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Hi, there seems to be a problem with my blog. At the bottom of the page, it shows the following

1 , 2 >> Page 1 o1f 212»

Obviously there is a typo because there is a ‘1’ between the word ‘of’ (see o1f). Where can I change this bit of code?

Also, when I click to view page 2 on my blog, it reloads as page 2 in the address bar but still shows the content of page 1. Why is this happening? I can’t view older entries in this case (unless i use archives).

Please help. Thanks so much.

My url is sukiroll.com

:confused: when i imported your xml file for previewing the theme, lot of pictures are not loading, Also the slideshow in the home page dosent load, it returns an alert saying “Error loading image”.

Please helpout….

Still haven’t found a reasonable work around for not being able to show vertical images in the gallery portfolio page. Has anyone else figured this out? After trying to deal with the creators they doubtfully had any idea about people that use images.

The default portfolio does not work if you want to make ‘sets’ of images.

The gallery portfolio page doesn’t allow for vertical images and cuts off anything that is outside of 600×400. This is not documented at all.

I really hope themeforest starts reading these comments to see that these developers have no intention of making quality product, instead making something that looks great on the surface, but after spending 20-40 hours setting everything up, making copy, and importing files and photos that stuff like the above happens and there ‘is no fix.’

Either put a little thought into your templates beyond a pretty front page slider or stop making them and posting them here.

Is there any support with this theme at all? Sent a request by e-mail about a month ago and still no response! Bad form.

Hi There, sorry to let you know that Cristian hardly ever responds to support requests. This has been a problem for more than 6 months now.

I also recommend to test Austerity very well with IE9 , because it just might not work well in that new browser. I am using Austerity myself and have heard that some users have issues. Didn’t get to testing it myself yet, unfortunately. So test it well before you purchase.


Am really enjoying the theme so far. I am building on a temp domain until the site is finished and am having a problem with the featured category slide on the front page. I have added a sample post in the category selected but it doesn’t show up (or appears to zoom across the slide area at the speed of lightening). I’ve selected “Latest News” to appear here.

Could you please take a look? Perhaps my hosting is missing something needed to support the theme?

The temp domain is: http://pgfc.linux.hostaway.net.au

Thank you!

I’m thinking about buying this template but I’m curious if it plays well with IE9 . does anyone have any experience on the matter?

“Also, when I click to view page 2 on my blog, it reloads as page 2 in the address bar but still shows the content of page 1. Why is this happening? I can’t view older entries in this case (unless i use archives)”

Is this bug solved yet? Otherwise its no good prchasing the site!


I want to buy this theme but is it supporting a webshop (E Commerce)plugin? If so, do you have a suggestion which one is good and compatible?

Cheers Suz

I realized that the font, Cufon doesn’t support Japanese language. All I need to display in Japanese is H1 tag as I like to write my blog in Japanese and enable the title to appear. Is there any way to replace the H1 with another font that supports Japanese language?

Here is my blog site: http://zenideas.ca/blog-japanese/

Thank you.


CUFON FONT doesn’t appear on IE9 + Chrome. Even on demo page it doesn’t work. No Problem with Firefox and Opera. Only IE9 /Chrome make problems. Please kindly send a solution. Thank you. Michael

Same problem like Michael and need a soluton quickly. CUFON FONT doesn’t appear on IE9 + Chrome. Thanks. Olly

Same problem as Ollie & Micheal – Cufon font is not working on IE 9 ! Please send a responce.

Hello, I have the same problem with images, no image will load on any section of the theme, i get the loading image error, what is the solution???


I guess there is no longer any support for this theme? It’s a beautiful theme, but without support for image loading problem it is basically useless.

I just bought this theme and the slideshow does not work because there is an error in the loaing page…Please help!

Hey, I bought this template on 2011 and I am trying to install it again, it does not work. In order to get the updated version, should I pay again? thanks for any helping comment! mp

Hi I am a newbie to all of this. So please forgive this and any future questions I post here. I am trying to configure the “Follow us” widget in the sidebar to reflect my own social media, thew widget appears on my page by the icons lead to the theme developers’ social media, not my own where do I change this?? Thx.

Hi, we updated to Wordpress 3.5.1 and now can’t see any content in the backend anymore… Could you tell us how to fix this? Thanks, best,