Auto Rent - Car Rental WordPress Theme

Auto Rent - Car Rental WordPress Theme

N.B: Autorent version 2 is now available and compatible with all the features & functionalities of the car rental system plugin (Sold Separately)

Notice: This theme requires paid installation setup from our service partner in order have proper demo on your site setup for more information you can send a mail to the below mail address We don’t have any refund policy so make sure you are interested in this setup if you want to purchase this theme.

Auto Rent is a Car Rental WordPress Theme crafted with a clean & modern design. autorent offers a wide variety of options including a booking system and a very fast filtering system that allows instant search

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Item Description For 2nd Demo

AUTORENT is now compatible with Car Rental System plugin by KestutisIT (the plugin is sold separately) which includes the following features:

Top Features

  • Taxonomy & Metadata Searching Plugin – Angular JS ($22 worth)
  • Booking & Reservation System (WooCommerce) ($22 worth)
  • Build with woo-commerce
  • WPML Ready
  • Google Maps Support
  • Modern Design
  • Featured Properties
  • Accurate Property Availability Checking
  • Angular Based Accurate Property Filtering , Searching and Sorting
  • Date Blocking
  • Rating and Review System
  • Additional Person Price Scheme
  • Additional Resource Price Scheme
  • Custom Booking messages and Email
  • Send custom message to Property Owner
  • Home page Building Facilities

Additional Features

  • Custom Fields
  • Auto Generated GPS
  • Icons and Markers for Categories
  • Drag and Drop Home Page Rearranging Facilities
  • Custom Properties Search Box From 3 Different places
  • Drag and Drop Property Sidebar Making
  • Unlimited Sorting
  • Unlimited Google Fonts
  • Custom Pagination
  • Date Blocking

Features For AutoRent 2nd Demo ( FYI : CRS plugin that is sold separately )

Key Features

  • Visual Composer Supported
  • Build Pages with visual composer
  • 100% Native WordPress code
  • Unlimited cars, features, options & extras
  • Responsive / Mobile layout
  • Multisite & multi language support
  • Seasonal & regular prices
  • Price per day / hour / both
  • Car & extra blocking by date range
  • PayPal & manual payment methods
  • Confirmation email with invoice
  • Multiple pick-up & drop-off locations
  • Location working hours by weekday
  • Fancy car slider & price table
  • Item & extras availability calendar
  • Single or multiple cars booking

More Features

  • Developer friendly code
  • Bootstrap support
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Smooth update process
  • “Import demo” feature
  • Smart cars & extras manager
  • Different pick-up, drop-off locations
  • After hours pick-up, drop-off, fees
  • On/off switcher for VAT (off = 0%)
  • VAT display mode option for front-end to show prices with VAT or without
  • Set search fields visibility & requirement status
  • Set customer fields visibility & requirement status
  • Ability to edit existing reservation (chosen cars, time, location, extras, class, transmission, fuel)
  • Ready for big databases – optimal BCNF database structure for tables, keys & indexes
  • 100% ready for high-traffic websites – tested with 1M car rental customers databases with 500,000 active daily views website
  • Scalable & easy to extend on your own – clean object-oriented code, compliant with strict PSR-2 coding standards
  • Secure – 3 security layers to validate all input data, filter illegal API requests and protect from spam with ReCaptcha
  • Detailed log – for individual review of each API request
  • Conversion tracking – each reservation step is in different template to support Google Analytics or Facebook tracking pixel
  • Customizable emails with live preview – set different subject and body for reservation acknowledgement, confirmation and cancellation emails
  • Email tracking – each email content is customizable and supports Google Analytics tracking pixel and MailChimp’s UNIQID
  • Easy to use short-codes
  • “Crimson Red” & “Steel Blue” plugin CSS styles
  • Each car & extra has ability to have selectable options in drop-down or slider
  • Ability to set grace period & reservation timeout
  • Individual discount, deposit & prepaid plans for each car & extra
  • LTR & RTL support for text & images
  • 5 integrated languages with simple ability to add more languages


  • English (official)
  • Russian (official)
  • Lithuanian (official)
  • Arabian RLT (raw translation)
  • Italian (translated by NetHome, LTD)
  • Romanian (translated by Marius Stoica)
  • Spanish (translated by Ana Victoria Rodríguez Guerrero)
  • Swedish (translated by Kristian Salov)
v3.0.6(11 March 2017)

-  Google map issues solved both frontend and backend

v3.0.2(08 Jan 2017)

-  Product URL issue solved
-  Translation files updated
-  Autorent v2 mobile responsive issues fixed
-  Book now button issues solved
-  Some js issues fixed
-  Some CSS issues fixed

v3.0.1(25 Oct 2016)

-  Second demo booking confirmation issue solved

v3.0.0(20 Oct 2016)

-  Booking plugin updated

v2.0.9(26 Sept 2016)

-  Book now button disable issue fixed

v2.0.8(29 Aug 2016)

-  WooCommerce files update
-  Checked with latest wp
-  Update dummy data

v2.0.7(30 June 2016)

-  WooCommerce files update

v2.0.7(05 may 2016)

-  Compatible with Visual composer (Only 2nd demo)
-  Some js issue solved
-  404 issue solved for 2nd demo
-  image resizer error solved
- Minor css issue solved

v2.0.4(25 Oct 2015)

-  Sorting options added (new feature)
-  Sorting option cab be set from auto-rent option panel
-  Single car page tab title issue fixed

v2.0.3(21 Oct 2015)

-  Front-end price showing improvement
-  autorent-plugin-functionality plugin improvement 
-  autorent-plugin-functionality plugin make full translatable
-  Dgbooking plugin make fully translatable
-  Some improvement in ngfilter plugin for for fronend price showing.
-  Woo-commerce tab reorder 
-  Some css issue fixed
-  default.pot file improvement

v2.0.1(06 Oct 2015)

-  Some translatable string fixes
-  Default.pot and file updated 

v2.0.1(22 Sept 2015)

-  Fix home page get started image broken  issue
-  Fix get started blocked all posts show 
-  No. of related product shows control in car single page
-  Instagram, dribble , google+ social link added in about widget 

v2.0.0(18 Sept 2015)

-  Fix home page search issue
-  Fix home page search field index issue 
-  Fix multilingual search issue from home page search
-  made some some change in autorent option panel 
-  Fix some untranslatable string in car listing page

v1.0.9(16 Sept 2015)

-  Fix some minor issue of docs 

v1.0.8(15 Sept 2015)

-  Price floating issue solved
-  Email 1 , Phone 1 , Fax 1 in contact us page issue is fixed

v1.0.7(21 Aug 2015)

-  Pick up location and return location include in booking plugin
-  Booking info autocomplete single car page from home page search
-  Unlimited header background color and background image
-  Unlimited banner background color and background image
-  Unlimited footer background color and background image
-  Unlimited copyright background color and background image
-  Unlimited block background color and background image

v1.0.6(05 Aug 2015)

-  Fix translation issue 
- .pot and .mo file update
-  Fix some untranslatable strings

v1.0.5(15 June 2015)

-  Book a car in home page on/off option added
-  Buy a car on home page on/off option added
-  Send mail by word-press issue solved   
-  Active menu focus color issue solved
-  Login button on/off option added
-  Car icon on/of option added
-  Variable product fixed
-  Grid View and list view option select in car listing page
-  Cart page calculate total problem fixed
-  Google map on/off option added in car single page
-  Property Details on/off option added in car single page
-  Booking form on/off option added in car single page
-  Resources on/off option added in car single page
-  Persons on/off option added in car single page
-  Related product on/off option added in car single page
-  Tabs on/off option added in car single page
-  Some string make translatable
-  dummy.xml file updated
-  widgets.wie updated
-  dummy.json updated

v1.0.4(27 Mayl 2015)

- all dummy data update

v1.0.3(15 Mayl 2015)

- Dummy.xml update

v1.0.2(30 april 2015)

- search form on/off option add
- banner on/of option add
- and default.po file added
- Offline documentation update

v1.0.1(28 april 2015)

-Offline documentation included