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Very nice work! Good luck :)

Thank you very much @louiejie

i think ill be the first to buy it :) really cool

@sukrat Glad you like.

Thank you

hi its not working good with IE7 many errors, please update

I mean IE8 also not working

js errors in IE7.

Hi eplanetdesign,

We will check and update files.


Loved this template and purchased it but it is not compatible with IE9 as stated. Lots of functionality just doesn’t work..any hints?

menu drop downs? colour picker? slider?

OK don’t know how to edit or remove last post. Appears to be working now..seems it just takes a long time to load some of the sections in the background.

hello sir i have purchase this them i want some change in this theam so please help. how to change Our Best Features icon in home page.

Hello marketingmindz,

Thank you for purchasing our theme.

We have already replied your email. Kindly check.

Regards, NNT

Hi I purchase this theme and I have the following problem. How can i make the main menu to show the submenu on hover instead of on click as it is now?

Regards, z0reli


Firstly, Thank you for purchasing our theme,

To add open menu onhover please add below js at the bottom of ‘js/devscript.js’.

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('.nav li.dropdown').hover(function() {
    }, function() {
To study submenu visit: http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/components.html#navbar


Thanks. Works like a charm


I have couple questions about the slider (container-fluid slider):

How can I resize the images How can I move the content (text) away from the edges


Hello z0reli,

Thank you for purchasing.

We have explained slider in documented under, ‘How Sequence Slider Works?’. But still if you want to move text away from left side you can use classes like pdg10L,pdg20L (padding-left:20px;) and vise versa.



I would like to know which changes i should to do make “sticky footer”. My customer have plenty of pages that have very little content , and the footer is on the middle of the page. Can you help?

Regards, z0reli

Hi z0reli,

To make sticky footer need to below changes in custom.css file.
footer.container-fluid {
    bottom: 0;
    padding: 0;
    position: fixed;
    z-index: 999;


I send you a message from your profile page. Did you get it?


Hi, I have purchased this theme but am getting problems opening any of the pages for editing in Dreamweaver CS5. It opens the file but Dreamweaver hangs as soon as I click to edit the code.

And how do I change the theme colors? Nothing seems to be working.


Hello agonzalves,

Thank you for purchasing our theme.

Problem of opening pages is not because of HTML files there must be some other reasons.

To change website color you need to replace colors in css/dark-black.css (if you are using default black theme), otherwise you can create your custom colors using css/Color-Wireframe.css and link it to HTMLs.

You can find ‘How to change website color?’ section in our document as well.


accept HEADER nothing is appealing, that make me buy this product please make full width bottom with impressive blocks and layout…looks bad just after slider :(

Hi shivneetns,

We are happy that you like our header part. And for sure we will try to improve in our next product.



Slider does not work in IE…

Please help.


Hello agonzalves,

Which version of IE are you using?


IE 9

Hello agonzalves,

You can check the demo it’s working fine. If you are getting any error please let us know.


Slider does not work in IE 7, 8 or 9 version. works in some versions, but the rest of the page is mangled.

Hello jimmyblizz,

Thank you for correcting us.

We have updated live preview now, please check.


Hi Was Just about to make purchase but IE9 isnt working too well? Background is turning white and menu stops working? Can you advise?

Kind Rgds, Aiden

Hello adonnelly,

Thank you for showing interest.

We have revolved IE9 error. You can purchase now.


Good afternoon. On the Contact page, the “live”, to open the page it loads the map automatic, but when I put on my site, it does not open, only if I press the “show map”. have some code to change it?


Thank you for purchasing.

To make ‘show map’ work, you need to changes values of lat=”37.0625” long=”-95.677068” (i.e.latitude and longitude) in each tab.


thanks for the reply. But it was not about what I was talking about, but anyhow managed to solve by adding the function (onload = “show_contact_map”) to draw the map that opened not automatic.

@Jimmyblizz where did you put the onload please? Thanks in advance!

Hi nnt,

Which files have you updated for IE errors so that I can re-download and change only the modified files.


Dear Author,

Your template does not work on IE …. 8, 9 or 10… Could you please come up with an update or just remove IE from your supported browsers.


Thank you for purchasing our theme.

We checked website in IE9 and 10. Its working fine.


why was my commens and questions deleted?

sorry my mistake i was looking at the wrong theme format. Please ignore.

Do you have a change log about what files has been changed in your last update?