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My apologies for the late reply on website functionality, (this word might be used a bit too much in the post) I had written a response in the heat of a frustrating moment and it might have been ‘filtered.’

As to why I was and am still a bit upset is the lack of functionality with the galleries.

http://www.cssluxury.com/austerity/?page_id=73 – This gallery only serves to show 1 image per post. This is really just a different way of displaying a blog post with a picture. A set of pictures cannot be used here.

http://www.cssluxury.com/austerity/?page_id=71 – More photos can be used with this gallery, but the functionality is a bit off. The entire picture cannot be seen and vertical photos look very poor due to auto cropping. Also when a photo is clicked on, it takes you to a blank page with the picture. Redirecting someone off of your native page is a known and rarely used way of showing images. The only reason it is used ex: blogspot is to simplify functionality and be more ‘user friendly.’ In turn, it nulls the desirability to even use this template.

In the end, all I would really hope for is pageid 73 to open up lightbox, or pageid 71 have better functionality attached to it. With the way the ‘sample live preview’ is set up, it is not possible to know these short comings until trying to use my own content. Please do know that your site is very beautiful and full of functionality, the galleries though, have seemingly been left in the dust. A further discussion with you reveled that lightbox (or similar program) could not be used with the gallery pages. The only reason I could associate this with would be to save time on coding.

If there is some work around please let me know, I am all ears. In my bag, and almost anyone else who has a good amount of photos, has multiple pictures per gallery and they are likely to be of vertical and horizontal orientations.

*In the current state I have tried a few work arounds and this has left quite undesirable results often breaking the template.

Thank you, D.

Hallo D, i purchased your template and I’m trying to make it work. Unfortunatelly the gallery are not very usefull, i’m a photographer, and have the same problmes oh humenbean. i would like to use the gallery 73 and open a single lightbox with many pictures in each icon in the portfolio page. is it possible? many thanx. B

Got a response from the site. With out saying, they basically said no go on gallery 73. It can be done with 71 so we shall see if it works. MTK .

Hi Disgogo,

I have purchased your theme and I have a question that I hope you can answer.

Basically i am looking to make the blog section appear like a masonry grid structure (http://desandro.com/resources/jquery-masonry/). Can you tell me if this is possible?


Hello Jonwev,

To insert that effect in the theme, the blog page, in particular has to suffer a lot of modifications.

I hope you’ll manage to make it.

Best, Cristian

I’ve bought this item but unfortunately there’s absolutely no supporta at all. I’ve asked some adive and the first time Cristian replied very fast. I’ve had some other problems with this theme and never had a reply back.

This theme use a cufon font that works only if you don’t use any plugin like Facebook comments or Facebook Share. If you use these plugin there’s a delay (probably due to FB) that show the standard fonts and after a slight delay the cufon one. That’s unacceptable and Cristian never replied back to me about that issue.

Also, if you use linkwithin you’re unable to get the thumbs due to the way the theme use the images. Never received a reply also on this topic.

Due to these limitations I’m asking my money back to the developer.

I’m waiting for a response from him…


We as authors can not offer a refund on a specific theme. Only the Support Stuff can.

Please, go here http://themeforest.net/support and send a ticket explaining the refund.

They will sort it out.

Sorry you experienced problems with the theme.

Best, Cristian


First let me congrat you for this great theme.

I am planning to buy it for a client of mine. Although i have few questions before i proceed with the purchase.

First, at the home page is it possible to exclude some of the post tables in the middle of the page? i want to make smaller a bit the first page.

Secondly, do you include psd files?

thirdly, i will do translate it in Greek, so what kind of fonts are you using?because some are not working.

Lastly, because it will be for a construction company who sales some houses as well how possible is to create kind of real estate theme for each of the portfolio items. (i mean to include google maps, and tables like this)

Thanks in advance and congrats for your work! Nekmak


Thanks for your interest in this theme!

To answer your question:

1. The main page is completely configurable from the theme options. You’ll not experience difficulties.

2. PSD files are included.

3. This theme uses DistrictThin font. http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/District-Thin

You can change it if it doesnt have Greek characters.

4. You can create those areas by using shortcodes.

Thanks, Cristian

Hi, I have version 1.0 of the theme. Where can I download the latest version?



Login into your ThemeForest account and download it again from the “Downloads” tab.

That’s it.

Best, Cristian

Hi great theme, one question. I want the individual services posts to appear as child pages under services in my menu. Is this possible as they are not pages?



Yes it’s possible. You must configure them in the “Appearance>>Menus”.

You must work with “Custom Links” area. Insert in the URL input your service post link and in Label input the service post name.

I hope this helps you.

Best, Cristian


Maria I got past this by going to settings, menu, and then adding a custom link.

Hopefully this helps :)

Thanks Darren!

That’s the way to go.

Best, Cristian


My company bought this template some time ago. We stopped the construction of the new website, but now we need the finish it.

I’m having some question some of them I could solve some don’t.

For now can you please tell me where can i change the bacground color of the side bar the slideshow on the main page?


thanks! I downloaded the latest version…. if I install the theme through the Wordpress installer will it over-write the custom edits I’ve made to some of the files in the theme folder on the server?


Yes, you’ll loose the modifications you did before, but you can install it under a different name, and then just redo the modifications on the new ver.

Best, Cristian


Sorry again. I guess i didn´t explain my problem correctly.

How can i change the color of the grey bar under the slideshow on tme main page.

The bar that have the forward bacward pause and the dots for each image.

I really need to make it white.

Best, Bruno


I have a question regarding the top logo area. When i saw in the preview the item is white. Although, the one i download and install in the top is kind of grey but definitely not white.

Any ideas why?i searched but i don’t know what is it.

Thanks, Nekmak


On the main page featured category its only showing the same 3 categories when i click the ”+” or the ”-”. On your demo when I click those buttons the categories change, is there a way to fix this? Also one of the users on here purchased this theme and were able to make the categories scroll automatically, do you have any idea how they got it to shift through the categories on its own?

Thanks for your time!


Sorry for the late response!

For that feature area you must have a category with at least 6 posts (if you want to display other posts when you click the + and – signs, if you have only 3 those will repeat themselves).

To make that area scroll automatically you have to do a small modification in index0.php.

Find line 110, and replace

auto: false,


auto: true,

Hope this helps.

All the best, Cristian

Hello once again.

Well i figure out the issue with the colors but i have stil lfew questions/

1) because i am doing the website in Greek – the Cufon is not working in Greek. How can i change it?

2)i did the header (where the logo is) white in order to match with my logo, although the footer widget area became white as well. How can i differenciate it in order to give to the widgets in the footer another color?

Thanks in advance, Nekmak

Does it really have to take this long to get a response?

Yes there are 20 post in this category, and it still shows the same 3 post.

Hi, I’ve just purchased your template and I’ve a problem with first row of widgets. I’ve used 3 Text & Image widget but the appear in two rows intead of one. Even in the demo page I see the first rows as two rows…I don’t have idea why. Can you help me please?


Thanks for your purchase!

Indeed i see that now, on Chrome is a problem. Please open custom.js from /js folder, and replace this code (at line 40):

<!-- Add margin 0 (added on 10.02.2011) -->
$j(".footer div.box:nth-child(4n), .sidebar .widget_flickr li:nth-child(4n), .footer .widget_flickr li:nth-child(4n), #nav li:nth-child(4n) .team-holder, .sidebar .social:nth-child(5n), .footer .social:nth-child(5n), .wrap div.portfolio_box:nth-child(3n), .wrap .second-row div.box:nth-child(2n), .left-content div.services-box:nth-child(2n), .first-row .widgets .box:nth-child(3n)").addClass("no_margin");

with this one:

<!-- Add margin 0 (added on 10.02.2011) -->
$j(".footer div.box:nth-child(4n), .sidebar .widget_flickr li:nth-child(4n), .footer .widget_flickr li:nth-child(4n), #nav li:nth-child(4n) .team-holder, .sidebar .social:nth-child(5n), .footer .social:nth-child(5n), .wrap div.portfolio_box:nth-child(3n), .wrap .second-row div.box:nth-child(2n), .left-content div.services-box:nth-child(2n), .first-row .widgets .box:nth-child(3n), .first-row .box:nth-child(3n)").addClass("no_margin");

Thanks, Cristian


Is there anyway that you may answer to my posts that are posted more than a week now?



Please, can you explain to me how to add a the post title in a layer above the image in the main slideshow? This is very important. Thanks!!!