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For the pop up form om the inventory-listing, do I only have to edit the ajax.php and ente the private key in recaptcha_check.php? Or do I have to edit something in recaptchalib as well?

Neither. Just go to Listing Options > API Keys > Google reCAPTCHA API, set reCAPTCHA to Enabled, and then enter your Private and Public key :)

I suppose that’s in WP, but how in html?

Sorry for the oversight on that! Just inputting your private key in the recaptcha_check.php file is all that needs done in the HTML version :)

hello i am looking to purchase this theme, i already have the wordpress version i love it but its loads slow. i was wondering if the load time is any faster in html and if it comes with wordpress like features interms of page creation. is there a built in cms system??

Thanks for your interest. The HTML version is just that – HTML and CSS, there is no CMS or anything.

Hello, i want build a gallery, How can i release this. First picture as a thumpnail and with lightbox.- thanks a lot for your help

You can add the Portfolio shortcode to the page in Visual Composer shortcodes under the Automotive Settings tab, it is called ‘Portfolio’. Then you can select which Portfolio Items you want to display (that you previously added from Portfolio in the left column)

Sorry, i think its a mistake from me, but i want combinied the portfolio with a fancybox gallery – can you take a look to please ? thanks so much

Do you mean like this? You should be able to use the HTML templates that are included and just change the images to your own:

Hi, is there any update on this? This post was over a year ago and there hasnt been any movement. The page is still broken:

I’m interested in this theme, however I cant really see much of it. Is there anywhere else that i can see the theme in full working order?

Edit: This comment is in reference to:

The HTML Template is just HTML and CSS code basically, it is complete as far as all the page templates that are included, etc, however there is no database or ‘functionality’ or ‘administration panel’ as it is designed to be customized to work with a pre-existing system as you mentioned.

Thanks – I understand that, this is exactly what I need.

I can see that the page I shared initial is now fixed, I’ll have another scan through the template. Thanks

Sounds good, thanks :)

Have you had anyone use your template to sell boats instead of cars? I’d like to see a site showing that if possible.

It shouldn’t take more then a minute or so. You may have to install the demo content manually if your web hosting isn’t capable of doing it. This is covered in the documentation as well

I think it installed. At least it appears to. I’m getting an error “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias homepage not found”. That’s when I try to access the homepage with all the demo stuff.

If the demo content completely installed the slideshow would automatically be working. You can manually import the slider if you need to (the files are included), but first check and see if you see it under Slider Revolution on the left column.


Thank you fo a great template!

I am noticing that the contact forms didn’t work on Window Hosting Server.

How can I make the entry forms works?


There shouldn’t be any issues with the forms working with Windows-based servers, please open a Support Ticket including temporary FTP details to your website so one of our developers can have a look at this for you.

How can we change “Inventory” to “Stock” on the site?

I also notice the PDF Brochure” tab doesnt seem to do anything – see

Finally when I use the “Email a friend” tab it shows a huge image ion the email which hangs off the page and all fields are blank :-(

Please open a Support Ticket including temporary login details to your website so one of our developers can assist you with these items.

Hi I have a question. At the homepage i want to make a link to portfolio page using the filter at .coupe Is there a way to do this?

I have try to make link like this: ie.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to link this from a different page and have it filter automatically.

Hi, thanks for your theme.

I bought the template and finished the web site but I just recognized that downloaded version has mistakes on slider animations ( probably speed of animations ) but demo is working perfectly.

Now, even you update the template files, how I’m going to adapt theme files as it is already coded?

Can you assist me on this issue. Thanks.

Please open a Support Ticket including temporary login details so we can have a look at what is going on here.

Is there an up to date changelog?

hi, what must i change after your last update from may 2017 ? Thanks! for this great theme

You can just update your theme and plugins :)

yes i know, i only want know, what areas you have changed or css, or js ?Thanks

I have followed recommended documentation first with regular install and then according to knowledge base document manual uploading of Xml files and JSON scripts. I cannot get the demo content or images to show.

Please open a Support Ticket including temporary wp-admin and FTP login details and one of our support folks would be happy to assist you with this.


gfrow Purchased

This may be a dumb question and I’m not technically a web developer, do I make global changes to the navigation. In other words, I see that each page has the HTML for the navigaiton, which means that when I want to add a link to the menu I have to copy and paste. Will I have to reconstruct the menu in .php and do a <?php inlude…>? Or am I missing something?


1. The Automatic Importer unfortunately only works with the WordPress version

2. Line 3994-3998 in the style.css for the background color and line 3798 & 3846 for the text color


gfrow Purchased

1. Bummer. (I assume then you don’t have any options for that?) 2. Omg thank you!

We could customize something for you, but we would need a lot more information (ie are you wanting it to automatically create all the HTML, or do you have it converted to PHP and just want the information automatically inserted into a database, or how would you want it to work). Likely it would be quite a bit cheaper to just get the WP version and Automatic Importer plugin, but we can discuss it further if you want to send an email to


I am about to install this theme on a different hosting but before I would like to know if this hosting configuration:

Linux / Apache 2.4 / PHP 5.6 / MariaDB 10.1

will be 100% compatible with it?

Thanks in advance,

Yes, any supported version of PHP will work fine, PHP 5.6 will be supported for another year ( ) and Linux / Apache 2.4 / MariaDB 10.1 is recommended so it should work perfectly.

Thank you!, I installed it but the contact form didn’t work, Can you help me?

Please open a support ticket at and we would be happy to look into it for you

On the Google Map on the index page is it possible to place two or three location pins? (html version)

This would require some modification in the js/main.js in the init_google_map() function, currently it is setup to only support a single pin

Hello All. Great theme! I was wondering if there is a way to remove the menu on certain pages. I would like to create SEO landing pages and have the option to remove the menu from the top of the page on these custom pages. Thank you in advance for any help.

This is the HTML Template (I see you had the same question on the WordPress theme), but in the HTML Template you can just remove the HTML code for the menu or comment it out on those specific pages:
<!-- menu code -->

I purchased this item but think i’d be better off with the wordpress version. Can you help me make that happen? What do i do? thank you

If you haven’t downloaded it yet just open up a refund request and it will be approved and a full refund will be given. If you have already downloaded it then unfortunately it would not be eligible for a refund: