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Hi, you can have more than one portfolio? you can view a page portfolio only one category?

Portfolio is a group of projects (posts). Each project comes with categories and tags. Same as standard posts. Thus you can group the projects by categories e.g. on live demo you can see three types of portfolios: audio, video, and gallery. Each of them grouped by category, and at the same time, all projects available on the summary portfolio page.

See examples:

ok thank you, and how can I decide which category to display in the portfolio?

As well as standard categories. You have to choose category\categories while creating a project – http://strictthemes.com/documentation/portfolio/new-project-creation/

Summary portfolio comes with all published projects.

If you need to have a standalone category in menu bar, thus you have to add selected category to primary menu at Appearance > Menus page.

Hi Buddy

Congratulations for this amazing theme! Please can you help me with some details. I’m having trouble to configuring the BLOG.

When I access a POST, it opens a blank page. Showing only the background.

My Website: http://www.ownstylebr.com.br I will re-uploading the theme.

Thanks, Luiz

Hi Luiz and thank you for purchasing. I’ll take a look and let you know.


I enabled some options, and now it seems to be better. ;)

Hi, first of all, just wanted to thank you for your work and theme! I love it!!

I just had one question: For the authors’ pictures, how do you insert a picture? For reference, the John Doe (http://strictthemes.com/attitude/project/couple-and-dog/)

Thanks so much again for your work, really appreciate it!


It’s about http://gravatar.com

Just make sure you’re using the same email address on Gravatar, and on you website.

Thank you for purchasing and do not forget to rate the theme.

Wow thanks for the quick reply! Rated it!

You’re welcome!


It is possible customize a different background for each post?

Thanks, Luiz


There is possible to set a custom background for each project only, not post.

Regards, Igor.

How do I get the Project categories to display in Appearance>menus so that I can add them in the Portfolio sub menu, as you have in the demo (design, audio, video)? I can only add post categories for some reason.

Drop me access details at info@strictthemes.com I’ll take a look.

Thanks for the SUPER FAST support on this Sunday afternoon! Sent. Looking forward to your assistance.

Replied by email.

Really awesome theme. Bookmarked.

Thank you.


Hi Buddy

My theme does not work 100% seen for a Smartphone. When you access a post the photos do not appear. The menu is also a bit strange.

Any idea? www.ownstylebr.com.br

Thanks, Luiz

Hi Luiz,

Is that different view with live-preview? – http://demo.strictthemes.com/?theme=Attitude


When you access a post, example: http://www.ownstylebr.com.br/bubblegun-treffen-5/

The photos contained in POST only appear on the desktop version.

The mobile version of the MENU is different and the photos do not appear.


Disable plugins and check again.

Hi. I can’t get the homepage to show you like your live preview, and it when I use an image widget on the homepage the site doesn’t show up on SmartPhones.

How do I change this text: “Media Portfolio & Blog For replacing this dummy info, please, drop a widget on “Homepage Sidebar 1” at Appearance > Widgets page. “

It’s a widgetized area, so you need to use standard Text Widget with some text, shortcodes, images etc.

Goto Appearance > Widgets and drop Text Widget on Homepage Sidebar 1.

Also, browse the Dummy folder and you’ll find homepage-sidebar-1-text-widget-1.txt file. Use it for your needs.

Thank You

I saw this theme in the afternoon while “flying” past. Now it has robbed me of my sleep so I had to come back Sooo temptingly CLEAN. I guess I have to give my site an overhaul but let me get the opinion of my wallet. Nice job! :nerdy:

I see, okay i will create a pportfolio now and see what it gives me

oh, one more thing; i did not want a portfolio attached to the homepage but the page has a message which says i have to enable portfolio. Hoa can i deactivate that message?

Well, the portfolio is a part of concept of homepage. That message means the portfolio has not been enabled.

You can hide a recent projects on homepage with this style
#content-layout { display: none; }
Drop it on the Theme panel > Style > Custom tab.


Many thanks for a great theme. When trying to uploading a gallery project for the Altitude theme it doesn’t show like your documentation: http://strictthemes.com/documentation/portfolio/new-project-creation/

Also, I’m not able to choose how the project will layout so that it looks like the demo with a large thumbnail followed by smaller one.

Cheers, Simba

It’s on homepage sidebar 2. Just to note the problem started when I imported the dummy content xml file

Palestinian Territories
Plight of Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon
Migrant Stories

It’s a widget of recent posts. Remove it.

Thank you!

Hi there great looking theme,

Just after some advice, I must have done something wrong. I followed all the instructions and uploaded the dummy content. The pages and posts are there, but all i see is the website background. I followed the instructions carefully


Disable all plugins and check again.

You are a genius, thank you.

You’re welcome.

Great theme! Loving it so far. Just having one small issue, is there any way to prevent the background image for pixelating on mobile?

I have this really cool image in the background that look awesome on a desktop but when you see it on a mobile screen, it looks horrible. Check it out here: http://www.avpstudios.ca/

Thank you!

I will check it on iPhone as soon as possible, so at this moment I cannot re-produce the issue on my mobile.

No problem!

Is it possible you can send me a screenshot of how it looks for you on mobile? Just so I can get a feel of how other users see the site.

Great theme, i’like it! But I have the same problem of Chris7627. In apparence>menu, I can’t see and add the portfolio sub menu. Thank you!

Thank you for purchasing. Do not forget to rate the theme.

Make sure the Screen Options - http://clip2net.com/clip/m0/1389105855-clip-17kb.png and check required metaboxes.

Are the videos in the theme from Vimeo or are only self hosted videos supported?

Three ways for your choice: YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted video.

Can it be posted a fullscreen video to front page.. and only that ?

By default background comes as image only.

Hello, The tabs from the Theme Panel are not working. This is happening on a fresh WP 3.8 install. Chrome console: body.scrollTop is deprecated in strict mode. Please use ‘documentElement.scrollTop’ if in strict mode and ‘body.scrollTop’ only if in quirks mode. body.scrollLeft is deprecated in strict mode. Please use ‘documentElement.scrollLeft’ if in strict mode and ‘body.scrollLeft’ only if in quirks mode. event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. Uncaught TypeError: Property ‘a’ of object [object Object] is not a function

Firefox console: TypeError: a is not a function tabID = a(this).attr(‘href’).replace(’#’,’‘); jquery.admin.js (line 94)

Please advice as fast as possible.

Hello, and thank you for purchasing.

I’ll check it and let you know.

Regards, Igor

I’ve checked it.

Chrome console: event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. This warning exists without ST Kit too, thus it’s about WordPress or something.

Firefox console: No errors. No warnings.

Disable all other plugins and check again. Let me URL of your site. I’ll take a look.

Regards, Igor


Need help changing the colour of the navigation text + homepage widget text.

Take a look at my website at http://avpstudios.ca, you’ll see what I mean.

Thank you.

This one for reducing the vertical space in title.

.sidebar-homepage-a h1 {
  line-height: 1.1em;

Amazing, thank you :)

Can I choose the order of video projects or the most recent is always on top? Thanks.

You can use standard option fo making a custom order – http://clip2net.com/clip/m0/1391023400-clip-141kb.jpg

Hi! I resolved my issue contacting the support, thanks. Now I’m setting up the template. 1) I need to upload a logo but it seems too small. I need to write on it “Raffaele Presciutti sound designer” I would like it was bigger than the “attitude” logo.

2) Can I change the dimensions of the subtitle font like in the demo?

3) I’d like to have the categories of my projects visible on the portfolio page. Is that possible?

4) Even if I choose the right sidebar for my portfolio page, I can’t see it.

1) It assumes to re-think dimensions for logo & menus for all kind of layouts. If you really need it I can do it for you, but for a some extra.

2) Take a look examples of Text widgets in Dummy folder.

3) Yes, it’s possible. a – Create additional sidebars from Theme Panel > Sidebars tab. b – Create another menu from Appearance > Menus page. c – Drop new menu on new sidebar via Custom Menu widget. d – Go to the project and select new sidebar from drop-down list.

4) In accordance with the concept of theme there is no sidebar on portfolio page.

Regards, Igor

Looking to purchase this theme. Just wanted know if the background image can be changed per page. Thanks!

Nope, the background image is a common for all pages.

Regards, Igor