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roca01 Purchased

Hello the theme is compatible with wordpres 4.7.3

Hi. I am keen to learn if I can add an ebay feed to this theme?

Hi there,

I’m afraid this isn’t possible.


Hello, I need urgent answers on my support tickets : #4550, 4566, 4686 (dated december 2016), 4688 (dated november 2016). Thank you

Hello, I will soon have to extend my support licence and get another 6 months support. Support was great at the beginning but what ’s wrong now ? Is it ok today ? Will all support tickets get quick answers ?

Hello again, All open tickets were answered yesterday, thank you. The weird thing is that I only got the answers in my mail box. They don’t appear in the support ticket platform unless I answer back to it. ?

Those are cached and will automatically updated every few hours. For now stick to emails.


We are looking for a template to manage multiple dealerships and their inventory.

What we need is a template that we can create and manage dealership profiles, have their inventory under their profile and easily managed either by us or by them personally with their own login.

Also, we need the ability to import inventory into their own profile and be able to export their inventory.

We would also have the need to be able to export all inventory (for all dealerships) to be able to import into our partners’ websites and have their branded information tied to their own inventory.

It looks like your theme may be able to handle all but the importing/exporting. Is this correct?

Many thanks always for your help in our decision-making process.

Hi there,

Apologies for the delay, I just got back from the holiday.

You are correct, the theme itself does not handle import or export, for such features it’s recommended you have a look at third party plugins such as


Hello, Could you answer TICKET ID #4699? It’s about RTL Problems Thanks!

Hello, I need urgent answers on my support tickets #4699, Please Advise Thanks!

Hi Themeforest, you can have a look at for more ideas and features.

Hello, I have open tickets dated nearly 10 days now, could you please check on them ? Thank you

Hi there,

Can you provide me your ticket ID so I can have a look? All tickets have been answered.


I just bought this in the past week. Support site has been down from day 1 and no answer from anyone.

Your account does not have a purchased badge. Furthermore tickets have been regularly answered during the week and site has been up with no issues.

If your ticket hasn’t been answered provide me your ticket ID and I’ll have a look it.