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This is not fully compatible with Bootstrap 3.

I have tried to do many things that work perfect in Bootstrap 3 and they all break on this template.

For example i have tried using the Tabs feature of bootstrap 3 and they all break on this template yet the same exact code works perfect on a Bootstrap 3 compliant page. This is 1 example of many.

I have tried sending an email support request to the creator of this template and got no response so i don’t think he is supporting his product.

Hi worsin,

I’m sorry for the issue. I’m still supporting my product, but you sent me an email yesterday, it was Saturday, and today is Sunday. Tomorrow, which will be Monday, I will be able to help you.


Would I be able to move it from a one page template to multiple pages?

How would I do this step by step? I am slightly computer illiterate.



How would I have like 5 pages go to different pages as opposed to the same page and just slide down.

Please help!!

Hi bissonnette, actually the product template of Attraction has multiple pages. You can edit this template, the file name is product-index.html. Feel free to drop me an email through the form on my profile page. :)


I would like to add a dropdown option to the form that has multi-select where someone can pick more than one option. Is this something that can be easily added?


The contact form on the home page on mobile is not working. the contact page form is ok, but not the home page. Can you please help me?

Got a guy on Fiverr to fix it for me :)

Hi limebartenders, I’ve sent you an email! :)

On the demo of the event template, the image of the teaser is fixed while the scroll goes down, but in the index, the image is static and it moves with the page.

How can i make the effect of the demo image?. Thanks in advance :)

Hi formatik-center,

add “fixed” to your background on the css file, like this:
background: url(../images/background-event.jpg) no-repeat top center fixed;


Is there a way to redirect to another page following the form completion, instead of the success message appearing?

Thanks, Dawn

Hi, please drop me an email through the form on my profile page!

Hi, the documentation file index.html is not working. Information cannot be accessed.

Hi itargetmkt, could you be more specific about your issue? Here the documentation is working fine.

I uploaded the file having this problem: The package can not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Replied on email.

Hey.. I uploaded the fie but it says the css style sheet is missing.

Replied on email.

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? I am attempting to recreate a homepage a lot like the one you have created but the paralax open space towards the bottom of the page is not working for me. http://emilyleach.com/oss/

Hi seosg, you are using the WP version of Attraction, at this link you’ll find the official support http://themeforest.net/item/attraction-responsive-wordpress-landing-page/5037132

Good theme you can buy its wordpress version from here….



Hi G10v3,

i’d like to buy the wordpress version of Attraction. But it seems to be no longer available http://themeforest.net/item/attraction-responsive-wordpress-landing-page/5037132 ?

So will Attraction be available for wordpress in the future?

Thank you! :)

Absolutely, it should be available again in a couple of days :)


I need the instructions to install it because it give me an error during installation: style.css stylesheet is missing…

I download the file 3 times and keep the same problem !!

Hi, replied on email.

Hi G10v3

I was really hoping to be able to buy the WordPress version of your theme today. When will you have it back up here?

Alternatively would I be able to purchase this from you any other way right now?

Great theme, however is it possible to put some basic spam control into the form. As is it’s unusable due to spammers abusing the form.php. Is it possible to add a hidden field or simple captchs / honeypot as an option to stop the form from getting abused?

Hi MaltLawn, I’m really sorry, I thought I had answered. Drop me an email through the form on my profile page.

I too am looking for the Wordpress version. Will it be available anytime soon?

Hi tripo, I really hope so… the WP version of Attraction is handled by another ThemeForest user, there is not much I can do…

What happen to the word press version? i went to download it from themeforest and it no longer is in my download files

Hi dmwdsprime, the author of the WP version, Spyropress, ensures that by the end of the month it will be back online :)

Hi I need as well the WP Theme. So when it will be available?

I asked the author of the WP version, as soon as I know something I’ll write here.

On the demo for the product page version there is a space where the background peaks through. But that is not happening now that i downloaded it. The space seems like it should be after the intro but before the about section. How do i fix this??

Hi, if I understand correctly, you can add <section class="empty-section"> <div class="container"> <div class="row"> </div> </div> </section> between the two sections.

that added a space of gray, but the background image is not viable between the sections when scrolling. I have the background set to no-repeat top center fixed;

Please drop me an email through the form on my profile page. Also please provide a working URL of your website so I can take a look at the issue

Can I set number of seats for each price? And can I change the number manually after receiving payment?

Hi daniel_kim, being an HTML template, you can customize every part of it whenever you want, you only need base knowledge of HTML/CSS :)