Discussion on Automotive Car Dealership Business WordPress Theme

Discussion on Automotive Car Dealership Business WordPress Theme

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dragoshs Purchased

Can you reset my license please? I don’t have access anymore to support. Thank you.

You can reset your license on our support site at https://support.themesuite.com under My Products. You don’t need to have active support in order to reset your license.


ishaqgul Purchased

can you please remove license then i can install to my main website because i can upload /demo site but now license never allow me install this site some where


ishaqgul Purchased

done thanks

Glad to hear you got it sorted out! :)


iupp337 Purchased

I want to register in bulk using CSV/XML. What should I do? I’d like to get a form if you have it.


iupp337 Purchased

Discover a website for car dealers that converts visitors to customers << How can I correct this part?

Depending if you want to import or export via CSV or XML you would need either our Automatic Importer or Automatic Exporter plugins. I wasn’t sure exactly what you mean by ‘register in bulk’, but it sounds like maybe you are importing? You can send an email to sales@themesuite.com for more information on these plugins.

To change the Call To Action area you just need to edit the page, and then you can change this field under Call To Action in the right side column. In the future for support-related inquiries such as this, please open a Support Ticket at https://support.themesuite.com – Thanks! :)

Hello, I do get the message ” It doesn’t look like you have entered a valid ThemeForest Username & API Key. To receive updates for the plugin you must validate this information in the Update Settings section.”

When I try to select the purchase code he is saying I have only 1 which is in use. Which is correct but I used it for this website.

But now I am unable to select it, how can I reset this so I can select it again?

You can reset your license on our support site at https://support.themesuite.com under My Products

I get error: There was an error trying to reset this purchase code

Please send an email with your purchase code to sales@themesuite.com


Can you add external links to the listings?

Like a CTA Button “Go to dealer” – Linking to an external website?

Yes, you can create your own sidebar under Appearance >> Widgets >> Single Listing Page to do this

Hello Guys, hope you can help us =)

We’re producing a website using this theme, and we need to use an custom function on the single listing page slider (The one that show the car photos)  In the default setup, we’re unable to swap to other picture by the arrow on the end of the slider, only if we open the “lightbox mode” the we can do this, and our client is asking for this a lot to swap pictures without the lighbox :(  Is there any solution for this?

Please open a Support Ticket and our development team should be able to assist you with this. Thanks! :)

Working with the relatively NEW Elementor Listings LOOP option, to add Vehicle Option(s) would an Automotive Element be dragged over or better to use the custom ShortCode Element??

Currently, we have Listing Image, Title, and Excerpt Displayed. We would like to add a Listing Featured / Highlighted Option or two. We don’t want these to APPEAR like a typical Inventory Listing.

Please open up a Support Ticket clarifying what you mean maybe with a screenshot and our development team can better advise on this. Thanks! :)


funkco Purchased

Is it possible to have the vehicle scroller to show in a grid view?

No, but you can have multiple scrollers in a row


rhillig Purchased

Is there any way to reduce the height of the secondary header on the top of each page? I have searched all over the site & do not see a place where the heigh for this is set.

You would need to use some custom CSS and place it under Theme Options >> Custom Styling >> Custom CSS or under Appearance >> Customize in WordPress. Please note that custom code is not covered under the scope of theme support, but if you need customization assistance you can send an email to sales@themesuite.com and we would be happy to give you a quote. That being said, here is the CSS code for the default secondary header height and the padding to adjust the height of the headings and breadcrumbs:
#secondary-banner { height: 302px; padding-top: 160px; }

Following up on this – can you scroll pictures or logos behind the secondary header? Is there a place to see what can be done in each section?

We don’t have an option in the control panel for scrolling pictures or logos behind the secondary header so this would likely require some custom code. The best place to refer to for options available is the documentation included with the theme.

I have problems with the theme update I have updated it in these 3 ways and it keeps telling me that I have version 12.9 and that I have to update to version 12.9.1 - From the control panel of the theme, logged in with my themeforest account - From wordpress themes->update theme - Downloading the themeforest update file and uploading it via FTP

Please check to make sure your account is connected under Theme Options >> Update Settings. We just double-checked everything on our end, and downloaded a copy off of ThemeForest and tested it and they all show 12.9.1 for us. If you have tried that as well, you likely have some sort of caching issue on your web hosting.

Sorry for the confusion on this, upon further investigation it looks like the customer download on ThemeForest did not update and was still the older version for some reason. We have just re-uploaded the latest version and tested it, so it should be working now if you try it again.

This module has never been touchable:
...there is not mobile friendly and it is somewhat difficult to use it.
Do you have plans to update it?


Thanks for reaching out, it’s good to hear from you again :) There have been some limitations in the slider that is used with clicking links and swiping to scroll. As you know clicking the link always worked, but the swipe to scroll didn’t (you had to use the arrow icons / buttons to scroll through listings). We have been working on this since you reached out yesterday, and we have an update in place that will allow both swiping to scroll and clicking the link. We are going to release the update later today that will include this fix. Thank you for your patience while we have been working on this.

Thank you very much, you are a trustworthy developer.

hello! is there a images limit in gallery?

No, there are not any limits. If you are experiencing any limitations its likely related to your web hosting or WordPress itself.

thank you. I’m using a different theme and i can’t register the plugin, maybe there’s a way to do it. Also, the support expired so i can’t open a tiket. I have 2 licences on a secondary account. Let me know. thx!

Unfortunately there is no way to only register the Automotive Listings plugin without the theme. You are able to use the plugin with other themes as long as you have a theme license, but you will need to manually download the updates for the plugin from ThemeForest as opposed to doing it automatically in WordPress.

Not all car shells and models are included? I don’t see brands like Citroen, Peugeot. What about the marks that exist on the filter? Do I have to manually enter car models that do not exist?

As you add inventory listings these values automatically get added and populated. Customers use this product for other products outside of cars, it is used in many different industries, so the listing categories are completely customizable. You can populate the categories with whatever values you wish. :)

I had support, I will get support again – But I have automotive for 8+ years. I have an issue that when updating the List Plugin and then now if I click on New RV – Travel Trailer it won’t let me go to the next page of listings. If I refresh and add the two items I can go to the 2nd page. corralsales.com and email is hello@corralsales.com

It looks like you set up the ‘Travel Trailer’ page using a page template. If you set it up using the Inventory Shortcode that should fix the problem. If you need any further assistance with it please renew your support on ThemeForest an open a Support Ticket

Hello, I have a problem updating the automotive listing plugin, I bought the website from a web master who installed your theme for me, today I need to update my website, but I can’t because it says that the code Themeforest API key is not correct, can you help me, thanks I will buy the template again if necessary


Thanks i write you on email

I’ll write directly from info@northair.it

Sounds good, thank you :)

Quick question. You always have the best answers, I love this theme.

But when I have any inventory filters applied and I click the button to change the view of the listings, it resets the filters.

See below: https://littlebroscarsales.com/wide-sidebar-left/?body-style=cargo-van&listing_order=year&listing_orderby=DESC

Any idea why that may happen?

Thanks for the kind words! :) There will be a fix for this bug in the next update. In the meantime you can just set up an individual page with the inventory shortcode and choose ‘cargo van’ as Filtered By and that will fix the problem as well.

Hi,  I have few questions regarding the theme before I buy it.  I’m in Europe not the states so I have some other requirements for the listing like I see in the demo there is no option to say if it is a Diesel, Gasoline, LPG, Hybrid or EV.  There is a big part of the site with focus on fuel economy, this is not normal in Europe.  I see I can add a category but how can I make the list for the category.  Also when adding a new do I always need to add the VIN number first to the VIN list so I can choice it from there?  Also is it possible to get a demo with the import function added?  Regards Ingvar

Thanks for your interest in our products! The Listing Categories are completely customizable, you can just create a new Listing Category for ‘Fuel Type’ (or call it whatever you want), and then you can all of these values for ‘Diesel’, ‘Gasoline’, ‘EV’, ‘Hybrid’, etc as you create listings that fall into these categories. When you create a new listing, for the ‘Fuel Type’ category (or whatever you call it), just click Add New and create the new value if it’s not already listed. You can then filter your inventory based on the values in this new category.

Regarding the VIN number, you can just add the VIN number when you are creating the new listing. You don’t need to add the VIN number to the VIN category before creating the listing. It will get added automatically when you create the new listing.

For the import functionality, we unfortunately have had to disable that in the demo as we had some wise guys that kept trying to crash our server with massive consecutive imports. It’s pretty straight forward though, if you have any specific questions about the process just let us know.

Hi and thanks for the reply.

Then I have more questions.

1. On the inventory page you have a filter, can I customize that filter so I have my own options to filter on, like I would like to filter on Make, Model, Year, Fuel Type and Mileage and remove the rest?

2. Also on the inventory could I then also customize which Sort By options would be available?

3. Can I delete fields I will not use like fuel efficient?

4. I tried in a demo environment to try to remove the finance box but it did not go away. Is it not possible to complete remove the finance box from all pages?

5. When I install the theme on my server after buying do you have a demo dataset so I start off like the demo site, easier to customize from that than starting from scratch?

Regards Ingvar

1. Yes, the categories and filters are fully customizable. You can disable or delete any that you will not use.

2. Yes, you can choose which Sort By options are available and change the default as well

3. Yes, just delete any fields you won’t use

4. Likely you still have it set in the WordPress sidebar settings under Appearance >> Widgets. If you delete it from there as well it will disappear.

5. Yes, when you install the theme it will ask you if you want to install the demo content. If you choose to install the demo content it will set it up exactly like our demo site with settings, pages, posts, etc so you don’t have to start from scratch.


CLN1982 Purchased

Hi there! Excellent theme!

We built out new website on a subdomain to avoid downtime on our exisitng website and have just moved it over to the main domain but now it says the license is already being used. How do I fix this?

Thanks for the kind words, glad your are enjoying our Automotive WordPress theme!

You can reset your license on our Support site under My Products. You can read more about how to do that in this knowledgebase item: https://support.themesuite.com/kb/faq.php?id=15


funkco Purchased

Is this still the proper way to adjust the image size on the vehicle scroller? https://support.themesuite.com/kb/faq.php?id=21

You may have to clear your browser history/cache and flush any caches you have on your server. If that doesn’t fix it, please renew your support and open a Support Ticket including temporary FTP and wp-admin login details to your website so we can investigate. Thanks! :)


funkco Purchased

seems like the code is still keeping the default image size of 167×119;

6208-300×200.jpg” alt=”” class=”img-responsive no_border” width=”167” height=”119”>”

Do I need to change the code elsewhere?

Sorry for the confusion on this, we just tested it in here and it looks like for the vehicle scroller there is a different filter controlling the width and height of that item. We will adjust it in the next update, so the exact code in the knowledgebase item that you are using will automatically work (after the next update). If you need us to provide you with some custom code to make it work immediately in the meantime, please open a Support Ticket and we can send it to you. Otherwise when the next update is released it will work. Thanks! :)

BUG ALERT: I noticed that Elementor Pro Hero Heading (text) Element is missing and an Automotive replacement is used… destroying the Elementor Block layout and style(s). Is there a Fix for this??

Can you send us a screenshot via email to support@themesuite.com of what you are seeing on your end and a temporary login to your website? We are having trouble replicating this on our end, but certainly if there is a bug in our software we will get it fixed.

Thanks for sending that over! We have got this fixed in the latest version, you can download it now on ThemeForest :)


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