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Dear clapat, pls answer me in a simple (for u :-)), question… in the contact form when you submit the message it’s open a popup window and you press ok, i would like to ask if it’s possible to have a message next to the submit button Message has been send or if after the submit button i want the form to reset the fields to be empty. can you pls help me with that, i would really really appreciate it, Kind regards, xrisxal2000

i want if it’s possible a message next to the form that the mail is send and the form to be clear after that. Thanks


I’m waiting for WP version, good job

Hello, When you will do the Wordpress version ? Thank you

Salut, in ce stadiu de afli cu versiunea pentru Wp? Vreau sa o cumpar, dar nu in HTML. Super tema, felicitari!

Hi, can you please release a wordpress version, just like many people, i would purchase a wordpress version in a heartbeat.

I bought the Html version but it has been a hassle getting my developer to work with it.

WP please.. Do you already got an date?

Do you want help in creating the WordPress version of this template? I am a professional WordPress developer and have some time to help.

Is this website fully functional? Is there an admin login?

Hi, no only what you see in demo. No functionalities.

any responsive design?

Hi, i want to use this theme as a marketplace but not for cars. Is the theme customizable? Does it have admin login page?

Hi, only frontend – Html Template

Hello Hector18,

Is this theme going to be available in WP by the end of summer?

Kind regards

How do I change the map location?

Responsive? I would totally buy it for $20, even $30! I love this designed and was heart broken when I found out it wasn’t responsive! Any plans for that soon?

Sorry, no

I never buyed a template from you guys but i wish to. Your work is great. If i buy the regular license, how i install it ? Do i get all the js css and all the pages? Is compatible with Wordpress?

This is a HTML version. Only the front end

I bought the template and the site is already in use. But the site freezes on Internet Explorer. Is there a solution? Please help!

It has been a couple of days already while i’m waiting for your reply. I still don’t have a solution for the Internet Explorer issue.

I bought the template and the site is already in use. But the site freezes on Internet Explorer. Is there a solution? Please help!


Hi, please open a ticket on , with your issue, url , and info about what browser are you using. Thanks.

hi, Purchased yesterday and trying to customise the quick-search Select menu in the header.

Because its styled dynamically with the uniform jQuery-plugin its impossible to change the width of the <select>. In Firebug debugger i can see a ‘span’ is being used to show the selected item – how can i change the ‘Width’ of this dynamic span element?? I’ve tried everything – nothing changes it!!

Its obvious that buyers will want to put their own ‘options’ text in here – the default text ‘bike’, ‘car’ etc.. are short strings – i want the ‘span’ to be a little longer to show more of my longer strings. I know that its set to show ellipses and overflow:hidden and i don’t mind this but still need a slightly longer ‘span’ element – How do i do this??? – Please try it before you answer i don’t require a lesson in how to use css3.

You need to modify the width of “div.selector”. After that you need to create for this another background image to match with your actual width. Cheers!

hi Changed image width in Photoshop- works ok cheers