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Hi Hector18,

If you would like to team up and sell this together, I can code it for you, and we can sell the html/css/psd version together on themeforest. :) let me know if you are interested.

I’m looking for a suitable font, and all the time it’s not … slightly disappointed.

Nice kind, nice template ! Thanks for produce. :)

I’m glad you like it. Thanks

i have already finished the html version of this design. Hector18, if you need it, please, contact me via skype: alexei.eshchenko.


let me see it. Give a link please

Would really love to buy the html versions of your car/salon/food deliver PSD files. Please message me when html version will be ready and you will have you first guaranteed sales.

Need to know if these a paid fonts or not before purchase, listing them in the info would be nice.

I used Helvetica and Arial font.


that about extended license?

I don`t understand your question.

Im still waiting for HTML version. Do You work over it?

The wp version in in progress, but it take some time until we release it, because is a very complex project. Cheers!

Thx ;)


I’m looking for Auto Portal Theme in PSD or if you have html site ready. Please contact me via Skype: DUSSELLDORF

So that we can discuss my project.



Love to see (and buy) an HTML version. WP is not so interesting…

Any chance?

Yes. pretty soon. Follow us to see when is available. Cheers!

Great! Following :-)

Hi Hector, please I need HTML version. If you have, please let me know ASAP .

I would like HTML version too. WP can wait ;)

Do You know estimate time of html version?

I have been searching for this kind of theme! If it comes on WP I will buy it.


is the html version finished? i want to buy it.

i am waiting 2.5 months for html version? how long do we need to wait for html version?

Sorry, but we can not create themes immediately. HTML version is in progress. We created some new pages with nice functions. Cheers!

hi, i want to buy this theme but i couldn’t because your service doesn’t extend to my country, is there any alternative?

Only on Themeforest.