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Hi, It’s possible to add a footer with copytight text? Thanks

Yes, please check help docs.

I’ve read the documentation, but I have not found the part where you speak of the footer


Please create a ticket in our support system: http://support.webbudesign.com

Is Visual Composer compatible?

Sorry wrong reply. Yes compatible but not tested with latest version.

We want to purchase Aura for our company but still have these questions:

1) Can we use a fullscreen background video in 9:16 format (not 16:9!) (playing automaticly) ? 2) Can we put buttons (website-redirect, share etc) on the RIGHT SIDE of the screen, ON TOP of the fullscreen background video? 3) Can we put a search bar on the header place?

Best wishes, E. Simmons

EDIT: 2 years ago, your Support answered the following question…

“Hi, is it possible to have a search bar where the facebook and twitter and email icons are?”


“You can do it by customizing the codes.”

( https://themeforest.net/item/aura-premium-mobile-theme/6956620/comments?page=3 )

Why do you tell me, that it is not possible? Did you get rid of the search bar opportunity?

Thankts for all the quick answers!! :)


I can not say anything about plugins because I didn’t tested.

Read my above message again please. I said: “1,2,3 not available as you can see on demo preview”

This mean this feature not available but you can modify codes or hire a developer for add this.

Thank you for your quick answers! You are absolutely right, I should have understood that! All the best, A. Ruß

I am thinking of buying but have a question first. When I view the demo on my smartphone and go into galleries it works fine when viewing the images in portrait. When I change orientation to landscape it goes back to the home page. Is it possible to view the galleries in landscape? Thanks

I didn’t understand the page but after purchase you can send me ticket if found a problem.

woocommerce I can use?

Sorry not supported.

Will the theme work with WP 4.6.1?


Are you still updating and supporting the theme? It has not been updated in a year

Yes, support available and updating only if found problem.

HI, I just purchased your template. It’s amazing! Would it work with regular html site? I’d like to keep desktop version, just add mobile separately. Thank you in advance!


Yes you can work with html but you have to redirect mobile devices to mobile site which created with Aura and Wordpress.

Dear Author, I purchased your theme with the hope that it is independent theme for mobile that will stay next to other theme. After reading your documentation it states that I need to install separate WP under for m.yourdomain.com for mobile if I want separate theme for desktop and mobile. I do not want to have two install and maintain the code base. Please advice me on how I can setup you mobile theme just for mobiles devices without separate install of WP. If that is not possible, kindly process my refund. Thanks.


Please create a ticket in our support system: http://support.webbudesign.com

Thanks and I have created ticket in the above system.

Is it full responsive for Woocommerce Shop use?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hello I wanted to know, if this theme can display the menu type app icons always? Thank you!

Yes you can enable auto menu open on web site entrance.

Will this theme work with the latest WP. Is it even still supported?

Hi, yes supported.

Befor I buy query: This looks amazing. We need to use this in Unity and the FIREBASE plugin. Is this compatible with firebase?


Sorry I don’t know, not tested.

Yes I know it may not be tested but I mean can we use PLUGINS with your app or is it CLOSED? ie: We would develop our own code too and our own backend with a mysql database or the firebase backend.

You can use any plugin like other wordpress themes.

Hello is it possible to add on blog entry a new button which will be redirect to amazon product site? Like on https://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/

and on the site “Portfolios”.. is it possible to add a video there too ?


1-) This need a code customization.
2-) Portfolio system not support videos.

pre purchase: can i enable custom menu by default, means when website open on mobile its menus open automatically, and on phone button if click, it dials call?


Yes you can define a menu for auto open .

Hello I’m interested in your theme but I have noticed that the last update was on 8 July 15. Is the theme still perfectly compatible with the last version of wordpress? Is it still efficiente? thank you


Yes compatible and if you have problem, you can always send us ticket from our support forum.


An wordpress import error occurred. (failed to import demo content) - Failed to import media ” Young woman Using Phone ” - Failed to import media ” modern business workplace ” - Failed to import media ” woman texting ” - Failed to import media ” put your dreams one step above “

Please open a support ticket using our Support Forum. We provide hands on support for all our customers there and it’s easier for you to get more feedback from our support staff.

Nice theme i have some Question 1- are the them support Arabic language ? 2- are support direction right to left 3- are support po and mo files ?


1-) No
2-) No
3-) Yes

Hi Webbu,

I would like to incorporate Gombo mobile theme (Landing Page) into pointfinder theme. This is so that I just need to create an app to link to my website without the need to create another app.

Can I do the below with Gombo?

Icons at Main Menu: 1) Home 2) About Page 3) Search Icon (click show search form) 4) Listing Page (when click shows another landing page submenu with different set of icons for different type of properties.) – 1) town house icon – 2) apartment icon – 3) property for sale icon – 4) property for rent icon 5) News Page 6) Contact Us Page

Thanks, Evan


You can’t use Gombo theme for search and show listing details.