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If I saved the file as .php, would the javascript and jquery still works?

I didn`t try, but I think will work

Hi, I think there is an error in main.js line 200/218 When I select a image, nothing happens. Why isn’t the selected image getting uploded?

Hope you can help, thanks!

I can not set flexslider with animation set to true. I changed the file main.js so “slideshow: true”, but it does not work and the plugin does not do the auto-animation. How can I do?

I tried to modify. Works. This is how your script should be :

        animation: "slide",
        controlNav: false,
        slideshow: true,
        slideshowSpeed: 1000,

thank you. Now work fine. I didnt set “slideshowSpeed”

Hi , i got 2 questions - do you plan to really make a WP theme with this one , if yes i will take it ! When ?

-Do you offer your developper service, i mean i want to buy the theme and make it fully functionnal , could you make it, and what is the price for that ?

Best regards ,

Macey, J

I thought it is build on Bootstrap. Is there any plan to build with Bootstrap ?

Sorry, no

hi, can you make a wp theme? i can pay if you will do this for me?

i need to create a select 446px long (approx twice as long as those set in the template. How can i achieve this? Ive already created a new image 446px long. I don’t want to overwrite ALL the original selects i just want an alternative extra long select.

Which files do i alter main.css or uniform.default.css – and where??

Could do with reply fast i wasted weeks with Uniform in this template – its garbage. You could have removed all the uniform rubbish and just used Bootstrap its miles better.

Send us your website url and more details via email. Thanks

Hi, good template! Are you considered to make a responsive layout?

Thank you.

Sorry, no

Hi, Did you ever get round to including the fix suggested by, AlexFlom in this thread – it saved me from a second day of fault-finding and his thread is 11 months old yet his fix is not in the version i purchased a few months ago – Please update the template main.js file (and give Alexflom some kudos ;¬)

your theme looks great. well done. I have some questions about the demo of your theme: 1. when I click on the new cars or used cars button, the display does not change. it still displays all cars. why is this so? 2. when I click on parts, trucks or bikes in your demo screen, the screen display does not change. why is this so?

I want this as a Wordpress Theme. How much would it cost to make me this exact site as a wordpress theme

everything is good working. i do php very easily. but maybe you can make extra pages =)

and i cand find font. can you write how can i download fonts?

are you look after 1 year =)))

You can remove pie.js,

you’re very smart. I dont thought of it. ahahahah xD

Can i ask why at the beginning of this- you said you were doing a WP version and then decided not to? Any reasons behind that?

if possible for you, how can i fix footer heigh

If you want to increase the height of the dark line, please add this in css:

footer .layer-two {
    padding: 50px;

thank you

hi when you release wp version i love the theme and option can you tell me when you going to do? i’m waiting to buy it if soon will release.

Wp version was canceled

Hi. I regret this item is not responsive at all :(

How to install in Wordpress?

This is a HTML Template not a wp theme

When is done wp version?

Wp version was canceled.

How i need to edit the file? did i need to used notepad or i can edit it at my cpanel?

does the template is available in french?

This is a HTML template. You can translate in french by editing the html files. Regards

Hi i just got this templet today 9/19/2014. I been reading some of the comments on here about WordPress and if it Responsive. You said about 2 years ago in the comments that you were going to make it WordPress. Whats up with it??? Is it done yet or did you give up on it.

We canceled the wp project. Sorry