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Good job, GLWS ;)

Thank you so much!

I had to Google “GLWS”. :P

Welcome to themeforest aathemes!
Your tumblr-theme is well organized; but I’m curious to ask one thing: the logo/text-logo/header is deliberately not included for some reason or is it an error? :)

Oh, I get what you’re saying. As of right now, that option isn’t available because I felt it took away from the organized/easy look of the theme. I am currently in the process of adding new features so I will definitely see if I can include that in the next update.

clear, I understand :)
Well done in any case, very solid layout. I wish you the best with your project and your sales!

Thank you! Same to you.

Awesome work ! Loving it

Thank you!


how can i add a submit page ? thx !!

i found (in tumblr settings )

Glad you found it. Thanks for purchasing.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I’ve never used Tubmler.. Is this a theme you install in Tumbler or is a WordPress theme to look like Tumber?

This is Tumblr theme meant to be used with Tumblr.


Great theme!! I love it but I want to know something before buying it. Am I able to change the color? I like the structure but not the ALL black color of the background and side bars. Is there a way to change it? Thanks.

Currently, you can only change the colors if you know how to fiddle with the CSS. However, I am in the process of including custom options that will allow you to change the colors using the customize page.

Excellent! Love it!:);


Great theme! Has a lot of the features I’m looking for…Also wondering: —Does this theme include a tag cloud with buttons? —If so, could you add it to the demo so we can see what it looks like?

Thanks, Metta

There isn’t a tag cloud feature, but you can add extra sections to the sidebar where you could include a tag cloud.

Ok. Thanks for your prompt feedback!

Nice looking theme. Looks good on my phone, too. But on the phone I don’t see the sidebar or even a menu. Is it possible to have the sidebar appear as a menu on a mobile device? If not, is it possible to create and display a simple menu of categories, for example, that will display on mobile?

I don’t need a full sidebar with all the options. I just want to give mobile visitors an option to see a simple navigation menu with a few links to pages or hashtags.

That’s a good idea. Instead of a simple sidebar, how does a drop-down menu at the top instead of just a “home” button sound?

That sounds great!

Awesome work!