Discussion on Autoresq - Car Repair WordPress Theme

Discussion on Autoresq - Car Repair WordPress Theme

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HI, I send you a picture.

https://sceglifornitore.it/blog/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/kars_2.png Would it be possible to make an estimate based on the damage of the car? The customer chooses the damage. and a pdf with the estimate is automatically sent to him. If possible, I’ll buy it now. Thank you

I would like something simple. A dashboard where the customer insert all his data machine… Model, year, license plate, telephone, email… all the data.. Through the second screen he can choose the damaged parts through an image. a 360 degree image of a car.

Once done, the customer must be able to download a PDF with the estimate damage price and have the possibility to sent pdf by email.

Hello! What you need is not built by default. You can use what the theme has to generate a form with a lot of questions for your customer to get an idea of the damage of the car and you can ask for pictures. The PDF should be built by you based on that. Thanks!


khoavo Purchased

Hi, last theme update was over a year ago. My site running on this theme has not been running as smooth as before. Is there a theme update coming soon to ensure it’s fully compatible with the lates WordPress, etc? Let me know. Thank you.


khoavo Purchased

The site has not been running as smooth ever since we upgraded our PHP to 8.1. And also, your bundled plugin Breadcrumb Trail has not been updated in over 5 years. We checked with the author on all the external plugins that we are using and those are compatible with PHP 8.1. I just don’t know where else to look because the site’s pages stops loading after a few minutes, indicating Server 500 internal error, etc.

It is strange you are the only one complaining about 500s. We tested it and works as expected on PHP 8.2. We’ll stop to respond here because we won’t find a solution here. If you have any issue please open a support ticket and someone will look into. Thanks!


khoavo Purchased

Ticket #3270342 – I just renewed my support. Appreciate your team’s help on this matter. Thanks.


khoavo Purchased

When I updated the bundled plugin: Mailchimp for WordPress to v4.9.1, it breaks the site: https://prnt.sc/0xoJ6fsGc2TQ

I had to restore my site to the previous version. Can you please double check the compatibility of this theme and provide a theme update as necessary so I can update the MailChimp plugin? Thanks.

Hey, I had updated my web hosting to use PHP 8.1, and I noticed the website shows an depreciated error message in the bottom corner of the website, see screenshot: https://prnt.sc/rVqAi_1hlI0V

Then when switch it back to PHP 7.4, the error message disappeared, see screenshot: https://prnt.sc/NCqmq8t87vPX

I recall this issue occurred on previous PHP updates and you had provided a Theme Update to fix this. Let me know. Thanks.

Please clarify what you mean by that? Do I need to contact my web hosting provider on this to adjust the PHP log? I can’t have the warning text display while the viewers are viewing the website. Let me know. Thanks.

You have informations here https://wordpress.org/support/article/debugging-in-wordpress/#wp_debug_log if you need help with that open a ticket on http://support.zoutula.com and someone will help you. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it. We adjusted the PHP settings on our end and the Warning Message has been hidden for the site.

​Hi, I have a problem with drop down “Product Filter” on homepage which takes long to initial load.

To render this first dropdown takes up to 10 seconds which is too much. How we can speed up initial loading for this module? There are 5.000-6.000 products in the system to filter at the moment and that number is mainly constant.

Can we somehow add loading mask to initial load, it is set for every other select but not on inital

The first steep is only to get categories and do some counting. It can be done with some customizations. Please write to support and they will put it on the list for future changes on that module. Thanks! http://support.zoutula.com

hello Is elementor page editor is supported for this theme

Hello! It comes bundled with WPBakery Page Builder. You can use any builder but the demo content si built with WPBakery Page Builder. Thanks!

Can I Edit demo content with elementor

No. You can edit that with WPBakery.

your website is not active? are you no longer working?

We are fine! Website is working just fine! If you need help visit the support area. http://support.zoutula.com Thanks

Hi, I updated the Slider Rev to latest v6.5.0, and the slider seems to have a responsive issue on this theme, see screenshot: https://prnt.sc/15ew4a7

I uploaded the new slider to my other themes and where no issues. I had to revert back to Slider Rev v6.4.11 on your theme. Let me me know please. Thanks.

Hello! Of course is supported. You will get an email update from Envato when we’ll push the new version. Thanks!

And when will that be?


khoavo Purchased

FYI…as a short term fix, I deleted all the pages that were not loading (Spinner kept on spinning) when running under PHP 8.1 and recreated those pages as a new page with the same elements and they now seem to be loading fine. EVEN the Terms & Conditions page (all texts) was one of the pages not loading when running on PHP 8.1, so that was odd.

You might want to have your dev team look at the post.php file as that’s the name I see on the browser field as the affected pages were trying to load while running under PHP 8.1. So as of right now, all pages seem to load fine given I spent hours recreating those 5 pages that were not loading properly.

Hello, as I can see there is possible to create table sin your theme, like here: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/autoresq-auto-repair-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/22307663?_ga=2.265975695.1671011432.1622114574-1290318033.1622052012

But is it possible to make whole line in table clickable as link to URL-how? As I know JS based tables are sensitive for this. Thank you.

Hello! You can put the link on each column from that row. That is a solution and it will work! Thanks!

Hey, I just scanned my site, and didn’t realize it till a year later, but there appears to be infected with some malware code related to: WP-VCD

I see some codes in the function.php main theme as well as in child/function.php

If I activate another default theme, then reload to override the infected parent them and child them from your latest Zip file, will this help wipe out all WP-VCD malware on my site? Let me know my options. Thanks.

Hello! It handles breadcrumbs. You can chose not to use it! Thanks!

I do use breadcrumbs for your theme. Isn’t there a different breadcrumbs plugin your theme can integrate with that’s more updated?

Hi, is there a Theme update soon? The Slider Rev plugin is outdated. Let me know. Thanks!

HI, please help me: An error occurred while fetching file from: http://www.zoutula.com/repository/autoresq/artpipWgXCJolwbE/imports/car-repair/wordpress.xml! Reason: 404 – Not Found.

Hello! Please download and use the latest theme version! You are not using the latest version. Thanks!

Hello, I love this theme. I have a technical service company for electrical appliances. Do you consider doing a similar focused on these services?

Hello! We have a lot of custom icons http://doc.zoutula.com/autoresq/#svg-icons if they work for you … use any of them in different parts of the theme. Thanks!

Can this theme be used for an automatic gearbox repair shop?

Missed that comment! Sorry! Yes you can use the theme for that kind of shop! Thanks!

I don’t like working with Wordpress. I would only want the HTML and CSS of the template. Is everything linked with Wordpress or are HTML / CSS alone also included in the purchase?

Hello! Unfortunately we can offer only the WordPress theme. We don’t have the HTML template only. But I encourage you to use WordPress as it will save a lot of time. Also coming with WooCommerce the shop is one click distance. Thanks for asking! If you have other questions just ask and I’ll try to make things clear. :)

hi, how can we reach you? your support ticket is really really bad and not working

Hello! I see it working! You only have to use your licence code in order to be able to make a ticket. Otherwise send mail to contact[at]zoutula.com with your licence code and questions! Thanks!

Hey, the copyright text field under customizer doesn’t accept shortcodes? I tried adding [year] shortcode to display updated year but it doesn’t seem to work. Other text fields in widgets work, but just not this one. Let me know.


Hello! That is not a widget and it only support text/some limited HTML elements. You have other widget areas in the footer but not that one! Thanks! For any other support question please use http:// support.zoutula.com

Well unfortunately that’s the only spot perfect for the copyright text. Was hoping it would work with a shortcode but guess not. Alright, Thanks.

Hello, and great job on this product :)

Have you ever considered adding RTL support to your WordPress products? If so, please take some time and check our website at https://dr-rtl.com

We’ll be happy to hear from you ;)

How can i add client reviews to the theme, like Google reviews?

You could use a plugin like this https://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-google-reviews/ or smth else that match your needs. Thanks!

Hello, so I have this theme (through Envato Elements, I can prove it) and when I’m trying to install the demo data I’m getting the following error : “404: http://www.zoutula.com/repository/autoresq/maxjamLCG9h2k/imports/car-repair/wordpress.xml". I also tried to open a ticket, but it didn’t know. Could you provide the url to the right .xml file? Thank you!

Hello! Please use the latest theme version! Also make sure you have the latest plugin version for Autoresq Theme Extension!


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