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Hi, The videos in the video are self-embedded. Can I use vimeo or youtube to embed videos? Thanks.

Yes. You can use self-hosted videos or embedded videos (YouTube, Vimeo) – http://clip2net.com/clip/m0/1392490378-clip-62kb.png

Regards, Igor

This may be a very stupid question. Is it possible to make every block below the main slider be the Videos like the one Charlie. We want wanting just a one page with tons of videos, possible archiving with search, is this possible?

You can make a video portfolio only. It can looks like – http://strictthemes.com/attitude/projects/after-effects/

There is possible to use a self-hosted media as well as YouTube or Vimeo – http://clip2net.com/clip/m0/1393103419-clip-106kb.jpg

Regards, Igor

This may be a very stupid question. Is it possible to make every block below the main slider be the Videos like the one Charlie. We want wanting just a one page with tons of videos, possible archiving with search, is this possible?

You can make a video portfolio only. It can looks like – http://strictthemes.com/attitude/projects/after-effects/

There is possible to use a self-hosted media as well as YouTube or Vimeo – http://clip2net.com/clip/m0/1393103419-clip-106kb.jpg

Regards, Igor

Is it also possible to have one all videos show in a grid?


Theme looks great – any chance to see a HTML version?


WordPress version only :)

Hi, I think your template is very good and there was a lot of fun for me to work with it.

Unfortunately, I have two problems, possibly you can help me.

Click here for the Link/webpage: http://testumgebung.eric-rylee.com

1.problem Slide navigation looks good on the computer. When I use the website now on other devices such as Android, Samsung smartphones, then the logic andorder of navigation is wrong. It takes the third navigation point and putt it to the first point. Thats kind of wired.

How do I get it fixed? Or does it requires a update of the template?

2.Problem I want to use another image slider. If you look at the created image slider page,then it works well. But if man is on the home page / frontpage, then the project is displayed, but the slider does not appear correctly or not at all. How can I solve that?

Link: http://testumgebung.eric-rylee.com/?st_project=test-easyslider

It would be great if you could help me. Thanks a million times.

Best regards, Magnus

Hi Magnus,

Provide more info about the process of transferring your site from sub-domain to domain. Is it about redirect only, or whole transferring, or new site installation, or something else?

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor, thanks a lot for your quick reply. I installed the wordpress template on a subdomain (testumgebung.eric-rylee.com) after we have complete the setup and design phase finished i switched the domain. I directed the final url (www.eric-rylee.com) in the provider backend to the wordpress packet and i also changed the two urls (Page & WP Site) in the wordpress backend. Everything performance very well except this little bug with the gallery. Thanks a to for helping. Best, Magnus

Hi Magnus,

Let me take a look it from your admin panel. Drop the access details through the contact form – http://themeforest.net/user/StrictThemes

Regards, Igor

How do we remove the header completely (as in the demo site)?

In this account. Here are my downloads: http://cloud.tnm.li/image/3Q2N1G0j3H1E

Sorry. Wrong thread. Thank you for your assistance.

:) no problem

How do you create a “icon box” as your demo displays? Is that in widgets or page builder?

Im sorry. A little lost. Where and what is the “Buyers” account? Is this a CSS code I need to copy and paste?

You have to buy the theme and your account will be marked as Purchased.

Strange? I did buy the theme? I only have this account?

Hi there,

very nice Theme!

I’m close to buying and have two questions:

1. Is it possible to place a video at the first position of the homepage or is this a text-only area?

2. Can I place the image (logo “Attitude”) in the top nav bar at the left or right side of the bar?

Thanks a lot!


1. It’s about sidebar. There is possible to drop any video using embed code (YouTube or Video) or self-hosted video using [video] shortcode within standard Text widget.

2. The header comes with two different menus (Left and Right), thus the logo by center only.

Regards, Igor

Got it, thank you very much!

Hi there,

I have started using the theme and very much like it!

One thing, nearly same as in your conversation with zamsam: the black stripes above/below vimeo-embedd videos are there (but here I am talking about Projects), although my vids are 16:9 (embedded size is 640×360).

Any ideas? Thanks!

Yes, use dummy settings from theme-settings.txt file.

indicate – but it is that vid!? dummy settings i have used all the time, so i still don’t see why it doesn’t work. wp failure? language problem? clueless.

Drop me access to your WordPress through a contact form – http://themeforest.net/user/StrictThemes I’ll make a settings for you.

I’m also having some difficulty getting the drop-down sub menu’s. I have the pages set with appropriate “parent page” however cannot find a way to add them to a submenu drop-down.

Thanks for the quick reply, that is exactly what I’m struggling with. I cannot seem to create the sub-level menu.

I just figured it out, sometimes things are too easy haha :)

Yes, it’s about drag and drop :)

It is odd, I’ve tried saving a logo to an image hosting site both in .gif or .jpg and for some reason the logo doesnt show on my phone or tablet. Any ideas, restrictions or something I need to do to make it viewable on mobile. It shows up on a browser just fine.

Make sure you’ve set a 2x version of your logo – http://clip2net.com/clip/m0/1395316690-clip-43kb.png

Regards, Igor

Is there a way to have the twitter and facebook buttons (which now have been integrated per post) directly in the portfolio section under the “some button” and “more about” buttons? Are there more sharing options available, like a google+ button?

That section comes with the Title, Excerpt, and More About button – http://clip2net.com/clip/m0/1395424233-clip-33kb.jpg No sidebars there.

Regards, Igor

So it’s not possible to add a facebook or twitter sharebutton in that location?

No, it’s not possible.


and thanks again for the support!

One more question: where can I change the text of the “more about”-button? The site won’t be in english, that is why. I tried the “default.po” and “project.php”, but i didn’t work out.

thank you and best regards


The More about phrase comes with default.po file, thus you just have to translate it.

And it located at #215 line in project-ajax.php file.

Regards, Igor

Hi ST!

I need help with my theme’s gallery module: http://vinshahrestani.com/project/pictures/

As you can see some of the pictures are misaligned and all over the place. It seems that I don’t have full control over where each picture goes, or editing the gallery itself.

Can you help in fixing this? It needs to look sleek like the demo.


Project comes with all images. You can add a part of images to the project gallery, and the second part of images to the body of project.

Regards, Igor

Nice going. That’s all, thanks a bunch Igor!

Hi again, this is a different problem now, I was about to finish for the day, when I upgraded the theme to 1.0.8. Now that I click the ‘browse portfolio’ it instantly takes you down to the portfolio instead of scrolling down. I do not want this at all. is there a way to fix this or do I have to re-install 1.0.7?

or downgrade. is that possible?

It’s about recent update of ST Kit plugin. It’s already fixed, thus you have to update it from Plugins page with one click. Many thanks for report.

Regards, Igor

Stellar theme you got here.

I searched the forum here but couldn’t find an answer or explanation to my issue (which I see some others have as well). Viewing my site on a mobile device vs. desktop makes the background function differently. I have my bg set to fixed, but when viewing on a mobile device like my iPad and iPhone, it seems to revert to the “scroll” property.

Also, when viewing it on mobile devices, it swaps the left menu (it should read “Blog” then “Portfolio” but instead it swaps them to “Portfolio” then Blog”). This isn’t a huge deal to me, but since I was asking about the background, I thought I’d ask this as well.

My site is: leesmillard.com

Thanks, Lee

Hello Lee, and thank you for purchasing. Special thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

1 – It’s about a very common issue which comes from mobile engines. Background cannot be fixed directly. It same on Android devices too. It scrolls all time. I hope in future a mobile devices will start to render pages in accordance with CSS standards.

2 – The concept of layout assumes a floating by right side of the Left menu items on full size layout,. On mobile layout it come without that, which makes a some swapping.

Regards, Igor

Thanks very much Igor, and sorry for my slow response.

Pre sales does it support membership ?

The theme created with modern standards of WordPress and passed all ThemeForest requirements.

If you mean a some membership plugin I do not provide a warranty about compatibility with third-party scripts.

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor,

I have another question regarding the ordering of the static Frontpage. It seems as though the theme automatically orders the projects in the order they are created (newest on top). Is there a way to customize the order of the projects on the Front page ONLY?

Thanks, Lee

Hi Igor,

I haven’t checked in recently, but did want to say that I found that by changing the Attributes>Order of projects, you can custom arrange how the projects appear on your Frontpage. *Thumbs up

Ok. Great! :)

I’m out of office from May 1st until May 9th.

Dear customers,

Possible some delays with replies from May 1st until May 9th. I’m on vacation, however I remember about you and will try to be on-line. Within these days I provide support in lite mode. I will reply as much as I can within 48 hours.

I highly recommend you to browse the previous comments on the message board for finding an answers for your questions. Most part of questions already answered.

Also do not forget about documentation – http://strictthemes.com/documentation/

Thank you for your patience.

Regards, Igor

Since the latest plugin update one of my posts no longer works on mobile. It is a very basic and straight forward post with text, pictures, and an embedded video. Nothing is different from any of my other posts. If I load the page up on any laptop or desktop it loads just fine. The second I try to load it on my phone or iPad it doesn’t work. Is there anything you can do to help me with this? I’m very frustrated :(


I should add that even if I remove EVERYTHING on the page and just write the words “text” nothing shows up. I’m very confused on how to fix this.

I will take a look and let you know.