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I like it Disgogo! Very clean and elegant, you will do well with this theme. Regards, Big Bambi

Thank you! Bigbambi

Do you have the HTML / CSS for sale independent of a wordpress theme? I am very interested in this.


Unfortunately no. I plan to release it in about 2-3 weeks. Sorry…


Thats unfortunate. I guess I will have to actually do some work and build it myself. Thanks anyways (3 weeks is way too long)

Hi disgogo, interesting theme, is it translatable?

Hello and thanks,

The theme isn’t translable, but there isnt much to translate though.


Love it… Any chance of adding at least “one additional color” Bookmarked.


Yes, there will be additional designs, in about 1,5 weeks.


thank you for this theme. kind of timeless design. can you give me/us some details about the backend, maybe some screenshots? Is it possible to display a sidebar on the left? Can i use the slideshow for navigation and extend it with text and individual links (links for each picture)?


Thanks for the comment!

1. I will upload detailed admin screenshots in a day or two.

2. You can do this but you have to modify the style.css file in 3 places. If you choose to go with the theme please contact me so i can point you to them.

3. The original slideshow supported text, but i removed this feature because it was to complicated, but you can insert links for the pictures.


Very clean theme mate. Good luck with it.

Thank you!!!

i want custom slideshow!!!


Please be more specific.



You have an excellent theme. Just few questions for you:

1. Can i reduce the size of the homepage slider? its too big.

2. Can you help me add more than 3 text & image widgets below the slider

3, Are you planning to release few more colours for this theme?

Thanks, Raja

Hello Raja,

Thanks for the comment!

To answer your questions:

1. Yes you can reduce it, you must modify the index.php file and style.css – please contact me if you dont succeed.

2. You can put as many as you want in that area.

3. Yes, i’m planning to release an update with more styles in 6-7 days.


Nice design. tnx

Thank you!!!

WOW nice theme ! Lots of new features in one ! Rich and clean frontpage ! Specially THANKS for elements of control for every gallery items on frontpage , even in the posts and other !

A few questions : 1) What about dark color skin and box layout scheme ?

2) is it possible to use lightbox prettyPhoto ver.3.0 or switch off built-in lightbox if I prefer my lightbox plugin ? ( Lightbox ver3.0 seems wrking more faster ).

3) About this sample post : http://themeforest.net/item/austerity/full_screen_preview/127039 – is it mean that I can to split a big post for several small subpages of this post ?

thanks for attention Denis

Hello Denis,

Thank you for the comment!

To answer your questions:

1. Other color styles will be released in 6-7 days

2. PrettyPhoto ver 3 is already integrated, i’m afraid you cant switch off the default lightbox. Can be achieved by file modification.

3. Yes, this is a default feature of wordpress, but was heavily neglected in the past.

Thank you,

awesome theme!

Thank you!!!

Hey, great theme!

I believe your theme will fit perfectly to a new project we’re starting, I’d like to know a few things:

Can I have unlimited portfolio pages? We have a LARGE amount of content/categories to display and having portfolios would be the best solution to display them.

Am I able to post any content on the portfolio pages themselves, other than the gallery?

Is there a child pages widget or the possibility to create one?

if we need a few custom changes made, are you available for freelance projects?



1. Yes, you can have unlimited portfolio pages. Check the theme description you will find more infos there.

2. Yes you can but with a few modifications. If you choose to go with the theme please contact me so i can inform you.

3. I dont fully understand here, but for the default pages you have an sidebar area where you can put any widgets you want.

4. Yes, i’m available but only for minor changes.

Thanks for your interest,

Any closer to having the HTML version ready?


Still a no… I just started it….

Sorry for this.


Hi there, I do really enjoy your theme, there is just a little error appearing on my site:

The submenu doesn’t show up properly, there is only a grey shade to be seen. What did I do wrong?

Is there any way I can integrate a contact widget in the footer?

Thank you in advance!


Can you post an URL ? I cant think at something that can go wrong with the menu.

For the contact form widget …. sorry the theme does not provide an integrated contact form widget, but you can use a plugin for this.


the link is www.der-jurist.de

if I use the same menuentry as a child of one of the other parents it works fine.


Thanks for the comments and purchases. I am out of the office until Thursday, I will responded to all comments then. If is very urgent please send me an email.

Cheers and thanks for understandig!

Great theme, simply beautiful, just converted to wp after seeing this theme (I’m not a programmer, just someone who loved the aesthetics of the theme).

But, facing a problem here. It seems that 5 can’t see the images on slideshow and I’ve a 404 error when trying do “read more” on a portfolio garllery. I checked the cache folder and timthumb permissions, they were not set to 777, changed it but it is still not working. Bluehost does support GD library, but I still can’t get this to work. Anyone a little hand on that. The website is http://www.decadenceavecelegance.com/blog/ thank you!

nevermind, it worked!



I see that all is ok now. Can you please post what went wrong, maybe other users are facing the same problem.

If you have any other problems please contact me directly by email.


.../images/menu_sep.gif, ...css/assets/panel_bg.png << this file not found. 404 error.


Yes, an update will be available in 2 days.

Thanks for the info!

Does the theme come with a demo content that I can install?


Yes, you have the preview .xml file in the package, there are also instructions in the documentation.


Thank you, i just got it!