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Hi did you have been any language pack (po files)

No, you dont need it. It is a HTML Template, you can add the text in the language you want.

does it have an admin area, how do you update info. about the cars for sale?

No, there is no admin area.

does this template search page work ?

There seem to be a couple issues with the template when viewed on a mobile device.

  • Single Car page images don’t adjust for mobile
  • There is a white gap on the right hand side when viewed on mobile.
  • I’ve tested this on my ipod touch and Samsung Galaxy III

    Any reasons why you used so many static widths all over especially for mobile. I can understand using static widths for wider screen sizes but for smaller single column mobile viewing wouldn’t % based widths be preferred?

ok, we will test it. Thanks!

Thanks i appreciate you looking into this!

Any news about the WP version? :/

Not for the moment, thanks for asking!

Nice. Will you be adding “location/city/zipcode” and distance limit to search? Thanks in advance,

Maybe in an future update. Thanks for the idea!

Hi “The real world example” seems to be using this theme in Wordpress. Is there an easy way to get it into Wordpress or are there instructions in the file package?

Dear @cyphas,
Automotive Cars Dealer Responsive HTML5/CSS3 is not using WordPress. There are no instructions in the file package. This is a HTML Template. You can make it work with the CMS of your preference.

Hi, I understand that this is a HTML 5 version, do I just install it like a normal theme on wordpress 3.8 just like you would with a normal theme for wordpress? is there documentation or guides online to show me how to install this? Plus, I’ve read somewhere here in the comments saying that there’s no admin page for us to key in, then how do you key in content like the price of the car, specifications etc?


No, it doesn’t work on WordPress. Sorry. This is HTML Template.

Then do you have a guide for me to follow? (setting it up)

Hi, i was trying to subscribe to the forum and it says that i will get an email.. but i am waiting for it… and never come.. i have some questions to ask about some issues with the theme…i need help…thank you

Hi, don’t you see the answer at the forum? We already gave you the answer.

Thank you, i saw the answer….. but still the single-car.html page.. have a white gap to the right..when viewed on mobile… is not responsive…the Tabs for Photo, Video, Map and Agent… does not adjust to the screen size on mobile…what can i do??? (I check and test the last update…and still the same issue)

Hello, we are working on this theme to make an update as soon as possible. But we can’t give you a deadline. Feel free to edit the media-queries stylesheet to add your own styles and improve the responsive experience on mobile as you need. Regards.

Hello everyone!

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preview not working.

Hi @yeckass, we see the online demo working normally.


CoralixThemes Team

Hi, did you ever create a WP version?

No, only HTML version.

is this a full template?

Hello iroshmaxza, this is an html template. Conceptually there is no user limit. However, you should have certain programming skills if you want to gesture a site like the one you are mentioning.

Regards, CoralixThemes Team