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Thanks suespacionet!

I haven´t upgraded to 3.9 so the richtext issue is not bothering me.

The biggest problem I have right now is that the form on the homepage can´t be filled out on mobile devices.

Anyone have a fix for this?


I would like to be able to use all three templates in one site, because I offer products, services and events. Is this possible? I was thinking I would build one home page, then link to other pages that use the various templates. I want to know this before I go ahead and purchase because the theme is perfect if I can get it to do this.

Hello, I made a redirect domain name to my site. I made a SQL query in my database to change the domain name. but it does not work at all. page displayed is empty of all content. In backofice, when I edit my page contents are empty … and spyropress builder would like the welcome that I create content.

Do you have a solution to this serious problem?



I’ve managed to delete my home (page) and now have a home button going to no page. id there a way i can retrieve my deleted page or remove the button. (i emptied the trash, thinking i could rename the file to home, this didn’t work)

thanks in advance!

Hola, dviprod im sorry for reading that.

I had that problem, you need to check your .htaccess file.

Then do the proper changes of the domain name there and your content and everything will be back.

Its not an issue with your sql database, sine it uses relative paths.

But, be aware of images, because som of them will be broken but thats the easy part. Hope this helps you.

If you are moving your website so use the Duplicator plugin. Also we have set verification system few months ago. You can verify it on many domain but follow that you can use it for your purpose at only 1 domain.

Any question send me request. https://spyropress.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Thx to rescue me… but to it’s to late, i have recreate my site. same theme, same work…

Thx for your advice.

Sorry but we stuck in big problems but now we will be more proper.

Please rate us See how to rate http://goo.gl/GC9Otn

Next time you can open the ticket here.



Does anyone know how/where to change the H1 and H2 on the blog page and single post/page, so it’s more SEO friendly?



Hi Why The Teaser Background Image doesn’t show on iOS devices?

I’m a bit frustrated, I cannot get the subscribe me form to work…

The host I’m using will only install WP 3.9, is this not supported with the theme? When will it be updated?!

I have left a ticket on your support site but have not received any response. I am having a big issue trying to edit pages using the theme.

I am using WordPress 3.9.1 and cannot save the changes to the pages that I am editing using the page builder that is built into the theme.

When I click “Save” I just see the “Spinning Wheel” that signifies that the page is saving but it never completes the update of the page.

It has almost been a week on your support thread with no response; I have also tried contacting you via Skype with no results.

Please update the theme we have already solved that problem…


The worst template I’ve ever seen! Not saving any data No Support for days here The Support Forum is disabled! Shame on you ENVATO!!! We are tired from amateurs that making a template and stop supporting it after few days


Please dont worry we have few problems. We are back.

Please try to update to new version we have set all saving problems.

Send me your request at https://spyropress.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I will myself update your theme and set everything.


I also left a ticket on your support site but haven’t received any response. Please answer.

I’m also having a scroll issue. I don’t know why, the home page doesn’t scroll up&down using the mouse scroll wheel. Firefox OK, but Chrome doesn’t work properly. Any idea?

Thank you, and please, answer me to this issue and also to the support ticket I posted last week.

Please send your wp-admin access with your problem here so support member will see.



I have also left a support ticket and have not heard back. Please answer my question as I have a client that is very dependent on this answer! This is not a way to run a business with people counting on you!

Please tell me your ticket number I will answer you first.


This isn’t a bad theme, but I wouldn’t recommend this or any one by this developer due to lack of support. (Unless you yourself are a developer and won’t be stuck in case of an issue.)

We are back to support. What is your question. Have you gone through the detailed doc. And the videos on Vimeo channel.


how do i get the contact form on the right hand side to appear??

Go to the Spyropress > Theme Options > Layout Options and check here Content Position. So make it Left so your form will come to right hand side.


Hey SpyropPress great to have you back!

2 questions:

1. The form on the homepage can´t beused on mobile devices. How can we fix this?

2. How/where to change the H1 and H2 on the blog page and single post/page, so it’s more SEO friendly?

Thanks guys, still love the theme, :)

Please file a ticket and send me the ticket number

Done! Request #2590

Yo Spyro! Please answer this request (#2590) from almost 1 month ago :(


Bro. I have just bought this theme, and it is an absolute ball ache to use. Your support pages are 404, and there is no documentation on how to use it. The import data doesn’t do what it is meant to, and you obviously don’t reply to your support tickets. Please can you put a link to site documentation? I don’t want to faf around with your ticket support, so answer it in this forum please?

Please get back to me ASAP, and stop begging for 5 stars.


Hi Spyro Press.

I have just emailed you. Sorry for the bit of a rant, I am just under a lot of pressure to get this right from clients / boss. Thank you for your reply, and I will be in touch via email.

Again, sorry. I tried to edit it after I cooled down, but the option was not available. Thank you kindly for your help.


Right, to be completely fair; my site is now 100% live and working correctly. Thank you again, and sorry for the above comment.


Thanks Please rate us.

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I’ve been waiting for an answer of an ticket for about 2 weeks…

My problem is: Since the last WP Update, I can’t save any rows after I changed the text. When I click on the save button, it starts “saving” but that don’t stop and nothing happends.

Please answer me soon.

Best regards.


rismoenat Purchased

I created a skin http://imgur.com/a/lDCxc And then i got this error

Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/user/domain.com/wp-content/themes/attraction/includes/spyropress-settings-theme.php on line 61

And now i cant access the admin page.

How can i fix this??


We got your email ticket, Could you please send me info and continue via email channel, Our supporter can check and assistance you then

I really appreciate your patience with this, should you need help with something else, please do not hesitate and let me know. Have a good day ahead!

Best Regards,

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