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Hello, Before purchasing I have a few questions:

How much content can I put in a page before the section changes to the next? I’m creating a online story that would be divided by chapters. The left side would have images and the right would have text and some of the chapters have a lot of content. I would like it to look similar to this http://gather.ly/ Also how many Navigation items could I have, is it possible to have 20 (for each chapter)? Lastly what kind of fonts does this theme support? google or myfonts.com web fonts? Thanks

Aura is slightly different from the site you have shown. Aura’s left split is for title and related contents and the right side is for normal page contents. You can set a background image for left side. Considering the case of navigation, aura does not supports sub-menu there is no other limit for menu items. This theme has got embedded web fonts only.

Yes I understand but how much content can I put on a page before it goes to the next page? How man pixels height wise before it brings you to the next page?

There is no such limit. You can set as much you want it will automattically adjust.


I have a pre-sales question: do you know if this theme is compatible with any multiliingual plugin? I use Q translate and would love to use your theme, if Q translate (or something similar, I am open to try new things) would work with it.

Thanks, Claudia

We haven’t tested it with qtraslate but you can use it. We have provided po/mo files for traslation

Dear Designova, Looks a great theme. Was interested in purchasing only before doing so I checked it on the mobile and does not function so well. Is there a fix for it? Thanks

Its slightly old version now. Layout is so unique so as you may not feel good with mobile. We will periodically update the theme.

Could I use this plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/video-parallax-backgrounds-for-visual-composer/7049478 to insert video background at the image scroller?

The plugin you have shown is an extension for Visual Composer Page builder. We haven’t tested these plugin and visual composer with AURA, so its difficult to predict the result. I will rather recommend a customization method than using this plugin for video background in AURA.
PS: We are not proving customization for our themes

thank you, what about https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpmbytplayer/ , replacing a photo background at the left section of the split page?

I would rather recommend okvideo.js (okfocus).

Could to elaborate on that. Currently unable to do to any translating. E.g. would like to translate the “Send message”. Could only find an cmb-fi.mo. What files (and where to locate these files) should be created/changed?


For support queries kindly use our support system. http://designova.net/support.html

Tried to register to the support system. Account name and purchase code all ok… but never got the email with the password. (Yes…. did check my spam box!

Kindly drop a mail to wordpress@designova.net along with your purchase code. We will do it for you.

Hi, 1. Can we have submenu in the navigation menu(probably directing to more specific sections on right hand side). Like under about us> our team. So on the right hand side we directly go the team area and on the left side its written about us. 2. in the portfolio section on clicking the image, a very small image opens in the center. Will it support larger images. i.e. say the image being on screen is of dimension 1000px by 500px

1. Sub-Menus are not possible with AURA.
2. You can show larger image on lightbox. We have used small ones to reduce traffic usage in demo

CSS validation is not possible and it is not mandatory too. We are using Bootstrap grid for this theme. HTML errors are mostly because of stray p tags , we cannot strip them out as it is against theme development regulations

Hi designova, I have two pre-sale question: 1. Is it possible to have a fullscreenpage before the split-screen-section starts after scrolling down? 2. At the portfolio-section, is it possible to have larger thumbnails (at the beginning not just after clicking on them)? Thank you for your answers :)

Hi, thanks for your quick answer. And if I would code a fullscreen-photo at the beginning of the body-section? Do you have a test-sandbox?

Hi, Sorry to say that the test sandbox is not available. If you wanna add a fullscreen image you may fake that effect by splitting images in two parts and placing them on either parts of the section. Thats the only possible solution I can suggest

Okay, I might have a second idea how it could works, too. Thank you at first :)

I’m keen to purchase Aura, but would like to know if a lightbox style gallery can be used to hold videos? Or could this be swapped out for a masonry style gallery?


Sorry, only Lightbox images are available in portfolio gallery. You may use third-party plugins for masonry style galleries

Hello! Is this theme compatible with WordPRess 4.3?

Sure. Our demo site runs on WordPress 4.3

I would like to add a Vimeo plug-in to the Portfolio section to show my paid and non-paid videos will I be able to do so? When I look at the demo and push play on the graphics they are super small. May I control the size?

Its a basic portfolio layout where you can show thumbnails and image in lightbox. I think it slightly different from what you are looking for so you can need customize the portfolio block.

Hi there,

We really like this theme and would like to buy it, however we would require layered PSD for this theme. Would you be able to provide us with this? I am more than happy to pay a little extra for this.

I also noticed that the theme does not work well on mobile devices. Is there is a fix for this or a newer version that would work on mobile devices?


There is no PSD available for this theme. We scratch coded it when the idea sparked.

The theme has some glitches in latest devices which can be fixed by some additional media queries

Hi there,

Thank you for that.

In terms of the additional media queries, could you please elaborate on that and guide me in the right direction?

Still loving the theme though :)

We can help you on that through theme support. The theme has a Custom CSS field in theme options panel, so its easy to override existing styles or adding the new ones.

Hello, is this theme strictly one page? Is ti possible to have links to other pages that are not on the main menu?

yes, Its a strictly one page theme. Standalone pages are not possible


before to buy this theme, we would like to know if it’s possible to insert only images in the left side of the scroll split (i.e. http://www.constructionpapers.co/) and if it’s possible to create “standard” pages (full width pages, pages with sidebars, ecc..).

Thank you

You can set background image for left side (not as content – its a meta option). It supports split sections only, standard pages cant be created