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Hi Srcn, Quick pre-purchase question, can you give an estimate how long it will take to finish the 1.6 version of your beautiful theme?


I’m currently working on the update and I’m planning to finish it in couple weeks. I’m also adding a lot of new features to the theme so it takes a little bit longer but hopefully the theme will be a lot more powerful and beautiful once I finished.

Best Regards.

Hi, My client is introducing some services on his store. I was wondering if there is a way of adding columns to the services/custom page like in WordPress. What are some of the layout options we have?

Many thanks.


In terms of custom layouts, you don’t have too much options in Prestashop unfortunately. Basically, in custom cms pages, you have to use the Rich Text Editor to create the layout and the content. You can pretty much create anything you want with that editor but it might be a little bit challenging because of the auto cleanup feature of it.

On the other hand, if you have the knowledge, you can create a module that shows custom content. This way you can create custom pages and you can use *.tpl files to create your layout. I think this is the best option but you need a lot of knowledge about Prestashop’s core and its module system to be able to create front office modules.

I don’t know if there is any custom page/content module out there that you can install and use. You can check the if you want.

Best Regards.

Hi…in your upcoming version is there feature to write company tagline besides either logo or company name on left side top?

Also on right side top, can we mention contact details which i feel is very important. For example you can see at my blog paid theme,


You will be able to add custom texts and taglines to the header area in the upcoming version. I did add lots of new customization options and features and one of them is to ability to modify the header very easily. So you will be able to add custom texts to the header.

Best Regards.

Great….That is cool feature which was missing actually…..But ur theme updated version if i wish to use for my current presta 1.5x version then also will it be ok or i need to upgrade to 1.6x to use your updated version? Thnx in advance


Updated version only will be available for Prestashop 1.6, so you will need to upgrade your Prestashop setup.

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Anxiously awaiting your 1.6 version. It’s such a nice, solid theme to begin with. It will be wonderful to get an enhanced version! I also appreciate that you are handling it with care. ...although I hope you don’t change it so much, it’s unrecognizable from the current version. I really like everything about this one. .. and please for the love of all that is delicious and free, don’t make the slider any bigger. It’s been proven time and again that they don’t work but I think the one on this template is a perfect size and I just make it a static image. :)


Thank you for your kind words. I’m really glad that you like my theme this much.

I’m keeping all the key elements that makes the Autumn unique and beautiful. I added lots of new features but I already thought the fact that my current customers might not like those new features because they like its current state and they already bought the theme because of it. So, you won’t lose the current Autumn look and feel with the new version.

I actually added couple new frontpage modules so that you can completely remove the slider and I also added an option to make it smaller. I’m not a fan of sliders as well and they are useless indeed according to the most of the experiments but you have to go with the flow so, it’s there.

Thank you for your patience, I know, I’m holding my customers off and they are probably waiting the new version so they can upgrade their Prestashop setup, I’m sorry about that but I’m really working hard to make things enjoyable as it is now, so hopefully it will worth for the waiting. I don’t have any estimate time but I think I will be able to release the update in a week or two if everything goes well.

Best Regards.

Fantastic! Thank you so much for being thoughtful! I’m in no rush as I’ve only installed Prestashop on my development server so I can re-build my shop from the ground up so there is tons to do while I wait for the theme update. It will be wonderful to have an alternative to the slider. I know one can just turn it off but sometimes that leaves the site looking weird. Cheers!

Hi srcn,

I’ve purchased this theme and like it very much. Needed to use the rectangle shape for the home page, at which point the ‘Add to cart’ button below each product disappeared. Is there anyway I can get it back? If I switch back to square the ‘Add to cart’ appears again, but I need to use the rectangle option. Is there anything I can do?

Hi srcn, my web page is I tried to open a ticket but it requires the purchase code.. I looked through my downloaded folder but the Licensing folder only contains two files ‘osl.txt’ and ‘README_License.txt’ and the purchase code is not in them, I downloaded the theme allover again and searched for this code but I can’t find it. Please help…

ok.. got the PC and opened the ticket…

I opened a ticket on ticksy as you suggested, and when I checked today it was missing! is that possible! opened another ticket. Please see.

Hi….just need to know 2 things about your upcoming upgraded version.

1. For watermarking text or image insert both options would be there or only image watermarking as presta default has offered?

2. Presta default theme [1.6x] has given option by which we can insert texts on slider images. Will your theme have the same?

Thnx in advance!


A theme cannot provide a functionality like watermarking. It’s one of the core features of the Prestashop and you will need more than a theme (a custom module and a lot of core modifications probably) to add such a feature. So, you will only have the core features of the Prestashop 1.6 in terms of image watermarking.

New slider module has a similar functionality that allows you to insert custom text/html to the slider images so yes, you will have the same functionality with the new slider module.

Best Regards.

Thnx boss for your quick responses even though sometimes it is not related to your theme…..I appreciate and waiting very eagerly for your upgraded version.


The Mega Menu is not working well on IE8, CCC for CSS is activated.


I checked your shop and I can see all the css files uncompressed from the source of the page. Please check the settings one more time and make sure you have activated the correct option.

Best Regards.

You are right, the option was checked but i did´nt have the cache folder in my theme directory. Now it works fine in IE8. Thank you!

Hi srcn, is there any ETA yet for 1.6 version? Love the theme, would very much like to use it. Many thanks.

Hi srcn, How is the progress for 1.6? Do you expect to release it soon? Thanks again.


I’m currently testing the theme using various operating systems, browsers, tablets and mobile devices. As soon as I finish the tests and iron out some of the bugs I found, I will release the updated version. It shouldn’t take more than couple days so I will release the theme in this week.

Best Regards.

Awesome! Thank you very much for your hard work.

Hi Srcn, Do you have any update of when compatible version for PS1.6 will be released? Also, will 1.6 be a free upgrade if already purchased or require a re-purchase? Thanks!


I’m currently working on the update and it’s taking a little bit longer than I expected because of the amount of the changes in Prestashop 1.6. I don’t have any exact release date just yet but I think I will be able to release it in 2 weeks.

All future updates, including the 1.6 update, is free. You won’t need re-purchase anything to get the new versions. All you have to do is redownload the theme after I released the new version.

Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards.

Hello Srcn,

I translated my site in French and English but when I’m on the English version of the “mega menu” module is not displayed. Yet I have translated the words of the module. you have a solution? thank you very much


Did you translate the menu item titles from the megamenu module itself? Please check the megamenu module and make sure you have translated the menu titles.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, please open a support ticket at and provide your shop’s admin details so I can check the module myself.

Best Regards.

Hey Scrn, first of all awesome theme, i use it for our shop now for quiete a while and its definatley one of the most beautiful / flawless themes i used so far.

One minor thing is the top logo is linked with http:// there needs to be an option to integrate it with https:// .

When is the 1.6 Version done ? how much is an upgrade from a previous version ?




Thank you for your kind words.

Prestashop uses ssl connections only on login and payment pages as default. That’s why other links are not starting with https:// If you want to use ssl on every page, you need to force Prestashop by modifying the core. You can find a lot of forum posts about this in

I’m currently working on the 1.6 update. I can’t give any exact date just yet but I’m hoping to release it in a week or so. New version of the theme will need a fresh theme installation because of the amount of the changes.

Best Regards.

hello . i hope you are fine srcn i have a small proplem , if i use website as guest , when i finsh adding prdoucts to basket and continue order . it show a white page 403 forbidden error you don’t have permission to access index.php/ on this server , can you help me , and thank you

Okay , I have opened a ticket , subjected “403 forbidden page” , and there is a ftp account in ticket and attachment image , you can see it , thank you Best Regards


I replied your ticket.

Best Regards.

Hello Thank You very Much , Your Discussion Was Very Good and worked successfully :) Best Regards

Hi srcn First off, i am just in love with your theme. Have never come across any prestashop theme as beautiful as yours.

I’ve been meaning to buy your theme for a while now, but held back for a while when i saw that prestashop update was coming out.

So as i read on your product page that your making additions to this theme, & as your open to suggestions i thought i’d give some that i’d really love to have.

Please do add floating menu bar as that makes it really easy for users to switch to other categories without much scrolling.

& also could you add an option to change image on image hover like that in many Magento themes? E.g –

& a quick view like this : Because this quick view gives the product a really enhanced look without the user leaving the page he was on.

Thanx man :-)


Thank you for your kind words and suggestions.

All of your suggestions are already included into the new version of the theme actually :)

There is a sticky header option in the new version that you can turn on and off.

Prestashop 1.6 already implemented the quick view option so the new version of the theme also has the quick view option because of that.

For the hover image, I already implemented a similar but a little bit better solution and I promise you will love it.

Again, thank you for your suggestions and as always if you have more please do not hesitate to share them.

Best Regards.

Thanx a lot man…looking forward to the update :D

HI, I want to purchase this theme, I want to know about this theme, if I add one product custom attritube, eg. I need to add one input box on some product detail , this input box is below the select attritube( eg.size :)

You need to translate the theme and its custom modules yourself, translations are not included into the theme.

Best Regards.

I’m not talking about the product itself translation, but the basic template translation, such as login, registration. When I select German when login is displayed in English

I’m not talking about them either. You need to translate the theme and its custom modules yourself, translations are not included into the theme.

I have a problem in autumn theme, the block layered does not function correctly. If a choose one filter the system returns to home page, during a instant I can see the results of the filter but then return to the home page. In url added a ”#”, this could be the error?.

How I can fix this?, if a select default theme this error not occur…


Thank you in advance

Thank you for your fast answer.

I have opened a support ticket after reviewing the module positions are in agreement with the theme instructions, but the problem persists.

I have resolved the problem. I had added <base href=”{$base_dir}”> in header.tpl, and this statement causes the error.

Sorry and thank you for your attention.

Can we expect updated version for 1.6x in coming week? Patience is running out now….


Well, I’m working on it and trying to finish it. Sorry about the waiting but converting the theme it’s not an easy job especially if there are absolutely hundreds of things you need to work on it. I’m hoping the release it someday next week but again I’m not promising as there might be some unexpected issues.

Best Regards.

very thanks for your work srcn


Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad you are happy with my theme.

Best Regards.

Hi, Our client using your template and have got some problem in IE 9 on Windows Vista. Look at my screen:

Can you help us? Thank you.

You need to activate the CCC for CSS option from Advanced Parameters > Performance page.


Thank you! Working fine.

Could you please add another field in the php file for the MegaMenu module to add an awesome font icon? I tried to add it; however, it’s not passing anything to the database. it would be awesome if you could add it as a feature that could be enabled.

thank you!!


I’m currently making an updated version of the theme which will be compatible with Prestashop 1.6. With this update, megamenu module will be completely change and there will be custom class option for every menu item so you will be able to use that option to add icons to menu items.

Best Regards.

I would add to reported function for tawashy, a new suggestion is that the random picture that appears in the menu, was only random picture of menu clicked. Actually the random picture that appears is random of all pictures. For example, in my menu I have one button with “woman” and another button with “men”, in men menu appears pictures that belong to woman menu. I have disabled the random picture in Men menu…

Can I any way to fix it in the current version?


It’s showing random featured product means it will randomly choose one of the featured products and show it there. In the current version, there is no way to make a relation between the menu and random product unfortunately.

Best Regards.