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Very nice theme Good luck with your sales

Great design :) Good luck

Thank you :)

very smooth look – bookmarked!

Thank you! :)

is it possible to add more twitter accounts?

Unfortunately, the twitter API isn’t designed to give you that many results in one request.

APIs are generally designed to return small datasets to keep response time up and in turn encourages users to get a higher rate plan.

Question for you on a custom thing I am trying to do with your theme

I want to replace the countdown blocks with text fields that are styled the same way. Im using this for a side project where they will enter a 4 digit pin number. I want those 4 blocks to be text fields they can enter a pin into. How would I style a text field to look just like the squares for the countdown?


These are custom modifications and are not included within support. However, we would be happy to help you do these modifications for a small fee.

Please contact us via email if you are interested.

Thank you


With this template, when I look at it in IE7, it looses its format. Is there a way to get the rounded corners in IE7 ?


The theme is using CSS3 PIE, which is an CSS3 processor for IE 6-7+

There is known issues to that plugin which are out of my control.

First thing, make your you have uploaded the .htc file located in the same folder as the index file.

You can check if your server handles .htc files. The link below will give you some more informations on how to do it.

The theme has been tested within a virtual machine running Windows XP ‘stock’ with IE7

If you’re seeing problems in IE9 compatibility mode to IE7, that might be a problem because it doesn’t reflect the original behavior of the browser.

If you have no success, send me your website URL so I can check.

Thank you for your purchase,

Hey, how to add the twitter account? For the feeds?

In the latest version of the theme, it’s in assets/libs/twitter.php

Everything is explained from A-Z in the Theme documentation.