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Hi, I need it for WP :-)

Hi, I need it for Wordpress You will develop?

i need it for wordpress!


I need it for wordpress to. You have it? Does it support payment system? Multi language support?

WP please and I’ll buy 2 :)

This is very nice work,will have fun working with AutoMarket – HTML Vehicle Marketplace Template. Thanks :)


I agree, wordpress coded with all the functionality and the sales of this would double over night !

We gonna make a wp version

Are you planning on making a wordpress version? I would purchase this if it was for wordpress!

We gonna make a wp version

Any idea on how long that will take? When will it be available?

We hope to release it at the end of february.

Hi. You have an error in main.js Change $(’.upload-file-container’).mousemove(function(e) { $(’.upload-file-container span’).css(‘left’, e.pageX – 10); $(’.upload-file-container span’).css(‘top’, e.pageY – 10); }); to $(’.upload-file-container’).mousemove(function(e) { $(‘span’, this).css(‘left’, e.pageX – 10); $(‘span’, this).css(‘top’, e.pageY – 10); });

Kudos on your unique design skills. Rated this file 5 stars

Need it for Wordpress PLEASE! Thanks – Awesome Awesome script. Can we subscribe to a newsletter to know when the WP release is out?

Follow us to see when is online our wp theme

Okay thanks, brilliant brilliant theme.

Just want to add myself to te list of people who will buy the WP.

Follow us to see when is online our wp theme

great work, i am looking forward to the WP version by end of febraury

Follow us to see when is online our wp theme

I really like this HTML template, sure do I’m going to buy it, it would be amazing if you could do it responsive, and I think a nice compare table will also add a nice addition to this theme :)

Hi ! VERY interested by this theme for WP

BUT would GREATLY APPRECIATE the possibility to (easily) customize categories and tags used in filtering (search tool) : need to use the theme for another dealership (not cars).

Please let me know. Sure I’m not the only one (very) interested. Even with a higher price than average on Themeforest.

We will try to keep in mind your proposal

COOL, thanks !!!

And a way to pull existing makes and models from a central database or something. Because adding them one by one is a pain. Ive gone through so many scripts but this is the best Ive seen. EVER.

As new models arrive, one can add them one by one.

We will try to keep in mind your proposal

how does it save each vehilce? does it connect to a database or do i have to edit each page of html for each vehicle?

it is a HTML template, you need to edit each page. Cheers!

Hector18 – awesome work – give a WP version to this and your 2012 and we will buy both.

We gonna make both template into wp, 2012 will be first. Cheers!

Very nice work, it will be a success for sure in WP version. If it will have continuous development I´ll buy it.

Possible Development features: Responsive Edit/add/remove/order search fields Translation Ready Add features to the search list page like “New”, guarantee, private/professional, accepts other car, as a symbols for example between title and price. More sort options like kms, add date, etc Car details page showing car features with square/checkmark kind as you have in “add offer page” Show Total Results of the search criteria

Keep up the good work!

I’m getting an “Error Message”. [an error occurred while processing this directive] What should I do?

Send us a link with the online template