pi-themes does not currently provide support for this item.

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Is this no longer supported ? What happened to the preview ?

Er yeah… what happened? No longer available?

I think I found a good theme and I registered it with my Faberberry theme. Ask about the blog section before purchasing. If you are building a website with this theme, Do I need to create and manage administrator accounts? I would like to use this theme to put a blog page after building a website. How can I post a blog post?

You have a blog on your html theme. How do you post a blog like that?

hello, the select does not work. It puts in the database a value 0

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Hi, got an issue with my site where all the icons have dissappeared www.puretechss.co.uk – icons for social media buttons, contact etc gone. Thanks.

In your animation overview, only icons are used. How do I implement the animation in combination with an image – for example, on the index?

It would be a good idea if you answer a question. That is at least decent. Even if you do not support, you will continue selling. In that case you are not consistent and not professional.


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What happened to the preview?