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Beautiful work!!!! ;)

Thanks :)

Great job Kadir!

I wish you many sales, my friend :)

Thanks Valentin. :)

Looks fantastic! :)
Wish you the very best with sales!

Kind Regards,

Thanks Bedros :)

Tesekkurler :)

The menu does not show.

Please send me your wp admin info from my profile page contact form. I want to check it.

Ok. Thanks.

You’re welcome. Email replied.

Is it possible to make the iCon UI the main page? Like making the website work more like a Phone UI from the start? Thanks


Icon styles only available on the left menu. Unfortunately not possible to do this.


Do you support the Arabic language ?

There is no RTL support yet. But I will add that soon.

I have 2 questions: 1. I setup the Main Menu in WP, but it doesn’t show when I look at the Home page. Do you have any video instructions or a pdf? 2. How do you get it to show on a mobile phone, or .mobi url?



Hope this video helps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxrXI6aUW00

Also you can find related video tutorials in to the help documentations.

If I’m using a .mobi, how do I get the mobi site to show automatically when someone clicks on the link to the website using a mobile device? Does Google switch URLs automatically or do I have to insert any special coding?

And, where can I find the help docs the Help Docs you mentioned?


You can find help documentation in to the downloaded zip file. After unzip this file please go documentation folder and run index.html file. You can find information which you need while using this theme, in to this documentation.

I see that the iCon UI can have a dark background but can the content pages have dark theme too?


As you can see this admin screen shot http://bit.ly/1fKvy1f . Yes you can change content font and colors

It seems if I add a hyperlink to data inside table it breaks the table. Anyway to fix this? Thanks

Hi can you create a ticket with your shortcode + web addres Support: http://support.webbudesign.com

great theme! couple of questions

can end users submit photos with registering i’m looking at having a limited mobile directory where i would like users to submit pictures and comments within the listing/page

can this when completed be submitted to the ios app store and android google play store without further modifications

is there also a way for instagram integration?


For user submission you can use plugins like Frontend Upload Plugin. For IOS App support: You need to create a browser app for integrate with wordpress. But unfortunately we can not offer help about this. Our of support. For instagram: sorry not have.

Are there plans to make it possible to have the menu screen be the front page? Or perhaps automatically already open when a visitor comes to the website?

I can add auto open. Noted. When please keep follow updates.

will this work with woocommerce like your other theme?

Sorry no Woocommerce support on this theme. But maybe I add in future.

hello, I have a question about integration with desktop theme.

If i take option 1 with theme switcher to install theme next to desktop theme can i control the mobile menu pages ?

I want to change css, fonts and i have a 3rd party webstore.

Also i do not want to get punished by google for bad mobile site redirects so what is the best method. thanks http://www.branded3.com/blogs/mobile-website-hurting-search-rankings/



Yes you can control. I already told this in integration video tutorial please check it into the help documentations.

WP Mobile Theme Switcher doesn’t appear to be available from WordPress.org is their another plugin that can be used?

Hi yes you can use any plugin. And also you can find installable zip file for wp mobile switcher into the demo_content folder.


Hi, GREAT theme!!!

How i can get random posts in archive and blog pages?

Regards Ikh


Aura not have a function for it. But you can find a plugin for that action I think.


This is a great theme, however I have tried everything to override the global link color settings for part of my site. I can set the link color using the theme options, but part of my site needs different colored links. No matter what I do be it in CSS or inline with the individual link itself, this theme overrides it…


I will release an update for it today and remove the global link code. You will release an email when its done.

Thanks for report.

do u support arabic ? do u support RTL ?

Sorry not supported

Please do not upgrade until we release a patch for new WP 3.9. We are working on this case.