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can we do auction on listing?

Yes it is. There is also a ‘Replace Price Text’ option that allows you to configure custom text to replace the price.

can u tell me how to update Slider Revolution & WPBakery Page Builder

After the latest update there seems to be some recaptcha errors that are generated when rendering my homepage and preventing the vehicle slider from loading. I have gone through and double checked the actual Google api keys and I have cleared any cache systems that are active on my site.

Any chance this is something you are aware of?

EDIT: Im also getting an error on the actual Google recaptcha page: We detected that your site is not verifying reCAPTCHA solutions

Possibly a coincidence the slider isnt working and Im now getting errors. Im still investigating. Let me know if you are aware of any issues.

Fixed the recaptcha issue (unrelated) but I did figure out the problem with the vehicle scroller… it wont display sold vehicles like it would before I updated but will display anything else.

Do you have Listing Options >> Inventory Page >> Sold Vehicles set to Show? If not just toggle this on and that should display them. If you do have this toggled on and they are still not showing up please open a Support Ticket including temporary login details to your website so we can have a look at it. Thanks! :)

Hi, Is there any method to export that data using rest-api? Or better yet are there any compatible pre-built apps that i can use with your theme?

We have an Automatic Exporter plugin to export data, if you send an email to sales@themesuite.com we can send you more information :)

Hi, I’m having compatibility issues between the Automotive Listings plugin when using RankMath SEO ….. I have contacted them, and they have asked me to contact you.

I have noticed that when I try to edit pages or posts, I’m presented with the following :

Performer Cheif Executive / CEO

There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

As soon as I disabled the ‘plugin’ – I can edit the pages / posts no problem.

Equally, if I disable the Rankmath plugin – all works fine. I just can’t have both running at the same time?

It looks like there was just a conflicting name, we have adjusted it so it will work with their plugin. It will be fixed in the next release coming out later today or tomorrow. :)


I bought this theme ages ago and I am trying to use it now.

I like the look and feel of the theme, nice job.

Why can’t you give us a downloadable link for an example of a CSV file with the correct columns?

I would like to create my own CSV file and upload cars in bulk.

All I need is description, make, year, images.

Can you send me a downloadable link of an example of a dummy CSV file so I can see the correct names of the columns that is used and I can replicate this ?

Hi Shaun – We emailed over an example CSV for you :)

I have already buy this theme i want to buy another licence for new website. We want to attach stripe payment gateway is this possible to attach stripe

If you are using WooCommerce with the theme for payments then yes Stripe is supported out of the box. Our Front End Submission plugin also includes Stripe and PayPal integration, but this is a premium plugin sold separately from the theme. If you would like more information on the Front End Submission plugin please send an email to sales@themesuite.com :)

Hello! When I’m selecting my new footer the default one still shows up above it. When selecting “No footer” it still shows up. I want to make a custom footer on only one page. What’s the best way to do that?


In order to hide the footer you would need to use some custom CSS and place it under Theme Options >> Custom Styling >> Custom CSS. If you are not comfortable doing this and would like a quote on having us customize it for you please send an email to sales@themesuite.com with the details of exactly what you are looking for. Thanks! :)

Is it possible to have a custom top/header logo on only one page?

You would need to use some custom CSS to hide the header area and logo on that page, and place your custom code under Theme Options >> Custom Styling >> Custom CSS

Hello, does this theme able to turn into a classified ad listing website?

You would need our Front End Submission plugin to allow users to post their own ads. If you want to send an email to sales@themesuite.com we would be happy to send you more information on this plugin. :)

Hello. I am considering to buy the theme here. I am having a 500mBit internet connection, and I think the theme seems quite slow, compared to other WP themes. Is that something you have heard before?

Which PHP version is the theme build on – 5 or 7?

Best regards

It is one of the best performing WordPress themes for listings, I’m not sure why you would experiencing a delay. It loads instantly for me here. Was it slow on the experience site test driving the admin panel, or on the demo site ?

We always use the latest versions of PHP, our demo and experience sites are both running the latest versions of PHP 7.4. We also support any other currently supported versions of PHP: https://www.php.net/supported-versions.php

hi i have added 40 to 50 listing i want to buy another licence for new domain.my question is can i use these listing in new website and activate theme with new licence

Yes, just go to Theme Options >> Update Settings >> ThemeForest Automatic Updates and click the link that says Reset. Then you can duplicate your site on your new domain and reactivate your licenses on each domain name/site.

in this way my first domain data will remain save i mean i want to run 2 websites with same listing data with 2 licence

You could run our Automatic Exporter plugin on the first source site and then our Automatic Importer plugin on the second destination site to automatically keep them synchronized. If you would like more information on these plugins please send an email to sales@themesuite.com

Hello, I acquired two licenses in the past (long time ago) – but with each new update, my DE-language files are completely wiped away? Is there a reason why after each update of the theme the theme and the listings plugin remove previous language files (which did not change!)? This is an annoying bug.

What is the path you are saving the translation files to?

wp-content/themes/automotive/languages (de_DE.mo and de_DE.po) and wp-content/plugins/automotive/languages/listings-de.mo and listings-de.po)

That is what your problem is, WordPress deletes the theme and plugin folders when it upgrades them. If you refer to the documentation you should be saving them under wp-content/languages/themes/ and wp-content/languages/plugins/. Please also note you may need to prefix the files with ‘automotive-’ e.g. ‘automotive-en_US’. Please refer to the documentation for more information. If you need further assistance please renew your support and open a Support Ticket including temporary login details to your site and FTP. Thanks! :)

Hello, very nice looking theme might be i will order one. I have a question, I see in the theme have two “plugins” [Slider] and [Listing]. This price of $79 will include license for this plugin also or need to buy them separate? And the second i found bug, in demo when share a single listing car in facebook counter doesn’t count(share count), is this only bug live version? I didn’t check pinterest count and others. Thanks, Themesuite!

Thanks for your interest in our products! The $79 price includes the Automotive theme and the bundled plugins (Automotive Listings plugin, Slider Revolution plugin, WPBakery Page Builder plugin). We had a look at the Facebook bug and it appears that the Facebook service is temporarily down, the return coming back from Facebook says (#2) Service temporarily unavailable. We will keep an eye on this, but I suspect Facebook should have it back up and running shortly. :)

Hi, please seems there’s a bug, inputting new listing but when you select gallery image and publish it saves with no image.

We have responded to your support ticket :)

Hi, would it be possible to add a “Concession” price to the original price? That way is could show both prices?

Yes, there are 2 prices you can add to each listing – Original Price or MSRP, and Current Price or Sale Price. If you need further assistance with this please open a Support Ticket so we can assist further. Thanks! :)


QuizToon Purchased

HI, We purchased this theme a few years ago and got behind with updating it. I have a couple of questions.

1. Can we upgrade from version 8.5 to the current version 2. Is there a way that we can make sold vehicle show after any unsold vehicles or can we have the sold vehicles on a page of their own 3. If we create a subscribers form what is the best way for them to get an email when a new vehicle is added. Can this be done from within this theme or would we need a plugin that is compatible?

We would be happy to renew the support for the product if required.

Many Thanks


QuizToon Purchased


1. Yes you can, as with any upgrade we would recommend that you have a backup of your files and database prior to doing it in case you run into trouble.

2. Yes and Yes. You can push the sold listings to the bottom under Listing Options >> Inventory Page >> Sold Listings to End and you can also easily make a new page and set it to display sold listings only in the shortcode settings for the Inventory under Sold Listings Only.

3. We do include Mail Chimp integration for sending newsletters to subscribers, but as far as automatically emailing users new listings it would probably be best to use a plugin for something like this.

We do prefer for customers to open a Support Ticket for any support-related inquiries, so if you need further assistance we would sincerely appreciate you renewing your support and opening a support ticket. Thanks! :)


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