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Great theme mate! You’re one the few who included some audio features and thanks for that!! Good luck with it!

Thank you! I didn’t know about that.

awesome work on this.. good luck!

Unique ideas , congrats.
Elegant work.

Kind Regards,

Thank you Bedros


Is it possible to have multiple portfolios? And if so, are they linked or will they only populate according to category?

Also, does this work well with vimeo?



Same way as blog: Portfolio page is single. Categories and tags are available.

YouTube and Vimeo preferred.

great. is there an option for wide layout? If not, can the background and content area be changed to matching solid colors? I also see the video posts have an image background. Can this be a solid color as well. I like the simplicity of the design but I’m looking for a minimalist appearance since my site will be a video tutorial website.


Layout the same all time. Each project may has a custom color and background image. See examples:

custom color / custom background image

1 – no/no – http://strictthemes.com/attitude/project/doctype/

2 – yes/yes – http://strictthemes.com/attitude/project/couple-and-dog/

3 – yes/no -http://strictthemes.com/attitude/project/corporate-typography-pack/

Very impressive theme! :) Good luck with sales)

Nice work! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thank you ;)

I have more than 6 photos on each projects

is your theme limited to only 6 photos of a portfolio because i see only 6 images in each portfolio/projects

If your portfolio project can support more than 10 images please show me a sample page

The number of photos is not limited.

Thanks a lot

Hello ! Thank you for this very cool and easy to set up theme… I have 2 questions : http://adamscircle.com/ I want to embed a video from Vimeo using Home sidebar 1, and I can’t seem to choose the width of the embeded video + black stripes appear on top and bottom of the video. Can I change the embed width and remove the stripes ? Thank you for your help ! Samuel

I didn’t hear about that standard. I will think about additional formats, but currently you’re able to use standard format 16:9 only.

Do not forget to fill a form at Theme Panel > Update page for getting theme updates :)

Thank you & good luck with the sales ;)

Thank you :)

Sorry to bother you again, and sorry if the question seems a bit stupid. How can I change the “prettyPhoto” name? http://adamscircle.com/presentation/#prettyPhoto/0/ Thank you again. Sam

‘prettyPhoto’ is the name of script and name of variable thus it cannot be changed.


I’m loving the preview of your page and thinking about buying it! But, there are some things I need to know..

1. Is it possible to make of the Doctype just one picture, with a link behind it? 2. Can I make of Motion Type a team page? 3. When you go to Project you see A couple & dog, you see some picture’s and a button. Can I center a picture in the middle, and in the tekst section some things like a video and picture’s, but I don’t want to have a comment section and the sidebar. 4. Also I need to know if I can enter iFrame or XML on an extra page.

If you can give me some answers, that would be P E R F E C T!

- Stef

Hi Stef,

The demo comes with all possible variants for this theme. Regarding your questions, the answer is: Yes, everything possible, but only through customization by skilled programmer or theme developer. By default, the theme is not match your criteria.

Alright, thanks! I’m not a skilled programmer or theme developer, only a beginning.. Good luck with the sale’s, and as I said before, I like the theme a lot!

Thank you!

The ST Kit wont connect externally and install. It keeps throwing an error. Is it down?

No, it’s available. Try again. Or drop me a line at info@strictthemes.com and I’ll send you a plugin.

Thanks for the quick response! Will email you now

Okay. And do not forget to try again.

How are the videos added? JW Player plugin? Or something you created??

I had two questions regarding the theme. First, in the demo you have the ampersand in the header not-bold. How can I accomplish this in my header? By default, it is all bold.

Secondly, the design is responsive to an extent… but is there any way to shrink the background image when viewing on smaller devices? Otherwise, on mobile devices, it’s just a closeup of the very corner of the background.

Thanks in advance for the help!

1. Browse ‘Dummy’ folder and find homepage-sidebar-1-text-widget-1.txt file. Use that with Text widget on Homepage Sidebar 1.

2. Let me an URL of your page or URL of page on demo. I’ll lake a look what do you mean.

I’ve found the text file, but I don’t know what you mean by “use that with the text widget”. I can get the text widget to work, but I can’t modify the style of the text.

My site can currently be found at: http://letsmeatup.com/ Right now I have no widget installed, you can see that the ampersand in “Media Portfolio & Blog” is bold. On your demo site at: http://themeforest.net/item/attitude-multimedia-portfolio-for-media-artists/full_screen_preview/6001747 It is not-bold. How can I do this with my header?

Secondly, if you visit the site on a mobile device, you will see that the background does not shrink.

Lastly, my Logo.png does not appear on the mobile device (tested on iPhone 5s) although it WILL show when you click any of the links in the menu. Any suggestions?

1. You need to enable custom font at Theme panel > Fonts – http://strictthemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/doc_fonts.png

2. Go to Admin Panel > Appearance > Widgets page and drop a Standard Text widget at Homepage sidebar. Then, copy a dummy data from TXT file to that widget. Ampersand wrapped by span tag.

3. You have to reduce a size of logo or add these styles
#logo h2,
#logo h2 a,
#logo h2 img {
  max-width: 300px;
to Theme Panel > Style > Custom

4. Then check again.

Hi! Im want to buy this theme but i just need to know one thing before. Its possible to add just one image for project? It will look good or its recomended to include more than one picture?. Thanks.

I think tomorrow it will be ready. Thank you for purchasing.

The new updated works perfect. Now voted with five stars. Great theme, great support. Thanks!


i’ve contacted you a bit before about the “ST Kit” plugin, i’ve manually download/installed it but thanks for your response! ;-)

Great theme, cool features!

One more question, is this theme made to work with a Child Theme? So I don’t have to edit the core files and lose everything with every theme update?

Because i’ve been trying to override the responsive.css but eventually I had to dequeue the main theme responsive.css and enqueue my own in my child theme..

If it isn’t coded for a Child theme, it might be a good idea for future updates/themes ;-)

Peace Arne D.

Well, i’ve got the style.css override working, but i’d rather not put responsive changes in the style.css but like in the main theme, in a responsive.css…

And that’s the problem, I can’t seem to get my Child’s theme responsive.css override my parent’s theme responsive.css..

Use import

Theme Name: Attitude Child
Theme URI: http://strictthemes.com
Description: Child theme for the Attitude
Author: StrictThemes
Author URI: http://strictthemes.com
Template: Attitude
Version: 1.0

@import url("../Attitude/style.css");
@import url("../your-responsive.css");

Also, you can disable responsiveness at Theme Panel > Layout > General page and use a copy of original responsive.css file in your Child theme.

Hi, I was wondering how you remove the sidebar from the homepage like in your preview?

Apologies, got it. The front page wasn’t set to the front page in reading settings. Cheers

How do I edit the “Media Portfolio & Blog” text?

You have to repeat a question from your buyer’s account.

How do I edit the “Media Portfolio & Blog” text on the home page with the portfolio button. Could you recommend any way of replacing that section with a gallery slider? I’m new to WordPress.

You have drop a widget with your own text on that. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drop standard Text Widget on Homepage Sidebar 1.

You’ll find a dummy text in Dummy folder. Take a look homepage-sidebar-1-text-widget-1.txt file.

Hi, great theme. Question: for selfhosted videos [on your AE page] can the video demos be smaller in size [still 16:9 format] but smaller than what is showing on your demo page? like you have it shown at http://strictthemes.com/strictone/2013/08/02/mp4-video-format/ I need only video portfolios [several portfolios = is that supported?] I would need at between 3 to 6 videos on one page. At the size I am seeing on your demo, it looks huge to me [nothing personal] :) Appreciate your answer[s]

I would need at between 3 to 6 videos on one page
You can drop any number of videos into the body of project(post), but the title video can be one only.

Portfolio archive may comes with any number of videos (projects).

Thank you for your fast reply :)