - Multimedia Portfolio WordPress Theme for Media Artists

Discussion on Attitude - Multimedia Portfolio WordPress Theme for Media Artists

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Rboua Purchased

Hi there,

Iam using your awesome template in my new site “https://perfectproductionsa.com/”, and I need your help to solve this issues please:

1- The homepage sidebar 2 widget, I need to display it in full width with center align, I tried to use columns and add css classes ””sidebar sidebar-homepage-a” or remove the sidebar from the frontpage by sitting sidebar to n/a. but didn’t work unfortunately

2- I need to add more 3 videos, under the main video “Corporate Typography Pack”, where can I do that?

3- In your demo, you have divided the menu beside the logo (3 items on left and 3 items on the right), but in my page it is displayed in one side only.

4- Where can I change the buttons label e.g. “Read about”, which displayed in the left side of the frontpage?

5- Is their any way to flip the design to display the the widget title and description on the right side instead of left side?



Rboua Purchased

Hi, I looking for your response as soon as possible please.


How do I update my theme – I do not see the API code referenced in my them forest account?


Hi. Im getting an error on the main page that won’t allow my Featured Audio to be posted using Soundcloud. When I go to my gallery the audio is there with no problem and my Featured Video is on the main page. Please advise.

How do I set the order of the projects on the portfolio page? There should be a way to set the order instead of it automatically laying out all the projects. For example, it is laying out “Corporate Typography Pack”, then ” Top View”, then “A couple and a dog.” I would like to reverse this order so that “A couple and a dog” comes first. How can this be changed? I expect to have more flexibility with this theme . Thank you

I figured out how to do this, but at 4 days without a response, this support is terrible.

Hello, I have recently begun receiving errors like these from your theme. Please advise. Thanks!

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘http_code’ in /wp-content/themes/Attitude/framework/functions/classes/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 307

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘api_error’ in /wp-content/themes/Attitude/framework/functions/classes/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 307

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/themes/Attitude/framework/functions/classes/class-pixelentity-theme-update.php on line 48

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘http_code’ in l/wp-content/themes/Attitude/framework/functions/classes/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 307

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘api_error’ in /wp-content/themes/Attitude/framework/functions/classes/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 307

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/themes/Attitude/framework/functions/classes/class-pixelentity-theme-update.php on line 48

Hi. I’ve created project as described in manual but got 404 error: http://djhistory.ru/project/30noyabrya1994/ Could you please help me? What i’ve doing wrong? Project is created and open (viewability), status is published.


I cannot update from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1 Attitude.

Keep getting invalid URL. Tried reverting back to http from https but made not difference. Any clues?


hi, wordpress don’t install theme because can’t find style.css file… have you idea?

Hi, I would like to be able to have two project pages, each with their own category of projects—one for audio recordings and one for videos. I can see that I can do this if I set up menus for the categories, but I want to have the audio page as the home/front page. Is there any way that I can have two separate project pages each with their own unique content? Thanks, Brad.

Hi again,

Two issues:

Problem 1

Background image on mobile device Apple iPad Mini, and assume this is the same on all iPads

On my desktop in Safari and Chrome the image stays fixed whereas on the iPad the image scrolls.

I have tried disabling 3rd party plug ins, to no avail.

Second problem

I cannot upgrade to the latest Theme version ( which may fix problem 1?)

The error I get is that “no valid URL can be found”.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance.


Hello, We want to customize text and icons of “Lore More” and “More about” buttons, can you add this possibility in the template ? Thanks!

How can I decrease the height of sidebar A please! I tried with Custom CSS command that you suggested but nothing happened! Neither from manual custom in sidebars.css! Thanks!

Hi, that calculation is handled via JS, you’ll need to edit

like this https://cl.ly/9e738a03336e

Then add this to your css so you can control the actual height:

#sidebar-homepage-a { height: 450px; }

Regards, Luis.

Hello install the Attitude theme but do not have the demo exporter

which is the reason ??

Hi, did you follow documented steps? https://cl.ly/3p1q1B2H1x3M

Regards, Luis.

Hi, when i add a widget on homepage sidebar 2, the widgets appears really small on the left of the frontpage, i need fill the whole page with the widget. How could I solve this problem?. Thank you

Hi, if you mean something like this https://cl.ly/2e2j2y3q2H1Q , this is the code we used:

[notice align=center]

[clear h=15]

Make a creative statement and start editing to step into the spotlight!

ST Attitude is an awesome solution for creating multimedia portfolio.

[clear h=10]

[button url=http://strictthemes.local/to/portfolio icon=arrow-right-2] Purchase theme [/button]


More info on the available shortcodes here: http://strictthemes.com/documentation/shortcodes/

Regards, Luis.

Is it possible to use this outside of Wordpress? Or can it be tweaked to work in a standard hosting environment? Thank you.

Hi, sorry this theme is specifically designed to work with wordpress. There is no easy way to use it as “html” template.

Regards, Luis.

Hi, Thanks for the theme! Just like user “MitchieMitch”, i’m having trouble making a menu item which links to a category of Projects. The demo site clearly displays this, but i can’t arrange my pages in that way. Also, linking to a single project seems to throw a 404 error. I have imported the dummy data xml file, but my site appears different… examples are that the menu buttons don’t look the same – they only have one line and there is no portfolio dropdown. All this adds up to deny my the thing my site really needs – categories of projects which make up my Portfolio. If you can tell me how to set up pages like ‘music’ and ‘video’ on the demo site, preferably with the double-line, drop-down menu items like the demo, that would be great! Thank you.

Hi, you are probably facing the same problem that Mitch does. Be sure to check that you are building the portfolio menu items based on the categories to get the projects filtered correctly.


If this is not your case, please let me know.

Regards, Luis.

Hey Hey,

So after installing the theme I’m almost finished with setting the entire site up. The only thing that I can’t seem to find out (even after looking in the documentation), Is the part where project categories are split up.

If I want to create something like the single project from the preview site, all other projects will be added (All categories, I can’t simply choose for 1 category).

The same problem with all the other pages. I’ve got a diverse portfolio, hence the reason I went with this theme.

I’ve got 6 categories, in which the menu looks like this

Portfolio -Video -Animations -Aftermovies -Corporate -Design -Photo’s

And I want to simply divide the projects amongst the categories like you did in the preview, but I can’t find a way.

I even installed the dummy content on a different install, but that one doesn’t seem to be updated.

18 days into the process, still stuck on the simple problem that keeps my site from airing. To be honest I don’t need you to login on my wordpress, I would just like to see an instruction how to arrange pages with project categories as shown in the demo. Anyway I’ve send my login credentials days ago, hope u can work with me ASAP as the deadline is coming close.

Replied, right now, you were building the menus wrong that was the problem.

Regards, Luis.

Thanks got it figured out now! :)

Hi, I just purchased your theme. Is there a way to set up the wp site to display sample pages and dummy links as you have the sample pages set up? I’ve used themes that had the option to set up preliminary pages based on example. Is that possible here? Really like the way you set it up and would like to do as little customization as possible.

Thanks, William Weems

Hi William, take a look in the docs included with the theme, you’ll find instructions on how to import the demo content: https://cl.ly/421C000G0D0M

Regards, Luis.

Hi Igor, Is there a way to make background image show as normal on iOS devices. It works on desktop and Android the same as designed. However only the default setting will keep the image at the same size but repeats it which is not what I require. https://tbonetunes.co.uk

Hi, I just checked it and the background is not repeating can you please show me the problem in action??


Regards, Luis.

Hi, great theme!

I would like to delete the “Homepage Sidebar 2” on the Frontpage.

I tried to edit these php pages without success :

- template-frontpage.php - sidebar_homepage_b.php

Thank you



Comment out line 74 in template-frontpage.php like this: http://take.ms/xab6y

Regards, Luis.


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