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I’m still waiting for a wp-version! ;-) Do you have any details? :-)

Hi adkorte,

Unfortunately, I’ve decided not to pursue making the wp version. However, if enough people request it I may work something out.

Best, Carlo

Hi, Great design. Only one issue, I was wondering if you could please provide me with an html version of the contact form?

Hi movingmel:

Do you mean the contact form markup in contact.php sans validation code?

Carlo, I would love a WP version of this! I hope you do decide to pursue it.



I’m waiting for a WordPress version too… ;)

Hey! love your template. But i was wondering how I go in and add blog posts and news items? where does the site pull that info from? I looked through the documentary but couldn’t find anything. Thanks for your help!

Carlo -

A WP version would be great!

I purchased the theme today and I am having trouble with the image of the little house used for the home link – it doesn’t show up when I view the site live. It’s simply missing. Not sure why.

Any thoughts? I’m using the site on an internal testing server at the moment.

Thanks! ~Annie


Hmm, that’s odd. Is the nav css edited? Are image paths pointing correctly?

Shoot me an email at hello@carlofranco.ca I can help you there.

Hi Annie,

Just wanted to follow up and make sure if you got your problem resolved. Let me know.

I recently purchased this them but have noticed some issues with the IE styles.

1. The borders don’t show in IE [8] 2. on the http://carlofranco.ca/templates/auguste/portfolio.html when you click on the grid that hovers don’t work in IE [8]

Any chance there can be updates for this?


Hi farrelley,

thanks for purchasing the template!

Re: Borders Are you referring to the border that wraps the entire layout container? I’m using box-shadow to create the bordered/shadowed effect. I suppose to workaround the missing effect in IE, simply add a border-style to #main-container on your ie stylesheet.

Keep in mind that by adding the border style, you’re adding 2px to the overall width. If you’re using the slider, you may need to ensure widths match so that edges align.

Re: Portfolio Hover Not sure what you mean by this. They seem to work fine in both grid/expanded modes?