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I will buy it if you can get this converted to HTML/CSS.

After a certain number of sales we will decide to take the next step with site templates, WP and Joomla, but we don’t know for sure when… Thanks

Nice design. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you very much! :)

can people list and sell there cars through this?

Yes, there is a login, but for now it´s a PSD Template.

I would buy this without a doubt if you could offer it as an HTML file :) Super nice design.

¿Any update on the HTML? I also think it would be amazing to add a compare table in the HTML! (Just a request) ;)

cosio55, I just saw your profile, you are from Mexico, right? We also give Spanish Support, just in case you need it!

Accept a higher price, but it must also have a template only the PSD is wrong.

Kcko, Automotive – Car Dealer is under this category: Home \ Files \ PSD Templates \ Retail \ We are working on the html/wp version of this template, but its not ready yet. Please follow us and you will be notify as soon as the template is ready! Regards

Hello, Do you have a HTML version? Really needed :( thank you

still waiting :D haha just to you know… but tell me if it won’t came since i’ll need another one

Yes, I remember, we are working on it. HTML Version will be online in 2 weeks. :)

Hello, ok… let me know when it comes by simple replying here… thank youu! regards!

hello, Is the HTML format is ready?

15 Fully Layered PSD Templates and 15 jpg images.

how to install the template after i purchase the template?? Please let me know the details. Im bit new to PSD web templates ps. i want to purchase the template today.

imalshaK26, This Template is only PSD, you need to have and use Photoshop. There is no HTML here. I think is better if you wait a few days to have the HTML Version. We will make a Documentation file and if you need help we are here to give you free support :)

Is there a HTML for this yet? thanks i will buy it when its available i really want this

No, It is not ready yet. You will see it in our Portfolio. We are working on the final details. Thanks for asking!

Hello everyone!

We are extremely happy that we can present you a great product and provide excellent technical support for all of our customers.

If you have any pre-sales questions, please, post them here in the item comments so our team can answer them promptly.

If you have already made a purchase of Automotive Car Dealer Template and have any questions or problems please do benefited from our Support Center. We’ll try to answer all of your questions as soon as possible

CoralixThemes Team

Is there a Wordpress version of this template? If so can you provide me with the link?

Hello, Not for now, we are working on some real estate templates. Maybe they will also fit your needs. It will be ready for this week. Regards.

Hi there, I bought the psd version by mistake, can you please give me the files for this one instead? http://themeforest.net/item/automotive-cars-dealer-responsive-html5css3psd/4066571 Thank you,

Hello @federicapadovano, It is in the correct category: PSD. The html version is also available in themeforests: http://themeforest.net/item/automotive-cars-dealer-responsive-html5css3/4066571

Regards, CoralixThemes Team

can people sell there vehicles in this? Is this a full template?

Hello iroshmaxza, this is an psd template. Conceptually there is no user limit. However, you should have certain programming skills if you want to gesture a site like the one you are mentioning.

Regards, CoralixThemes Team