Discussion on Automotive Car Dealership Business WordPress Theme

Discussion on Automotive Car Dealership Business WordPress Theme

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Hi to all! Is it possible to set two different slugs for two different types of vehicles? For example, one category would be “Second hand” and another for “Rental”. In practice I would need two different slugs in the seo links.

Thank you very much!

Hmm I’m not 100% sure I’m understanding, if you are wanting to have 2 separate Inventory pages (one for Second Hand and one for Rental) you could just create 2 separate pages and set the permalink for each page. Then use the Inventory shortcode to set up the inventory to only display that specific category on each page accordingly. If you need more assistance with it please open a Support Ticket with some more information and we would be happy to assist further! Thanks :)


Even if you choose to hide price for sold vehicules, the financial calculator is still showing it. Financial calculator should not be visible for sold vehicles, or at least it shouldn’t show the price.

Great theme anyway, a lot of possibilities, easy to setup and more than reasonable price.

Thanks for your kind words and suggestion, we will take this into consideration for a future update! :)

Hello – is there a way for the automotive theme to show “Miles / Kilometers” on the trade-in form, currently it only says “Kilometres”

Yes, there are few different ways you can do about it. Please open a Support Ticket if you need assistance with it.

I have a presale question. I want to add all the vehicle data through VIN. Is it possible in your theme?

We include integrated for Free VIN Check (which is fairly basic information, but it’s free) and also Edmunds (if you are an Edmunds dealer that has access to their API), but outside of these 2 providers we also have premium plugins for 4 other VIN decode providers if you which to set up an account with one of them. If you would like more information on these please send an email to sales@themesuite.com – Thanks! :)

Can you guide how free VIN check works and how edmunds works. I see the demo and try to add free api key but I didn’t understand how it’s works and how it help while adding new car

Sure, it’s pretty straight forward. Just go to Listing Options >> VIN Import Settings and set Free VIN Check as the default, then enter in your Free VIN Check API Key below. After that you can access all the functionality from Listings >> VIN Import


ogabawo Purchased

The search widget on the home page goes to a 404 page, is there a way to resolve this?

Likely you have some sort of configuration issue. Please open a Support Ticket including temporary login details to your website so we can investigate. Thanks! :)

Hi, after WP update to 5.9.3 my listing page doesen’t work. If I try to add new car or edit the old one I get the message “There has been a critical error on your website”. Also I can’t open or edit any page or post. Is there any problems with Automotive listing plugin? When I put him back on version 17.1 and set php version on 7.4 everythig works normally. But that’s not solution. Any advice?

Thank’s in advance.

What is the PHP error you are getting in your PHP error_log? The latest version of our Automotive Listing plugin supports 7.4, 8.0 or 8.1. We do not support versions of PHP that PHP themselves no longer support: https://www.php.net/supported-versions.php

If you would like to open a Support Ticket including temporary FTP and wp-admin login details to your website we can debug the problem for you.


lniass Purchased

I have the standard license. I went through an agency that was customizing it on their server before deploying it to my server. How do I make sure that my server will be the only one to have the license to use the theme? Currently it is not allowing me to update on my server for some reason. Any solution for that? Thanks in advance

As long as your website shows Envato Account Connected under Theme Options >> Update Settings then it is the only site that is licensed. If it is not connected, and you click Login with Envato and it shows License already in use, then you will need to reset your license ( https://support.themesuite.com/kb/faq.php?id=15 ) and then try connecting your account again under Theme Options >> Update Settings

Hello. I have a problem when trying to change the layout of the body to box, it does not make any changes and it does not clear cache. how can I solve that?

You can change it to Boxed under Theme Options >> General Settings >> Body Layout. If for some reason that is not working for you, please open a Support Ticket including temporary login details to your website so we can investigate. Thanks! :)

Hello Author,

I have purchased this theme years ago (roughly 7+ years ago) and have had no issues up until now. Everything was working properly and I would update the theme along with plugins every so often. My most recent update, made the website slower and so far I get an “internal server error” message. I called my hosting thinking it was a fault on their end and they’ve trouble shooted my website many times but the errors keep happening. They told me it is a problem on the theme side of the end and to try and re-install freshly. But I am not able to log in or anything. Can you please reach back, I run a business and need my website running ASAP

Hi otto_med – Glad to hear you have been enjoying the product for so long, but sorry to hear of your recent trouble. This is quite possibly something related to your web hosting or server configuration, but if you would like to open up a Support Ticket including a temporary FTP & wp-admin login and we will be happy to assist you in sorting it out. Thanks :)

Hi – I am trying to disable Google Fonts, so I added the @font-face for the local downloaded fonts in Custom-Styling. But there are still Google Fonts loaded. How can I disable this?

Please open a Support Ticket and one of our developers will be able to assist you with this. Thanks! :)

Dear themesuite, unfortunately we don’t have support plan. Is it difficult? I assume that many people will need to deactivate Google Fonts due to GDPR

We don’t currently have an option to disable it, so it would be a bit more involved than just toggling off an option in the control panel. I just did a quick search on the WordPress Plugin Repository and it looks like there is a plugin for this, but that being said we haven’t tested it. Give it try and let us know if it works for you: https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-remove-google-fonts/ If the plugin doesn’t work we can add this to our list of Feature Requests as it is a good suggestion for a feature to add.

We’ve been using this plugin. But this can’t handle if listings are reached to even a 2000. We’ve uploaded 20k listings… and this plugin is super slow. Is there any way to optimise it? I don’t think this all about system or database. I’ve created my own plugin to show data in front-end and that is faster. Also in the backend listings.. all search, sorting etc is super fast in comparing front-end.

How can it be customized to be faster from front end?

We have had customers use our product with more than 2,000 listings without any trouble. More than likely this is a server-related limitation, or a configuration issue. If you want to open a Support Ticket including temporary login details to your wp-admin and FTP we can do a query debug to see if there is anything else that could be done to further optimize it. We do have a filter that’s used for the wp_query called “listing_args” which you might be able to utilize to optimize it from your child theme.

Our support has been expired. So.. will it work if I share screen recording through a URL?

You will need to renew your support on ThemeForest and then open a Support Ticket for us to assist further.


Great theme,

After updating WordPress my Search Inventory Box no longer is working correctly. It seems very similar to a problem you supported in the past:

The drop-downs on the SEARCH OUR INVENTORY box now both show “No Options” for each.

If I go into Listings > Body Style and Listings > Transmission etc, I can see the options I added fine so I seem to have done this OK.

Can you advise?


Hmmm, strange. I can’t seem to find any support tickets with similar issues. Can you provide a link to the page with the Search Our Inventory widget problem?

Here you go, on the bottom of the page: https://milesendmotors.ca/

This appears to be a configuration problem. If you need assistance configuring it please renew your support on ThemeForest and open a support ticket at https://support.themesuite.com including temporary login details to your wp-admin panel. Thanks! :)

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to filter out listing with the sold status in the inventory widget? As we like to keep our data to show customers what they could get for what price, but don’t what it to show up in our current showroom room listing page. Thank you in advance.

Yes, you can display only the sold listings by adding either ?show_only_sold or &show_only_sold to the end of the URL depending on your permalink structure. ie: https://demo.themesuite.com/automotive-wp/?page_id=191&show_only_sold

Also if you want to hide all of the sold cars from the main listings just change the setting Listing Options >> Automotive Settings >> Sold vehicles to Hide and this will display all the cars not set to sold (and you can just link to the URL with &show_only_sold to show your sold cars).

If you need any further assistance please renew your support on ThemeForest and open a Support Ticket. Thanks :)

Hi, than you for all the good work, it has worked very well for me. I have translated all strings with loco translator and it worked perfectly. In the single listing page I can not find were to translate the “Show all images” text. can you please help me find it? thanks

Thank you for the kind words! I’m not seeing that text, do you see it on our demo site? Could you send us a screenshot or a link where we can see it?


selimr Purchased

It says in the description that the theme offers auto-import for your inventory via “available add-on extensions”. How is this done?

Please send an email to sales@themesuite.com and we can send you more information :)

Hello, I have updated the Wordpress CMS, your theme and all the related plugins and no more images are loaded in the Listings gallery … Why? how do i solve?

The PHP version is 7.4.

Screenshot: https://capture.dropbox.com/sSzZGFQHyEujaJm7?src=ss

PHP 7.4 it fully supported, I don’t think that is the issue. I would check for errors in your console and try disabling any 3rd party plugins you may have added. I just searched our support tickets and don’t have any other reports of this happening. If the above suggestions do not resolve the issue, please renew your support and open a Support Ticket including temporary login details for FTP and wp-admin so we can debug the issue for you. Thanks! :)

We just figured out the problem. It does not accept images exceeding 1MB in size. If instead the weight of the image is under 1MB, it adds it. How do you fix this version in your template?

I count on your understanding.

More than likely has nothing to do with our theme or plugin, however if you email over temporary FTP and wp-admin logins to support@extremesurf.com we will login and verify that it is not a problem with our products.


genkopc Purchased

hello, please tell me where i can put my google maps API in order to make maps work in my website. Appreciate your help

Listing Options >> API Keys >> Google Maps API

Hello, I would like the maximum number of columns in inventory to be 3, even on screens of more than 1200 pixels. Please, what CSS code should I use?

This would require some customization that is not covered by the scope of theme support. If you would like a quote on having us customizing this this for you please send an email with the details of what you would like to accomplish to sales@themesuite.com and we would be happy to discuss further. Thanks! :)

I am trying to submit the contact form on my website, but it is stating there is a recaptcha error. The theme was just updated to its most recent version. What could be the issue?

Where can I find the Listing Options menu?

This contact form was working perfectly fine for years, so I don’t understand how it just stops working.

You can find the Listing Options in the left side of your WordPress wp-admin panel. If you don’t see it, make sure your Automotive Listings plugin is installed and activated. I’m not sure why it stopped working, but something definitely must have changed. I would recommend you review your error logs and discuss with your web host to see if anything changed on your web server around the time it stopped working.

Suggestion: Can you add a feature to delete listing images when the listing is taken down? Have 20k images from old listings eating space.

You can find this option under Listing Options >> Automotive Settings >> Delete Associated Images :)


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