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Hi, 2 days ago I requested support through the platform and I still don’t receive a response.

Does the theme come with a VIN Decoder plugin?


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Hi there, Can i use User Pro plugin with this theme please ?

The future of ThemesDepot

Hi everyone, I would like to apologize for my unavailability in the past a lot has been going on in my life. I’ve published a post on my website which explains what’s happened and what the future will be https://themesdepot.org/the-future-of-themesdepot/


PRE-SALES QUESTION : Once installed, are you able to set a set fee to allow sellers to add their listings to the theme, like a marketplace style?

Hi there,

Yes that’s the exact purpose of the theme. You can test the submission system through the live demo http://www.themes.tdp-demo.com/autodealer/submit-vehicle/

Regards, Alessandro.

Great thanks I’ll take a look

I am wondering about an issue I am running into this theme. I just started up a site with it and images show up fine on searches. But when you go to the single vehicle listing page, the image is black. I have gone into the interface and cleared the image overlay color, but this does nothing. When I inspect the image, it shows a black hover.

Just a quick follow up. I am still interested in solving this issue.

Solved this issue on my own. Thanks!

Is there anyway to add a vin decoder that auto populates the submission of a new vehicle. ie. Place the vin number in tab 1 of form and then it auto populates the form with the vin decoded information. Looking to purchase a theme with functionality or ability to expand ASAP.


I would like to make some changes to the functionality of the site, am I able to pay you to do this?

Here are the three updates:

1. There is no option to search a car by a distance. Can we add this?

2. I would like you to update the numbers of photos you can upload up to 20.

3. When you upload a vehicle the ‘vehicle address’ option does not seem to work.

Please could you give me a cost for this?

Thanks Josh

Hi Josh,

Apologies for late reply. Currently I’m afraid I’m not available for customizations.


I purchased this theme 2-3 years ago and only started using it now. I would like to find out if I can import stock from a ftp if possible? I am willing to pay for the support with this matter.

Hi there,

It’s only possible to import vehicles through third party plugins. The theme itself does not have the functionality.



Thanks for the reply.

Could you recommend some third party plugins for this please?


PRE-SALES QUESTION : Hello, i would like to buy your theme, but I’d like to know if it was possible to add a car via the form of submission and without paying, without choosing a package, without woocomerce, the car could be integrated in the database please ?

Hello, I have a question about vehicles which status was ‘Expired’ and move to the ‘Trash’ folder: once restored from the trash folder back into ‘all’ they’re not visible to edit them, although the number of vehicles shows that they are definitely there. - I need to restore these vehicle-items from expiring… Please help me solve this. Thank you in advance. Best regards


I’m very interested in this theme, do you still provide support

This looks like a great theme. I wish there was still support